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Metolius Back Board



Back Board

Take the first step towards having your very own home climbing gym with the Metolius Back Board. This board provides secure attachment for all Metolius training boards and many others too, so you can step up your strength without leaving your house or damaging walls in your rental. The Back Board can be fitted to any sturdy surface (looking at you, van-dwellers), so you can train your fingers wherever you go without worrying about tearing down the walls.

  • Simple back board to fit behind fingerboard
  • 3/4in wood grants enough traction for sturdy screws
  • Comes with mounting hardware for even easier setup
  • Item #MET0351

32 x 9.5 x 0.75 in
Recommended Use
mounting training boards
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Glad I bought it!

I've used it several times

I recently bought my first hangboard and im glad I bought this as well! My apartment is old so finding studs where I needed them was a pain, so looking back now Im really glad I mounted the hangboard to this board and then put it up. I feel it is WAY more secure than what it would have been without it! Just a heads up though you probably will need your own screws to mount the hangboard to the board. The screws that come with both are both made to mount it into studs, not mount the hangboard to the board. They are WAY too long for that.

>Rating: 4

No Fuss Wood Backing

I've used it several times

This is the 3rd hang board that i've set up as I have moved around the country. Instead of going to the hardware store and getting screws and finding some part of a board that was cut off in the free bin I purchased this backing. It makes it easy to set up and no guess work. This time around I purchased a Trango board and it fit perfectly on the board and it comes with the screws to mount to the wall, all you need is a stud finder.

>Rating: 4

It's Wood

I've used it several times

I mean for the price, it's pretty great piece of plywood with some nice wood burning of the Backcountry logo. Although I would have paid a little more for a better quality board material. It was just the right fit with the 'Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board' also sold on Backcountry. I would recommend the company to maybe give the option to certain training boards and have pre-drilled holes. Does its job, great board for great price overall.

>Rating: 3


I've used it several times

What can say about a board? Its got a nice finish, sanded edges and a logo that give it a clean look. But In all honesty, it's just a board and it would've been helpful if it was bigger. I had a hard time centering it on my doorway, and still being able to hit the recommended three studs. If it were a few inches longer on each side, things would've been easier . That being said, it still works and it looks official.

>Rating: 3

It's Plywood

It's plywood, it gets the job done. You can go to any hardware store and get a piece cut for less. The edges are nicely finished so you wont get splinters, but sandpaper will do the same. Get it if it's on sale and you don't want to deal with leaving the house and talking to humans :)

>Rating: 3

Should have read more carefully

I've put it through the wringer

Product is what it says, but if your house is more modern like mine, the studs are on 18" centers. This means that I cannot mount the board on more than two members. This isn't a huge issue for me, but on 18" centers you can't mount it in the middle of a doorway. I really like the looks of the board, and it still works.

>Rating: 4

Work out while you stay in

I'm writing a dual review for the Compact board and the Back Board. Installation: The backboard is a nice product as I don't have a saw or the ability to round and smooth the edges from a piece of plywood (which I'm sure is a bit cheaper but then again my time isn't free). After finding the studs I was going to mount to the only extra work I had to do which made the mounting much easier was predrilling my mounting hole so the included mounting screws would go in smoothly. The training board itself is already predrilled so you basically just have to choose your location on the backboard and then make sure you have enough clearance above the board for pullups and in front for levers and other body work. I used a level app on my iPhone to check the board for being level and then just fired in the screws. I would say the whole thing took me about 30 minutes and most of that was finding my drill and screw bits. Use: Becuase I lack discipline and imagination I grabbed the Digit Trainer App from the iTunes App Store for my iPhone and it comes preloaded with a bunch of workouts and the ability to make your own. I just put the phone on a stool in front of the board and go to town. The hangboard is as great training tool to be sure. Initially I was a bit bummed that none of the grips on there are really all that bad but in terms of doing hard workouts and not destroying my tendons I'm ok with the grip depths. If I need the trainging to be harder I can just increase hangs or decrease rests. This is a great supplement to going to the gym when I don't feel like schlepping across town or the weather sucks and I'm stuck in doors. It really is amazing how worked you can get with just a 10 or 20 minutes workout. PS. I know the mount looks crooked in my photo but its actually jus a sloping cieling in our apartment, the board is level.

>Rating: 5

Not necessary, but nice

I just put up a hangboard and I really like the metolius backboard for being more finished and with the nice rounded edges as compared to a sheet of plywood from home depot. You definately pay a bit more for the finishing and I've had success with the cheap method in the past, but this is nice if you feel lazy.

>Rating: 4

does what it says on the tin

I've put it through the wringer

This is definitely necessary if you're hanging a fingerboard on a typical indoor wall. You could get a piece of 3/4" plywood for cheaper, but I don't have a saw, nor do I have any use for the other 30 square feet you'd have left over. Plus the edges are sanded for you. That's convenience!

Is it really necessary to mount a backboard for a finger board? Can't I just drill it to the wall? What are the downsides

@Danny--I'd highly recommend mounting a backboard if you're mounting to a typical interior surface with drywall over wood framing. The actual fingerboards are usually pre-drilled and the drilling is likely not to correspond with the stud locations in your wall. If you try to mount a fingerboard directly to drywall you're asking for a messy unintentional dismount sometime in your exercising future. Those little plastic drywall mounts will not help--those are for posters that weigh like five pounds. Mount the board by putting screws through it to studs, then mount the fingerboard to the backboard. You can disregard all this and mount directly to the wall if your wall is made of structural material (i.e. heavy plywood) or you've got a beam to put screws into.


Does this come with mounting hardware?