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  • MSR - MSR Fuel Pump - One Color
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MSR MSR Fuel Pump


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    Replace your old and failing MSR liquid-fuel stove pump with MSR's lightweight, efficient Fuel Pump.

    Upgrade your camping stove with the MSR Fuel Pump. Durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer material doubles the pump strength while keeping down overall weight. MSR's innovative valve improves flame control, so you get a more precise flame for your MSR liquid-fuel stoves.
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    ⚠️ WARNING
    This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
    [Standard] MSR liquid-fuel stoves, [Dragonfly] MSR Dragonfly stove
    Claimed Weight
    2.3 oz
    Manufacturer Warranty
    limited 3 years

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    Five Stars

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I've used several of these pumps with various Whisperlite stoves. They're always reliable and pretty simple to operate. If your MSR stove didn't already come with a pump, I'd definitely recommend this one.

    Useful replacement

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Although the fuel pump is really expensive (compared to buying the whole equipment) and is made of plastic, what makes it no really durable, it's great to have a replacement in case the original pump breaks, what is really probable after some yearse of intense use.


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    if you have a msr stove you know that they are the bees knees and they last forever and when there done lasting forever all you will need is a new pump. awesome pump it made my wisper lite int work like new after 7 years of hard use.

    perfect fit

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    My old fuel pump broke after I accidentally stepped on it. It worked flawlessly all its life, but I had to replace it.

    This pump works just as well and the fit was perfect.

    straight forward

      pretty simple to use with your MSR stove, for pressurizing we normally give 30 pumps. I haven't had to replace any part yet but I like how if something breaks in the future it's easy to take apart (and put back together)

      Give and take....

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      These new pumps seem to be more safe than the older ones (ie. Less flare ups). However, they do not simmer as well as the old grey pumps with the round metal regulator. These seem to be durable enough, but I just can't seem to get used to them. I recently sent in my Whisperlite for service and they kept my old grey pump and sent me one of these. Not sure how I feel about it yet....

      Replacing Parts > Replacing Stoves

        In 1801, Eli Whitney started producing firearms with interchangeable and replaceable parts. In modern times, MSR produces stoves with interchangeable and replaceable parts, utilize this feature. Parts will go bad (eventually). Replacing a pump with a bad seal or cracked component for $35 is a steal in my opinion. I make sure to have a replacement in my gear stash for those "oh sh!t" moments that are unfortunately inevitable in the lifetime of any backcountry explorer.

        I am trying to remove the plunger to do...

        I am trying to remove the plunger to do maintenance on the pump cup but it won't twist to the left at all. I pulled it out to the open here mark, but it simply will not budge. I don't want to force it and cause damage. Any thoughts?

        My MSR Whisperlite International is not...

        My MSR Whisperlite International is not pressurizing the fuel bottle. No air is passing through the pump.

        We did overfill it with out realizing and pumped it 20 or 30 times and when no fuel came out we realized we had accidentally let it be overfilled at the petrol station. So we emptied some out and tried again and have had no luck getting it going.

        Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as we are currently in Morocco and plan on using it for the next month.


        one of the reviews of the fuel pump states...

        one of the reviews of the fuel pump states that a new wind screen is included, but I don't see that in the product description. Also, does the original MSR Whisperlite come with the wind screen package?(screen and bottom reflector) I don't see it in the picture.

        My pump valve is stuck - won't move in...

        My pump valve is stuck - won't move in either direction. Help? Thanks.

        Get a maintenance kit, disassemble the pump, replace the o-ring and lube it all up. You might have some sort of crud in there, but it sounds like simple deferred maintenance is the likely culprit.

        Follow this link. When you get to the page, right next to the product description it says "MSR pump maintenance"- click on it and it will give you a full video tutorial on how to do it.

        i have a ten year old dragonfly, very...

        i have a ten year old dragonfly, very pleased with it but now in need of a new pump as it is leaking a bit..will the new dragonfly pump fit my stove? somebody thought it might not.. cheers

        Best Answer

        Have no fear, the new MSR fuel pump will work even better on your older stove, especially simmering. Select the all red one. It is Dragonfly specific. You should also consider purchasing the maintenance kit @ the same time if you don't already have one. It contains all the necessary parts you'll need over time to keep your stove running to optimum performance.

        Select the Dragonfly specific maintenance kit:

        I brought my MSR whiperlite intl. at...

