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Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST Wheel

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  • Graphite, Rear, Shimano/SRAM
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Ksyrium Elite UST Wheel

Mavic has spent a lot of time over the last decade developing its softgoods game, namely jerseys, shoes, bibs, and the like. The brand has enjoyed some impressive success on that front, but for many of us in the Competitive office, we still associate the yellow label primarily with wheels, and perhaps no wheel is better known, ridden, and beloved than the Ksyrium Elite. It's only fitting, then, that Mavic includes it in its new lineup of comically user-friendly tubeless wheels, and the Ksyrium Elite UST Wheel promises to teach an entirely new generation of cyclists why the OG Ksyrium Elite played such a formative role in older cyclists' lives in the saddle. They're slightly heavier than the Ksyrium Pro version, but it's hard to fault them a few grams when the steel spokes and virtually indestructible rim mean that, in the off chance you knock them out of true or snap a spoke, any bike shop or competent home mechanic the world over will be able to quickly get them rolling again.

Reliability aside, Mavic's tubeless genius makes the rim the star here, and the reason why becomes apparent early in the process of mounting the tires. We all love the lower rolling resistance, cushier ride, and increased puncture resistance of tubeless tires, but getting them on and inflated is an admitted hassle that's left a lot of us sticking with traditional tubes. Mavic's road UST design virtually eliminates any of these misgivings. The tires pop-on without tire levers, and they inflate without a compressor, CO2, or high-volume floor pump. Just use the same beat-up old pump you've been repairing the hose on for years, though we do recommend sticking with Mavic's UST-specific tires, which come stock on the rims.

The key to the ease of mounting and inflation is typical Mavic. It involves an obsessive R&D cycle that established tolerances to within a millimeter; a hair in either direction would mean the tire would either be nigh impossible to mount but virtually immune to burping or easy to mount with a tendency to burp in corners. Traditionally, wheel and tire manufacturers have defaulted to the former for obvious reasons; however, Mavic didn't accept the trade-off, and the reason it took so long to join the road tubeless game is because it wasn't satisfied until it had addressed the most common critique of reliably safe tire/rim interfaces.

We mentioned the differences between the Ksyrium Elite and Ksyrium Pro models above, but there are also some changes that separate the disc brake version from the rim brake one. The disc brake rim is wider, sitting at 19mm internally, while the rim brake version is bit narrower at 17mm. The reasons are more about the frames and surfaces each wheel is intended for. The disc brake rim is meant for straying into gravel and maybe even cross, while the rim brake version is primarily meant for road use. (But we never let that stop us from making questionable decisions.) The 17mm width pairs perfectly with the new trend of 25mm tires, whereas the wider 19mm disc brake version wants bigger tires that may be too fat to clear a road machines with rim brakes.

  • A classic wheelset transitions into the new tubeless era
  • Tubeless tires provide a cushier ride and fewer flats
  • Unrivaled UST design mounts like standard clincher tires
  • ISM 4D rim machining sheds grams without sacrificing reliability
  • Rim width ideal for the new racing standard of 25mm tires
  • Includes pre-mounted Mavic Yksion Pro UST tires and sealant
  • Mavic yellow remains the most trusted color in cycling wheels
  • Item #MAV00NY

Rim Material
Wheel Size
Tire Type
Rim Depth
[front] 22mm, [rear] 25mm
Rim Width
[internal] 17mm
Brake Compatibility
Front Axle
9mm Quick-Release
Rear Axle
130mm Quick-Release
straight pull, flat, double-butted, steel
Spoke Nipple
Fore integrated aluminum
Spoke Count
18 / 20
Max Rider Weight
Claimed Weight
[front] 665g, [rear] 855g
Recommended Use
road cycling
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 2

Terrible tires, failed to seal on hole

I've used it several times

I have bought the Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST wheelset that come with the MYksion Pro UST tires and installed them last month. They rode great until I got my 1st puncture today in the rear and it failed to seal. Upon inspection, there was a tiny piece of glass which I got out, it's only like 1-2mm big. Got home and put more sealant only to find it shooting out of the sidewall. It appears when the tire got flat, the glass also poked through the thin sidewall. Surprised such a small piece of glass penetrated to make two simultaneous holes. The second hole was caused by the 1st hole not sealing up. Very disappointed in trying out tubeless. Defeats the purpose if it can't even handle tiny pieces of glass. These tires have less than 100 miles on them.


