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Modern Surfboards Falcon PU Surfboard

$475.00 - $595.00
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Why We Like The Falcon PU Surfboard

Setting a new benchmark in the funboard category, Modern made the Falcon PU Surfboard to offer a stable and buoyant option that helps us beginner-to-intermediate surfers progress quickly. The wide point is plenty stable so we can pop up with confidence, while the back half of the board tapers steadily towards the tail for easier turning in smaller waves and heightened control in slightly larger waves. Not just entry-level, the Falcon offers a stable and cruisy ride for surfers coming off a softboard or bigger longboard, while more capable riders will find a surprising amount of speed and response when getting more aggressive.

  • Innovative funboard for quick progression with unlocked potential
  • PU construction uses traditional materials for strength and flex
  • Rocker enhances paddle speed and opens up steep parts of the wave
  • Double concave is fast and flowy, helping you link turns
  • Plenty of volume through spine for confident buoyancy and stability
  • Comes as a thruster with FCS II plugs and Performer Medium fins
  • Item #MDS000L

6ft, 6ft 4in, 6ft 8in, 7ft, 7ft 6in, 8ft
low rocker, subtle nose/tail lift
[6ft] 2.625in, [6ft 4in] 2.66in, [6ft 8in] 2.75in, [7ft] 2.81in, [7ft 6in] 2.875in, [8ft] 3in
[6ft] 35L, [6ft 4in] 39L, [6ft 8in] 43L, [7ft] 47L, [7ft 6in] 53L, [8ft] 6L
Tail Shape
FCSII Performer Medium
Fins Included
Recommended Use

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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 3

Modern Falcon 8'

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share
True to size
Size Bought
5` 7"
180 lbs

Sadly it arrived with the nose dinged cause the cardboard housings inside the box that are supposed to protect nose and tail, are assembled with big copper staples and the board hit these during to normal transportation handling. The staples are actually placed at the bottom of the cardboard housings but somebody flipped one over (upside down) along the way, probably during inspection, so the nose due to its concave shape, matched the exact position of the staples and got screwed up. This is definitely a package design flaw. There is no warning or indications on how to carefully place the housings back into the box that can alert any one who inspects it's contents. For shippers or customs would be really difficult to figure out that the packaging it self can damage the product if they flip the housing upside down. This is not the responsibility of Back Country but Global Surf Industries Packaging designers'. UPDATE! I also noticed some kind of small dings along the right rail, near the tail that have already been filled with resin (look a bit yellowish and with some bubbling), probably a repair done at the factory. These boards are made in Chyna, which I'm not a fan of for many reasons, just so you know. I reported this incident to Backcountry CS and they kindly offered my to return the board or to keep it and receive some cashback via store credit just to cheer thing up. I can't return the board cuz it has already be shipped abroad. So I accepted the cash, a big Shout out to my boys from Backcountry for stepping up and backing up their products and services. I will certainly will do business with you soon, since my wife is already looking for a new board for her. I contacted Global Surf Industries to let them know that there is a potential risk of the staples used to assemble their packaging and nose/tail protecting housings, causing damage or dinging the boards, specially if someone flips upside down any of the two cardboard housings contained inside the shipping box, when reassembling everything after inspection and standing or resting it nose-down, perpendicular to the floor.

>Rating: 5

Great for beginner-intermediate surfers

I've put it through the wringer
True to size
Size Bought
6` 1"
155 lbs

I’ve been riding this board for a while and with a 7 ft version of this board you can get glowing longboard rides along with turns when you want

>Rating: 5

Great board. Perfect condition.

True to size
Size Bought
8 foot
5` 11"
165 lbs

I feel sorry for the other reviewer who received their board damaged, but these things happen even with the best packaging. I'm in the glass business and everything we ship is palletized in heavy wooden crates and you wouldn't believe the amount of damage that occurs. So, just to balance things out, I just received an 8 footer in clear and it is pristine. Backcountry did say I would receive a phone call to make a delivery appointment, and I expected it to come via common carrier, but none of that happened. It came UPS and although they originally said it would come tomorrow, they revised that to it would come today between 3 and 9 pm. Lucky I took the day off. It arrived with no phone call at around 11:30 this morning. The driver did let me open it up for inspection before leaving, but I had to ask him to do it. Anyway, I'm stoked. Thank you, Backcountry. Also note - Backcountry did not package this board. It came in the original packaging from Global Surf Industries who ships them all over the world. The outer box was clearly marked No Forklift, but my suspicion is that after hers was picked up from Backcountry, somewhere along the line a forklift was used and skewered the board putting that hole in it. Of course I don't know how Backcountry handled the return and that could be a cause for annoyance, but before I purchased I had several questions and they were very responsive with me.

>Rating: 1

Damaged on arrival.

I returned this product before using it

I was stoked to try out this board but it came damaged on arrival. I ordered the 8 ft plain white version. Got delivered with a FAT hole in the lower half. Unacceptable to ride. Also was informed that someone would call me when it was being delivered in order to ensure I or someone else would be there to both receive and inspect it for holes/dents/any damage but they didn’t call me. No one informed me that it was delivered. Came home from work to unpackage it with a hole. It didn’t resemble a dent from getting bounced around but a hole as if something sharp had jabbed it. This is unacceptable to ride in the water. I’m sure this board would’ve been great but I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with backcountry. I understand things get bounced around in transport especially something as awkward and long as a surfboard but if it’s quality checked and packaged the right way it shouldn’t have these issues at all. Be cautious when ordering this board, not because of the quality of the board but the quality of this companies packaging.

I had a very similar experience with another board. Horrible packaging. Damaged upon arrival. It could have been avoided for sure.

Hi - Did backcountry accept the return of the board or did you have to pay to have it repaired? I am worried this will happen if I order a board :(. Thanks in advance!

I'm curious too. Did BC make it right?


Is this board the Falcon PU 7Ft good for beginners ?