        I brought my MSR whiperlite intl. at 2007.
        The pump is exactly like the above one.
        After a few trips, the gas started to leak from the valve controller.

        Fortunately i used to test all my gear before the trip, so that i won't have any trouble during the trip.

        i have sent it to the local dealer and they repaired the pump for me.
        It works fine.

        But now, the same problem happen again.
        i was so confused and really disappointed wif this so called new design pump.

        Does any one have some suggestions?

        Best Answer

        I just took mine apart again for general maintenance & to better see what problems you might be having.
        1. Using a 7/16 open-end wrench, carefully unscrew the brass valve housing.
        2. Unscrew the needle valve assembly.
        3. Inspect & lubricate the small red o-ring. Use MSR Pump Cup Oil to lubricate or if you don't have that, use a small amount of petroleum jelly & wipe away any excess.
        4. I couldn't find that specific o-ring in either maintenance kit so if it does need to be replaced, contact Cascade Designs @ 1-800-531-9531, explain your situation precisely, & I'm sure they will send you the part you need.
        5. Carefully reassemble the valve.
        6. Also replace the fuel tube o-ring on the opposite side of the pump @ the same time. This o-ring is included in both maintenance kits & is the most prone to needing replacement since it does have direct contact with fuel.

        I hope this helps.

        Thx Jeff, you are helpful.
        yes i can't find that specific o ring too.
        I think I will try to apply some oil on the o ring first
        and if the gas continue to leak I will contact cascade designs or just buy a new one.
        Thank you.

        I've used a WL for years. I think the problem you're referring to is a flaw in this new design: The valve control is now that long affair that folds down, instead of the old thumbscrew. As a result, when it's folded, it acts as a lever arm and normal bumping around in a pack can cause the valve to open slightly. Bad news! Especially because there is no fix available. The best you can do is be sure to close it tightly, and then pack it so that the valve is reasonably protected.

        Everything else about the new design is good. This control arm thing, however, was a mistake.

        I have and old MSR Firefly stove I bought...

        I have and old MSR Firefly stove I bought in 1984. Will the new Standard or Dragonfly pump assembly work on the Firefly? The old pump melted when it caught on fire due to a fuel leak.

        Best Answer

        I'm not a betting person but I'd bet most "Gear Guru's" don't remember the MSR Firefly.

        A little history on the firefly. It was first introduced in 1983 with a clear plastic fuel tube which was quickly recalled for obvious reasons. The replacement was the black mesh fuel line which was the same one used on the original WhisperLite. Shortly thereafter, the Firefly was no longer produced. The one's that are still being used are accident's waiting to happen due to fuel leaks similar to what happened to yours. Three years ago I spoke to to MSR regarding this exact subject. They informed the Firefly should not be retrofitted/updated for any reason whatsoever & there was also an upgrade credit available. Like I previously mentioned, this was three years ago & I don't know if this is still an option. It is best to call them directly & explain your situation. The folks @ Cascade Designs are very fair & understanding & I'm sure they will will be happy to work with you.

        Please give us an update on your situation. Good luck.

        Phil, Great picture. Remember the little clip on the fuel pump that propped the bottle up so it would draw fuel from the bottom? I sold mine on eBay in 2007 as a COLLECTOR'S ITEM ONLY. NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS A WORKING STOVE!!!

        I gotta give Monte Dodge credit for the photo, but I figured you would get a kick out of it...and laughed myself when I thought back on it. The perfect stove for people who like to play with fire. I'm surprised a stove aficionado like you parted with it. I'm wondering if Tim only melted the pump recently, or if he was going through the attic and decided to see if he could salvage that old stove that he flamed out during the first week he owned it? External frame backpacks with huge sooty aluminum pots hanging from them, Sierra cups, wool mid layers, legally hanging food in bear country...and still managing to survive for all these years.

        Write your question here...I have a dragonfly...

        Write your question here...I have a dragonfly stove that is approx 10 years old and there is a crack in the plastic pump portion. It still works, but am thinking about replacing it. Will the new pump work on that old of a stove?

        Absolutely! I would highly encourage purchasing the DragonFly specific pump especially if you see any indications of cracks or leaking. Because you are dealing with fire and volatile fuel, replacing the pump will be in your best interest. The new pump is much more durable and includes a new windscreen as well. This is a very wise purchase indeed:)!

