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A Risk Worth Taking

In 1993, a small group of outdoor revolutionaries saw a void in the market and jettisoned to create pinnacle equipment. 25 years later, a risk founded on innovation and irreverence has become a company of end users and experts for end users and experts. Mountain Hardwear creates the essential tools necessary to survive and thrive in all facets of climbing without compromising the beliefs and morals the company was built on.

Everything Is Equipment

Founded on the principles of innovation and irreverence, our purpose is to build essential equipment for the outdoor industry that enables people to push as far, as high and as wide as their aspirations carry them. Our expedition tents have summited more of the world’s top peaks than any other brand and every product we make is designed and built with technical precision from this foundation.

Protecting Where We Play

With the challenges we all faced in 2017, Mountain Hardwear has chosen to lead by example by supporting environmentalists, doers, thought leaders, and storytellers. Its ambassadors of impact will humble you, change your perspective, but most importantly inspire all of us to engage in solutions to help protect the outdoor playground we all love.

Warranty Statement

Mountain Hardwear is committed to building world class climbing equipment and apparel that enables you to reach your ambitions. The Mountain Hardwear warranty department stands behind its products. If you encounter any issues during intended use, please reach out to Mountain Hardwear so that you can get back on the mountain as soon as possible. Details can be found at


Stretchdown’s stretch welded channel construction allows unprecedented mobility by eliminating stitching that normally constricts a garment’s full range of motion.

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About Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear's name undeniably tells a tale. "Mountain" is, well, for the mountains, while "Hardwear" is truly the most telling word of the pairing–every piece is, literally, built for hard wear. Combined, these two words map the plot of Mountain Hardwear's story; a story running parallel to our collective ambition outdoors. You see, you can't just show up to climb an ice face or ski a remote line on the mountain; you actually have to put the work into it. Likewise, since 1993, Mountain Hardwear has realized the necessity that innovation plays in living up to its own name. More importantly, though, its advancements supply the tools you need to conquer the seemingly unconquerable.

As technologies have changed, Mountain Hardwear has never been one to simply adopt and adapt. Instead, it actually initiates the shift in trends through strategic partnerships that lead to the development of innovative new materials. Much of this is traceable back to 2001, when Mountain Hardwear partnered with W.L. Gore and Associates on the development of the venerable Windstopper fabric. Today, it's a household name, but back then, it required a truly pioneering spirit to roll the dice. The same was true when Mountain Hardwear went solo on the development of its highly breathable DryQ Elite jackets and pants or its Ghost Whisperer down insulation pieces, creating new standards in lightweight, protective outerwear.

Since its early days in California, Mountain Hardwear's unyielding passion for perfection has extended itself to nearly every category of adventure and freedom. In the camping and expedition domains, Mountain Hardwear invented standards like Crossflow construction, the Tension Shelf, and the Tension Arch for its tents. For backpacking, it produced the first waterproof sleeping bags in 2003, followed up by Coolwave Suspension for its backpacks. For skiing and ice climbing, it was the first to produce both men's and women's jackets with welded seam technology–a feat that also helped to revolutionize the industry for ski jackets and ski pants. And in 2005, it adapted this technology to produce the first welded softshell and down jackets.

Not surprisingly, Mountain Hardwear's innovative spirit translates into a host of patents. Sure, that's something to take pride in, but all of this was done simply because Mountain Hardwear believes that nothing should be impossible, and that anything worth having is worth some hard work. As Mountain Hardwear even says, "We think that the magnificence of the outdoors is magnified when it's shared."