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Motorex Easy Clean Chain Degreaser


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  • One Color, 500ml

Easy Clean Chain Degreaser

We tend to favor biodegradable degreasers, and any other products for that matter, when possible. The caveat being that those products do what they are supposed to do. We're happy to report that Motorex Easy Clean Chain Degreaser does as advertise, and it does it well. It's a powerful degreaser that works quickly and effectively cutting through the oil/dirt conglomeration that has accumulated on our drivetrain, making the whole process of cleaning pain-free. Simply spray it on and rinse with water. Your chain will be sparkling clean and ready for some chain lube. If you've been neglecting bike maintenance, our favorite method is filling up a chain cleaner with the stuff and running the chain through it maybe 30 revolutions. Let that sit as you scrub the cassette and chainrings with a stiff brush before you hose everything off. You'll be amazed at how clean everything becomes and how much more efficient your drivetrain feels.

Motorex Easy Clean Degreaser also makes for an excellent cleaner when overhauling bearings. Soak a rag with degreaser and wipe down bearing races or any other rolling surfaces for a super clean finish that’s ready for fresh grease.

  • Biodegradable degrease for drivetrain cleaning
  • Makes quick work of a dirty job
  • Enjoy improved drivetrain efficiency
  • Be the envy of your riding pals with sparkling clean gears
  • Item #MOX0026

Recommended Use
cleaning chains

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>Rating: 5

Care and Keeping of Bikes

I've put it through the wringer

Motorex knows what is up and their Chain Degreaser is no exception. Between my three bikes and full time work, the faster my bikes are ready to roll the better. This chain degreaser has been a big part of keeping the fleet in good working order amidst all kinds of riding conditions from Utah to Wisconsin and points beyond. I love that there are two spray valve options to focus in the spray as needed. Overall, super impressed with how well this cuts through grease and rinses clean.

>Rating: 5

Degreaser? More like Grease Slayer!

I've put it through the wringer

I used to think degreaser was degreaser and they all were fine. Such is no longer the case. The Motorex Easy Clean is a step beyond. This applies to the ease-of-use, the application, the packaging, and the ability to do its namesake job-- degrease. Although, Grease Slayer is probably a more accurate title. It makes quick and thorough work of the nastiest chains and cassettes. The nozzle means much less waste and therefor a much longer-lasting product.

>Rating: 5

Chains you can eat off of... but don't

I've put it through the wringer

This cleaner is legit when things get a little too gnarly for my regular bike cleaner, I am all about the Easy Clean. It makes quick work of the nastiest drivetrain grime, which saves me time, and who doesn't like to save time? Nobody, that's who. Plus the packaging and spray nozzle is super smart, no more lost tubes, it stores nicely in the cap and won't disappear