        Best Answer

        I would highly encourage you to contact Cascade Designs Customer Service Department first @ 1-800-531-9531 & explain your situation before purchasing a new pump. Under normal usage, your pump should not have cracked. I have an old black & gray pump from 1988 for my original WhisperLite that still works fine & isn't cracked. The people @ Cascade Designs are very understandable & easy to work with.

        I have the same issue - the stove held up for a number of years but I think it cracked during a move. It is now leaking fuel and this is a dangerous situation.

        The pump listed looks identical and I plan to purchase one for my dragonfly stove.

        Best of luck with your stove

        Will the Dragonfly fuel pump work with the...

        Will the Dragonfly fuel pump work with the Whisperlite International stove?

        Best Answer

        No it won't. The reason is the pump the Whisperlite International uses doesn't have an emergency shutoff valve due to the extra flame adjustment valve located on the DragonFly stove. Because of the DragonFly's simmering capability, MSR felt it necessary to design an emergency shut-off valve into the DragonFly's pump. This is why there are two pumps (Standard Pump which will work on all MSR's liquid fuel stoves (Whisperlite, Whisperlite International, Simmerlite, and XGK EX) and the DragonFly Pump).

        If you try to use a standard pump with a DragonFly, you will find the fuel line will not fit into the hole required by the DragonFly's fuel line. Visa versa, the Whisperlite International (and all other MSR liquid fuel stoves) won't work with the DragonFly's pump because of the too-large hole which only fits the DragonFly's fuel line.

        A while back when I was a fair bit younger,...

        A while back when I was a fair bit younger, still in high school, I went hiking with with my whisperlite stove. The fuel bottle was full and I over pressurized it. It started leaking. That leakage caught alight. It blew up. The whole thing was torched and the plastic pump completely melted. The stove was also adequately bathed in flame. I've been using a Trangia for the last couple of years, but would like to go back to using the whisperlite.
        My question is. Do you think the stove would still be safe to use, if a replacement pump and bottle were acquired?

        If I were you, I'd pop for a new white gas stove. The Whisperlite is still an excellent option, but, like phil said, once you purchase the repair kit and a new pump, you've basically spend as much as you would on a new stove of the same type. Purchasing a canister stove is always an option too, but I like having a white gas one as a primary; over time, it will cost you a lot less than a canister stove of properly maintained (taking the cost of repeated canister purchases into account vs. filling your white gas bottle).

        I bought a whisperlite about a year ago...

        I bought a whisperlite about a year ago and I think it has an old pump, it doesn't look like the one in the picture, it has a small aluminum dial for flow control not the big red plastic knob, and it has two plastic white tubes and doesn't have the right angle like the one in the pic. Am I right, do I have an old pump?? and if so is there any way I can get msr to replace it with a new one??
        Even if it is an old one is there any reason for me to upgrade the one I've got (works fine by the way)?? I only cook simple meals that require boiling water, oatmeal, tea, pasta side dishes etc.

        Best Answer

        I got my whisperlite int'l 2 years ago and it has this pump in it. Perhaps your stove is older? Either way, unless there is something wrong with it, I don't think you need to replace. I don't think MSR will do it for you either, especially if the one you have now works. Look at the Q & A below this for the advantages of the new pump.

        There are some compelling reasons why you would want to buy the new pump, but it isn't necessary. If the old pump is working then there's really no need to replace it. I would give the old pump a thorough inspection most especially looking at the O-rings (the big O-ring where the pump screws into the fuel bottle is the most critical). If you see any cracking of the rubber or any cracks on the pump itself I would replace it. This is not a warranty issue since it's most likely due to normal use. If you suspect it is a warranty issue, call Cascade Designs at (800) 505-9500 and they will issue you a Return Authorization Number. You will need to send it back and, after they inspect it, determine that it isn't a warranty issue then they will repair it for a reasonable fee. They can help you over the phone if you have specific questions...

        The new pump will allow you to simmer better (not like a canister stove, but gives you one full rotation of adjustment vs. the old pump that gives you no rotation adjustment). It's also much more durable, won't spray fuel when you release the pressure after unscrewing it, and is much easier to maintain (no leather plunger). It also comes with a new windscreen which is a $10 value.

        My opinion is the $35 for the new pump is money well spent and will upgrade your stove to the latest version of the Whisperlite. The most resent updates to the Whisperlite have to do entirely with the pump, not the stove.

        I have a MSR Whsiperlite, with the original...

        I have a MSR Whsiperlite, with the original fuel pump, but the plastic part, I think is called the "ears", that holds the actual pump broke. Can I still use it since all it does is hold it in place or will fuel leak out?

