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MSR Flex Skillet

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Flip fresh, fluffy flapjacks with the Flex Skillet.

Pull out the MSR Flex Skillet, and cook pancakes and eggs by morning, and stir fries and sautéed veggies by night. This DuraLite non-stick pan is made from hard-anodized aluminum for long-lasting durability, and it features a Talon pot grabber to help you keep hold of your grub.
  • Item #CAS0546

Tech Specs

Anodized aluminum
Fry Pans
Built-in Strainer
Pot Grabber
Fry Pan Weight
5.6 oz
Recommended Use
Camp cooking
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

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So awesome I had to buy it again

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas (he saw my order on his this gift will not be a surprise, woops!). He has this skillet already and has been using it for the past 2+ years, it is just now starting to lose it's stick, and that's mainly because we store it with other pans that rub against it. We brought it with us throughout our 6 month trip around South America and it was perfect: super lightweight, the non stick is incredible and it's just the right size for 2 or 3 people.

We love this skillet and will be using it for a long time!

It's Pantastic! Come on, that's funny.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

When the trail disappeared and my pack started to feel like a boat anchor, I'll admit, I questioned the wisdom of bringing a frying pan (also the squeeze butter, spatula, flour, and corn meal).

All such concerns melted away with the first bite of crispy skin and delicate, flaky trout. Worth every ounce!

I had some reservations about the MSR Flex Skillet; I thought the straight sides were a mistake, I questioned the durability of the pan, and the melt-ability of plastic attachment points.

After using the Flex Skillet all season, I'm no longer worried. The straight sides haven't been an issue. I've cooked sausages, pancakes, ham steaks, and glorious fresh trout with no issues.

My worries about durability have also been laid to rest. Our recent outing to the Mallard Larkins proved more challenging than expected - our bodies and our packs both took a beating. The MSR Flex Skillet rode near the bottom of my pack but didn't suffer any damage.

As to the plastic, well, I've used it over a Kovea Spider and a JetBoil MiniMo - the plastic parts don't even get warm over a canister stove.

The non-stick surface is amazing, cleanup has always been a breeze.

I probably won't always take my MSR Flex Skillet, after all, I'm pretty happy tucking into a Mountain House pouch at the end of the day. However, if there's a chance at fish or grouse, I think it's a worthy addition to your backpack.

Look at these beauties! When you catch perfect pan fish, you'd better have a pan.

It's Pantastic!  Come on, that's funny.

Bring on the bacon!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This skillet is incredible. It's been used with 2 different MSR stoves and each time the results were perfect! The non-stick coating is truly non-stick. I've always trusted MSR to produce a high quality product.
On the most recent trip, not quite backpacking, we cooked 5 lbs of bacon in it (1lb at a time) and numerous other items. Everything came out perfect.
It's very light and easy to clean and will hold up to some abuse. My goal is to never use anything metal to stir in the pan and I think it will last me a long time!
The folding handle is convenient and sturdy, making packing it a breeze.
I highly recommend this pan! It'll cook whatever you have!

Practically perfect in every way.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This is a weird review because I want to discuss the shortcomings of the MSR Flex Skillet but I stand by my 5-star rating and unreservedly recommend it.

The Flex Skillet is no good at all for bludgeoning - terrible impromptu weapon. I ignored reviews that indicated the bottom of the pan would warp when heated. Low and behold, it warped a bit on the 2nd use. It's still stable on my Kovea Spider stove but I set it on my counter top and it isn't entirely flat any more. I'm going to be mindful of where I put it in my pack and I won't be whacking any bears with it - who wants to dent a $25-30 piece of cookware? My point being, it's closer to a badminton racket than Grandma's cast iron but, as Martha Stewart would say, "that's a good thing."

The side walls are vertical, probably for proper nesting with other MSR cookware. Curved walls would be better, flipping a frittata or anything that took up the whole bottom of the pan would be very difficult. I don't like frittata. I reckon it'll do for trout and huckleberry pancakes.

While not a deal-breaker, the straight walls mystify me. If you have an MSR pot SO similar in size to the Flex skillet that the walls have to be straight for nesting, just fry things in the bottom of the pot - why add 7oz? I'm using the Flex Skillet with an MSR Titan Kettle - nesting isn't a concern for my solo system but your mileage may vary.

The handle, oh the handle. It's light and well-designed, it folds in, it comes off completely, and it feels stable while using the pan. In theory you could save weight by taking multiple MSR pots and pans but only one handle however I'm skeptical about the ease of removing and attaching the handle while cooking.

The melty bits - both the handle and the attachment point on the Flex Skillet have non-metal, totally-susceptible-to-fire pieces. Seems like a strange design choice for cooking over FLAME. None of the aforementioned bits got hot when I used the Flex Skillet over my stove but it's a real concern when cooking over a camp fire. If you're going to use it over the fire, take the time to make a small bed of coals.

The MSR Flex Skillet fills a very specific niche and the compromises (walls, durability, resistance to melting) are unimportant to me but you definitely have to consider what you want out of a pan.

