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MSR Carbon Core Tent Stakes



Carbon Core Tent Stakes

Elite fastpackers and weight weenies pay attention to every gram in their packs. MSR's Carbon Core Tent Stakes are the lightest full-strength tent stakes on the market, coming in at an amazing 5.75 grams each.
  • Ultralight tent stakes styled for gram-counting backpackers
  • Aluminum exterior with a carbon core to keep things light
  • Aluminum tips are friendly against dirty campgrounds and hammers
  • Item #CAS0749

[core] carbon fiber, [skin] aluminum, [tip] aluminum
6 in
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
lightweight backpacking
Manufacturer Warranty
limited 3 years

Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


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>Rating: 2

We broke 2 in the Keys

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
True to size

I guess these are great for dirt, but we tried our brand new stakes out at Boyds Campground in Key West, and broke 2. A seasoned camper there said we needed steel for the conditions in the Keys. is what it is.

>Rating: 4

Stop breaking stakes!!!

I've used it several times

The joys of camping, finding that perfect level spot and staking down all corners of the tent without incident. The only problem is that this rarely occurs. Usually, you will get three stakes in entirely, and the 4th stake will go in halfway before hitting rocks and refusing to budge. Naturally, this always seems to happen when there are no suitable rocks around to use for hammering. Anyhow, after hammering four cheap metal stakes into oblivion (two snapped, two bent) I decided rather than break another cheap metal stake it was time to test out these MSR stakes I've had in my pack for backup. Well the MSR stake worked like a charm on a corner where four stakes met an untimely death =) And since my friend was setting up her tent we used the three remaining stakes one her tent and it was so easy to get these into the ground!!!! Bottom line these stakes are excellent but pricey! Would I buy more? probably. Those Ruta Locura Sorex stakes, however, look legit at 1/3 of the cost! I was thinking about buying some more MSR stakes, but Ruta Locura is have a sale $10 for a 4pk = 12 stakes for the price of 4 MSR stakes - WIN!!


MSR Carbon Core vs Ruta Locura Sorex


MSR Carbon Core stakes & Sorex Stakes

The MSR Carbon Core tent stakes and the Ruta Locura tent stakes


MSR Carbon Core Stake pack


Top view of MSR Carbon Core Stakes

The head of the MSR Carbon Core stake and the Ruta Locura Sorex stakes


Hole in MSR Heads for cord


Chad, any idea of the diameter of the hole? What size cord can you fit through there? Thanks

>Rating: 4

Nice... but is it worth it?

I recently picked up some of these just to check them out. I gotta admit, the price of $30 for 4 tent stakes was a bit hard to swallow... and this is coming from someone that has spent a few hundred dollars just to shed a couple of oz from other items... These stakes come 4 to a pack. They are basically made up of carbon fiber with aluminum tips. The stakes measure 6" long from top to tip. They are 1/4" in diameter and 7'8" in circumference. They do indeed weigh as little as 5 g per stake. I have not actually used these yet though, so I cannot comment on how they stand up to pounding into rocky, rooted ground, however, I don't have a lot of worries. I have been using a couple of carbon fiber stakes by Ruta Locura called Sorex stakes. They are essentially the same. These have aluminum tips and tops with a carbon fiber shaft. However, the Sorex stakes are 6.5" long, have a diameter of 5/16" and 1-1/8" diameter, plus, they only weigh 5 g each too! So, the Sorex stakes are actually bigger and lighter than the MSR Carbon Core stakes... plus, at only $13 for 4, they are about 2.5 times less expensive! Now, which one to use will depend on the terrain. I would suspect that the smaller diameter MSR stakes will actually work better in soil that is infested with lots of roots and rocks. The smaller diameter will not need as much space. However, the Ruta Locura stakes will work a little better in a bit looser soil, or soil that is not infested with roots and rocks... Either way, I will give these stakes a 4. They are definitely lightweight, and due to my experience with other carbon fiber stakes, I think that they will hold up well. However, the price is really too much. In my opinion, I would rather buy 8 of these from Ruta Locura and have some change left...

Thanks for the tip on the Sorex stakes.


Shelter Accessories - Secure

The new MSR Shelter Accessories program provides outdoor adventurers with a complete set of solutions to secure any tent.


What size (mm) is the eye hole in the top of the stake? What size cord will fit through the hole?


How many come in the set? 4?

How many come in the set? 4?

Yes, they come in a set of 4. They are nearly unbendable and weigh about as much as 4 paperclips. They have polycarbonate heads so it will persuade the user to not bash them with a big rock. The key is that they're more than adequate holding your tent to the ground as long as you don't abuse them. Lightest stake currently on the market...

As Jason said, they do come in a pack of 4. However, they are not the lightest stakes on the market, they are actually tied with the carbon fiber "Sorex" stakes that Ruta Locura makes. They both weigh 5 g per stake, however, the MSR stakes are smaller in length and in diameter/circumference and are also 2.5 times more expensive than the Sorex stakes.

^ Well then what the hell? Im going to be getting me some Sorex stakes!