        Best Answer

        I would recommend getting a new pump. If anything is broken on the original pump it should be considered unserviceable and discarded. The reason is you are dealing with a very volatile fuel (white gas) and fire. If any of the fuel leaks out or the pump doesn't seal properly to the stove, you risk having the whole thing light up like a Christmas tree. I've seen it and it's not pretty. There are some neat advantages in getting the new pump anyway. For one, it's more durable. Two, it gives you better simmering capability, and three, it comes with a brand new windscreen. It's well worth the money and will update your Whisperlite significantly. It is one of the few upgrades that is strongly recommended. The Standard Pump is what you want...

        I have the dragonfly and have used maybe...

        I have the dragonfly and have used maybe 4 or 5 times in the past couple years-it has worked really well. Until...
        Last time I was out and the plunger was not sealing and thus not pressurizing the canister when pumped.

        I figure I can buy this dragonfly replacement pump OR would you suggest I try to find a replacement plunger seal first? I think there is a replacement kit but its about the same price as the new pump. What do you suggest? Thanks!

        Best Answer

        Before you start replacing parts or the entire pump, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the pump leather. This is the part on the end of the plunger that actually forces air in to the fuel bottle. Work the pj in, remove any excess, then pump until you get the air flowing again. The next step would be to replace the rubber o-ring where the plunger seals @ the fuel bottle. This part normally doesn't need to be replaced unless it becomes brittle or cracked.

        I have a Sigg firejet stove. The pump isn't...

        I have a Sigg firejet stove. The pump isn't working anymore. Could someone tell me if the MSR fuel pump will work with the gas line from the pump to the stove?

        Best Answer

        The best thing to do would be to take your stove to a store that sell MSR products & see if the pump is interchangeable. Take along your empty fuel bottle to make sure the threads are also compatible.

        The fuel intake on the replacement pump...

        The fuel intake on the replacement pump appears a have a fixed radius from the pump axis, which would indicate that it is designed for only one size bottle, and/or might not scavenge all the fuel. Useful info on this point will be appreciated.

        Best Answer

        What I believe you're seeing and referring to in the picture is not the fuel intake but the check valve. If you look closely, you will see a part of the fuel uptake tube on the left (more visible on the Dragonfly pump pic). This flexible line rests on the bottom of the fuel bottle, regardless of MSR fuel bottle size, when aligned for stove use. Because of this setup, less than 1/2tsp of fuel remains unused, at least in my experience, and I am neither careful nor particularly conscientious of the fuel bottle's placement on the ground.

        Hi Just had a service on my Dragonfly Msr...


        Just had a service on my Dragonfly Msr pump and ripped the threads on the stop valve!!
        Will the new lightweight pump work on my 4 year old Dragonfly??



        Am I doing something wrong with the new...

        Am I doing something wrong with the new MSR pump? I've installed it and it leaks like a seive when the bottle is upside down. The valve is closed, the red seal is tight. The only thing left is the pump cup right? This is rubbery and seems to be free of defects. I've always used my old school gray pump, so this is new for me. Thanks

        I've never had a problem with it and use it all the time. Figure out where it's leaking from and check that that part's secure, and you might want to just pony up for a new one. Leaking fuel is not a risk worth $35.

        Can you give me the price for 2 MSR pump...

        Can you give me the price for 2 MSR pump - standard,to Norway. Sending in a normal (cheap) way.Atle

        Best Answer

        Here's three links to the information you're looking for:!PAGETYPE?sf=101133&documentid=239532&action=view&VisitorProfile=BCS&MESSAGEVAR!home=no&MESSAGEVAR!cookie=no!PAGETYPE?sf=101133&documentid=239589&action=view&VisitorProfile=BCS&MESSAGEVAR!home=no&MESSAGEVAR!cookie=no

        we only used it less than 7 times over...

        we only used it less than 7 times over last year and the pump doesn't work on our last trip. is it because the fuel is too low 25% or is it broken?

        This pump works by pumping air in, not fuel out. Since air or gaseous fuel is much more compressible than liquid fuel, it will take longer to pressurize the emptier it gets. Seems like filling the fuel back up would tell you whether that was the problem, otherwise it's probably broken. Make sure it's screwed on right too. You will also want to be sure that the internal fuel cup in the pump is lubricated - pull it apart and put a bit of oil or spit on it to make sure it's making a good seal.