Did I mention it's non-stick? *fist pump*

One nifty pan the does it all!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I shopped for pans for a few days lot of back and forth....I was looking at size and weight. most importantly weight.......I love the size of this pan too though. You will have plenty of room to warm food or cook for 2 or 3 people. Now I will tell you if all you need is a pan to cook on this is it look no further.. Unless you have a Jetboil they have a pan that is really good but will a normal backpacking stove it does not heat the whole pan.....just the will need the adapter heat exchanger thing.... Okay if you need a pan and a bowl or pot. There are some good options out is a good one.....Optimus Terra Lite HE Cookset!

Stepping up my cooking game

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I decided it was time for something more than freeze dried meals in the back country, so I decided to start with something that can open my horizons. So far, this has been great for cooking meat, vegetables, raw tortillas, and pancakes. The pan is nice and slick so that even without cooking oil food will not stick very easily (although you must be very careful). I plan to cook much more with this bad boy.

Super light,great non-stick,cooks decent

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Pretty solid skillet, and great non stick. Questions about how well it distributes heat are valid, you have to pay attention when cooking, because there are some significant hot spots if the heat is too high, especially with stoves like the PocketRocket. Still a great skillet, and how light it is, and the great, easy to clean non stick make the dealing with the poor heat distribution worth it.

Non Stick

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Used this weekend for the first time and made a breakfast in my ice house fishing Walleye. Made breakfast in the morning and fried a couple fish that afternoon. Material was totally non stick it's awesome.

Handle -- Detached

The detachment/attachment method for the handle is a bit dubious. It's this idea (that you need to twist the handle away from the axis...) that makes it clear you really can only detach the handle for packing the pan -- not on the fly when cooking.

The axle holding the handle has a slippery silicon-like cover on it -- and it is riveted in and therefore not replaceable. Bottom line this results in two conclusions:

-- This pan has limited utility on a fire... it's stove only option.

-- The handle attachment will eventually wear out and cannot be repaired.

Handle -- Detached

Handle -- Extended

When extended, the handle provides pretty good reach for the pan. Not super strong but seems strong enough to match the weight of the pan. (You will not be making something heavy in this pan now, will you?)

The red switch must be activated to fold the handle. It's made of plastic, so I suspect it will melt if you leave it in the fire.

Handle -- Extended

Size of pan.

32 oz nalgene from top. I'm betting three eggs could fit.

Size of pan.

Anybody know if the lids for the Flex 3 &...

Anybody know if the lids for the Flex 3 & 4 will cover this skillet? Having a hard time finding out which lid fits over this, kinda crucial for baking. Thanks,

Anybody use this skillet on a jet-boil? ...

Anybody use this skillet on a jet-boil? Curious if it worked out alright and if it had a hot spot. Thanks

Yeah, great skillet for sure, although I don't really use it as much as I used to. It'll work fine on the Jetboil, but the only real problem you'll have is that without a wider support, the skillet will be unstable. Also, with a Jetboil, the actual Jetboil kits are much more efficient with their stoves.

Will it work with the Reactor?

Will it work with the Reactor?

When used with a burner, will the heat...

When used with a burner, will the heat spread evenly or will there be ultra hotspot in the middle?

Best Answer

It really depends on your stove. It will be a little hot in the middle if you use something like the MSR Pocket Rocket, but you can mitigate this by simply turning the gas flow down. The Pocket Rocket is meant for boiling water, but I have had success using it to cook in a skillet. You shouldn't need to have your stove on full flow when using a skillet anyways. If you pair this with something like the SuperFly or WindPro which disperses the flame a bit more, then you would likely have more success in avoiding hot spots.

The other great thing about this fry pan is that it's, first, aluminum which is the best material (based on weight vs. heat distribution) for an even heat cooking surface. It's also hard anodized which also helps in its heat distribution. The quality of these materials is very high-end.

Finally the teflon coating is one of the more durable available making sure the stuff your cooking doesn't stick, and then cleans up quickly.

I agree with Andrew in that it also depends highly on the stove. If you get a good one (my recommendation is the WindPro or DragonFly) you will be able to cook anything that you do on your home stove.

I'll second Jason's recommendation on the hard anodized aluminum with the non stick coating. I just used one last weekend to cook up a meal with my MSR Pocket Rocket while camping at 10,500 feet. A few items looked like they had burned to the pan, but all it took was one swipe with a paper towel for clean up. I might just replace all of my pans at home with these.

How does the MSR Flex Skillet nest within...

How does the MSR Flex Skillet nest within the Flex 4 cookset?

How does this nest in the 3.2L non-stick...

How does this nest in the 3.2L non-stick pot from the Flex 4 pot set?

Does this skillet nest with anything? What...

Does this skillet nest with anything?

What are the dimensions?

It will also fit inside of the MSR Large dish which is 8 7/8". The Medium dish is 7 5/8" and will rest inside of the Flex Skillet and the MSR Quick 2 Pot Set will sit in the Medium dish. I have the GSI 8" Pinnacle Frypan nested in my set but the MSR skillet will fit as well.

It will also fit inside of the MSR Large dish which is 8 7/8". The Medium dish is 7 5/8" and will rest inside of the Flex Skillet and the MSR Quick 2 Pot Set will sit in the Medium dish. I have the GSI 8" Pinnacle Frypan nested in my set but the MSR skillet will fit as well.