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MSR Alpine 4 Stainless Steel Pot Cookset


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Alpine 4 Stainless Steel Pot Cookset

Whether you’re cooking for a group in a high-mountain base camp or rustling up some grub for a horde of hungry backpackers, the MSR Alpine 4 Stainless Steel Pot Cookset gives you what you need to cook large meals for big groups. Three different pots all have their own lid that also doubles as a plate when some unexpected guests show up. The lightweight pot gripper makes quick work of transferring pots to and from the stove.
  • MSR's most durable set of pots for cooking while camping
  • Stainless steel ensures long-lasting durability
  • Three pots in different sizes stack together for compact packing
  • Includes three lids that double as plates
  • PanHandler pot handle connects to all the pots
  • Stuff sack
  • Item #CAS0534

stainless steel
[pots] 1L, 2L, 3L
3 pots, 3 lids/plates, 1 PanHandler, 1 stuff sack
9.5 x 4.75in
Claimed Weight
3lb 2oz
Recommended Use
camping, mountaineering, expeditions
Manufacturer Warranty
limited 3 years

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>Rating: 5

Perfect for my husband!

My husband was so thrilled to get this, along with a variety of other camping accessories for Christmas! We have been wanting to replace some of our camping gear for easier packing. This is a perfect addition!

>Rating: 5

Great product

I just received this item today. First impressions are this is a great product. It is exactly what I wanted and more than I expected. It was extremely well presented and packaged, lending to the feel of a superior product. I can't wait to try it and update my review.

>Rating: 3

what happened?

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I like the way they look and being put together. But see the photo. I just used it once on a regular stove and it becomes ugly yellow for some reason. Am I not supposed to use it on a stove??


This is an artifact of all stainless steel cookware. I'd recommend searching the web for "cleaning stainless steel pans" where you'll find several options. If all else fails, find some "powdered brewer's wash (PBW)" -- I find it cleans just about anything.

>Rating: 5

Versatile set

I've put it through the wringer

We have used this both car camping and backpacking--for us, anyway, it has worked well in either case. For hiking we left out the large pot since it takes up too much room in the pack. But, for car camping leave it in and give yourself the extra volume for hot water, chili, etc. If you are extremely concerned about weight then I'd probably go the Alpine 2 route, but having this set has been worth it for us.

>Rating: 5

Car Camping

I've used it several times

Used these the past two weekends car camping . So far I like them. Easy to pack/stow away since they go inside one another. Not too large that I could use these by myself or feed a group of probably around 4-6 depending on the dish. I could see myself taking the 1 liter pot by itself on a backpacking trip.


MSR Alpine 4 Stainless Steel Pot Cookset

>Rating: 5

Fantastic pots needing little space!

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

I bought this set for my husband for his birthday (but they really were for me) to put in his pop up camper. There is limited space in the camper and is great to be able to stack them and have no handles! I was really impressed with the quality and they clean up really well too. So glad I made the purchase for him/me!!!

>Rating: 4

Great set for hiking and mountaineering.

This is the set I use for shoving in a pack. Gives you plenty of options when you are cooking. Not the lightest either, but they are tough. The sack that comes with them keeps them secure and organized.

>Rating: 5

Excellent stainless steel cookset

This cookset is of good quality and it should last many years of hard camping use. The 1 liter is a good size for one person use, the 2 liter is probably sufficient for 2 people, while the 3 liter should be enough for 3-4 (leaning towards 4 people). If food burns, then it will stick, but it shouldn't be anything that a little bit of steel wool won't take care of. In addition, its also a bit heavier than say titanium but that is reflected in the cost and it doesn't have the negative health effects of aluminum based pots. The lid also doubles as a plate. One quirk that my 2 liter pot has is the pot will seal if you just turn off the heat without setting it slightly ajar. Its very strange and once it can't get it open. You have to put it on the stove and turn on the heat again so that it will pop open from the pressure. Just a slight quirk that is easily overcome. It can be a positive if you want to hermetically seal your food against animals eating it at night. All in all, this is a solid product that should last for many long years.

>Rating: 5

MSR kills it

Once again, MSR makes an excellent product designed to last a lifetime, and then hand down to my kids (maybe). I've had this set for many years, and aside from some small dents in the lid, they look brand-new. They are not coated, which can make some things stick...but that is the catch: you can clean them with gravel from a stream, moss, steel-wool, rocks, files, anything that you get your hands on. Bomber set of pots-maybe slightly heavy, but worth it when you want something solid and worth your time.

>Rating: 4


Great set all around. I used it with an optimus nova, coleman 2 burner propane, and right on the fire. You can also nest the msr stainless plates in this set as well as the alpine frypan but with 4 plates and frypan the last lid is slightly ajar. The 3liter pan is awesome to have for heating large amounts of water, soup, scrambling 2 1/2 dz eggs, etc. So why 4 stars? Daddy needs a LARGE MSR alpine frypan.

Totally with you on the LARGE alpine fry pan! Still looking for a good equivalent. Love my little alpine fry pan. Would be wonderful if they had one that could nest under the 3L pot.

>Rating: 4

Great cooking Set

This is a great lifetime pot set worth the money. First, the handle works really well and can easily pick up the 3L pot with stability. Second, the weight isn't too much of a problem for me and makes up in strength. Third, this pot set is very easy to clean. The only one thing I would change is to make the lids able to be a frying pan. You will burn your eggs/meat/etc. using the lids as a frying pan, so that is my one recommendation to MSR. OVERALL: GREAT SET.

>Rating: 4

Great for Large Groups

This is a nice pot set. It is great for larger groups and is very dependable. Having more than one stove would help to get things done much faster with set. You can use them to cook anything. The pot grabber is actually fairly stable, as I have used it to handle the pot when it was full of boiling water and I did not have any problems. The biggest drawback to this set is the extra weight of stainless steel. I have not heard great things about heating aluminum too hot and titanium is too expensive. This is the best of both worlds.

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What are the diameters and heights?

What are the diameters and heights?


dimensons for each pot?

dimensons for each pot?

For dimentions you nee to go to REI ( smart of Backcountry.


either volume capacity or dimensons for...

either volume capacity or dimensons for each pot?


Can this pot cookset use with MSR heat...

Can this pot cookset use with MSR heat exchanger?

It will really only work on the 2L pot. I don't think you can tighten it enough to get it to work with the 1L (both ends of the heat exchanger touch with the 1.5 L). You might be able to use a loop of wire to get it around the 3L pot, but this would of course reduce the efficiency and it might not be worth it. Hope this helps!