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Metolius Cam Lube - 2oz



Cam Lube

Each cam on your rack can save your life every time you go climbing, so give them all a little bit of love with the Metolius Cam Lube. This bottle contains two fluid ounces of Metolius' patented wax formula that gives your cams the smooth performance you need to set and clean your pieces without them sticking. Not only does this lube grease up the cam's axle and trigger, but it also seals out dirt and moisture in order to reduce wear on your cam so you can climb with it for a longer time.

  • Wax formula
  • 2 fl. oz.
  • Item #MET000U

wax formula
60mL (2fl oz)
Recommended Use
trad climbing

Tech Specs

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Cleaning Your Cams

Check out this video of Beth Rodden walking you through how she keeps her cams clean.

>Rating: 3

Difficult to apply

This stuff is transparent and seems to have a reflective index very close to that of air, so it is almost impossible to see drops coming out of the bottle. The consequence of this is about 80% of the lube ends up missing and is wasted.

>Rating: 5

Maintenance Your Cams

I've put it through the wringer

This stuff works great. Don't use WD-40 or something stupid like that. That stuff has chemicals that will degrade your cams and slings. This stuff works great and to make your cams last longer and better. I use this stuff once a year when I pull them out from the winter. Or use them after the desert season when you get all that super fine sand up in the joints.

>Rating: 5

Good for what it's made for!

I've used it several times

This Cam Lube works great when you need to grease up your cams a little bit! I had a couple of cams that got water on them and wasn't able to let them dry out for a couple of days so they were a little sticky when they finally dried out. I put some cam lube on them and they now work great!