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MSR Annual Stove Maintenance Kit

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Don't get too bummed. This item is on the way and will be available for purchase as soon as it rolls into the warehouse.

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Maintain your MSR stove and fuel pump with the Annual Stove Maintenance Kit and avoid getting stuck with a temperamental stove.

MSR's Annual Stove Maintenance Kit increases the reliability of your MSR stove system, so your stove doesn't give out in the middle of a hardcore mountain expedition. Capable of servicing every MSR liquid fuel stove and stove pump, the Stove Kit includes all the necessary O-rings, jet and cable tools, and lubricant for preventative measures. Store the Annual Stove Maintenance Kit in its included carrying case.
  • Item #CAS0378

MSR liquid fuel stove, MSR stove pump
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1.1 oz
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limited 3 years

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Whats inside...

This is everything that comes inside. The stock photo does show the red ring.

>Rating: 5

MSR Annual Stove Parts

I've put it through the wringer

Swap the rings…keep cooking.

>Rating: 5

A must have

I use with the whisperlite stove and have little experience repairing but it's not hard. You Should bring on your trip just in case, can be the difference between eating or not.

>Rating: 4

worth getting

One of those things we learned is better to have and not need the need and not have. Spend the extra money and get it so your not SOL on the mountain, and packing a stove that won't work, cause the ring broke and you have nothing to replace it with, and it's only night one of a week long trip. Happened to a buddy of mine, so i purchased this when I bought my stove.

>Rating: 1

ridiculously overpriced

for a bunch of 'O' rings and a spanner. i was out the country so had no choice, but i would recommend going to a hardware store to buy the parts. You wouldn't get the pretty red box though.

you should look into the expedition service kits. they have a lot more of the specialized parts that could potentially break on a trip.

>Rating: 5

A Must-Have For The Backcountry!

An essential part of my repair-kit pouch (Where all other repair kits are stashed). Has everything needed to maintain stove.

>Rating: 5

worth the money

$15 for stove maintenance??? I spoke with a MSR representative and they said it is a good idea to use this every year even if you don't use it that much just to make sure everything stays in prime operating conditions. You could imagine not using it for a while and getting on the trail assuming the stove is working fine, and get out there and it isn't working. MSR stoves are super user friendly and really easy to take apart and clean. Using this kit will help preserve your purchase of a quality stove.

>Rating: 3

All Essential Parts + That Break Down Are Included

No need to pack in, but necessary to maintain your liquid fuel stoves @ home. Rubber parts, when exposed to liquid fuel, break down over a period of time. The all purpose wrench is also a great tool to have.

>Rating: 5

you know Bear Grills doesn't have one of these

OK, the only thing Bear Grills brings out in the woods is a knife, some flint, a couple of cameramen and the illogical (British?)desire to jump in some body of water, regardless of its temperature, swiftness, or general danger to his overall well being. This guy doesn't even own a stove and he does why do you need this maintenance kit? You probably don't. But if your stove isn't fairly new, its nice to have a backup for the O-rings and an on-trail kit in case it gets clogged. It's also good peace-of-mind that you'll be able to use/get rid of that freeze dried cuisine you've been hauling around for the past week...because unlike Bear Grills you follow forest service regulations and avoid making bon fires regardless of how wet/hypothermic you may be from jumping in the water.

You mean Bear GRYLLS?!! :)


Hi, what is the difference between this...

Hi, what is the difference between this and the expedition service kit? is one a lot better to have than the other one? thanks. rjj

Hi again, This is just basic stuff for replacement of some of the more wear prone o-rings and lubricating the rest ("Annual" maintenance that you should theoretically be doing...stay on top of the lube). This won't work if you're having pump issues. Get the Expedition kit. Even if you don't do a full rebuild, the parts are good to have around, and what you get for $20 is far more comprehensive than what you get here for $11.


Will this work for the pocket rocket? ...

Will this work for the pocket rocket? Even though it would almost be worth it to just buy another stove.

It will not work on the pocket rocket...but I'm useing the pocket rocket for a long time and it work like a king

Hey Brian, No, it won't work, but all you should ever have to really do with the PocketRocket is to clean out the burner head with a small piece of wire and replace the o-ring. If you want to get fancy about it, maybe squirt a little lube into the valve cartridge. For a replacement o-ring, just go down to the local hardware store and find one that matches. If you still can't find one for some reason, just call up MSR and ask them to send you a new one.


Does this kit includes the pump on/off...

Does this kit includes the pump on/off valve o-ring (the red one) and the poppet o-ring ? Thanks

I would suggest you get the expedition repair/service kit for those specific o-rings. With the exception a few parts that break down more often than others, it offer's more & invariably the part you need isn't included in the annual kit. Here's more information:

The Annual Maintenance Kit includes all O-rings you will need to replace on the pump. It doesn't include anything for the stove. If all you need are repair items for the MSR pump like various O-rings (including the large, red main O-ring, O-rings for the on/off valve, etc.) then this kit is it. If you need repairable parts for the stove, then an expedition service kit is your best option. The way I look at it is the Annual Maintenance Kit is like an oil-change for your car. It's recommended that the O-rings for the pump be changed annually (depending how much you use the stove). On the other hand, the Expedition Service Kit is like a transmission overhaul. It has the same parts for the pump as the Annual Maintenance Kit, but also has parts for the stove.