What type of sealant are you using and at what pressure? High pressures require proper sealant. Glass makes a very clean hole which can be more difficult to seal. Try a tubeless patch kit.

>Rating: 5

Great ride quality

I've used it several times

I replaced a set of Mavic Aksiums that came on my Cannondale CAAD10 which I'd used for about 5 years. The ride quality difference between the two wheel sets is pretty remarkable. They ride smooth, are lightweight, the tires have pretty good grip and the best part is they just seem to absorb the bumps better making the overall ride more pleasant. I bought them on sale not expecting such a big improvement in ride quality but have been very impressed. I highly recommend this wheel set.

>Rating: 4

Failed on 1st puncture, great cust svc

I've used it several times

I love the wheel design, the low rolling resistance and the hub. It's a nice step up from my stock wheels that are on my Bianchi cross bike which I use as a commuter bike. Been riding on it for a couple months and finally got my first puncture. Sadly, the sealant didn't take. I refilled the wheel and tried again, but no go. The puncture itself is tiny and I'm frankly surprised that after all the hype and positive reviews I've read that this system was not as advertised. I called Mavic and they basically shrugged their shoulders. I have a request in to Competitive Cyclist to see if they have any suggestions as well. My next step will be to remove the wheel, check for debris and maybe insert a tire plug. Which frankly is a lot of work for what was supposed to be a great new tire/wheel system for a commuter bike. I ride in NYC and this sounded like a great idea. A self-sealing tire! Well, perhaps I can save this barely used tire and not have to shell out another $70 for a replacement. Update: While I’m still determined to try to fix this, Competitive Cyclist was nice enough to send a replacement. Great customer service as always.

>Rating: 5

Gone tubeless....not going back

I've used it several times

The Mavic USTs are lighter, faster and more comfortable. I wasn't expecting tubeless to be this good. And, they are easy to mount and seal.


for how many speeds is 9,10,11? is it just the rear wheel? don't have the set?

9,10,11 speed means the wheel will accept either a 9 10 or 11 speed cassette. Might need a shim


Is the rear wheel available? Or Just the front wheel

Rear only, obviously, which is why it’s on sale.


Would these wheels be a good choice to use for gravel, 38mm tires?

Hey Jani, This rim being a 17mm internal, we would not recommend a tire much wider than 28mm. This is not to say the rim can not handle the gravel, simply that tire width is a limitation of this rim. I attached a chart that hopefully you can see below, showing a range of internal rim widths paired with the recommended tire widths. To run a 38mm tire, we would recommend a rim internal width of at least 19mm. Please email me for more info on tire/rim pairing at krakowski@competitivecyclist.com. Thank You!

The internal rim width being 17mm, you’d be at the outer edge in terms of size. It wouldn’t be ideal. You sound look for something with an internal rim width at at least 19mm.


Can you run a regular tube and tire setup on this wheel?

Yes, but the inside of the rim is designed for tires with the stronger bead of tubeless ready tires, which could make running tubes with traditional folding-bead tires dangerous at high pressures.


Will these work with shimano 9 speed or just newer set ups?


What are the largest width tires you can put on these (rim brake version)?


I had to order each wheel individually (front and rear) there was no wheelset option. Does anyone know if I will still get the valve removal tool and sealant, or should I order those off of something like Amazon before they arrive? Edit: Nevermind, it did come with it. It was all in the box with the rear wheel. However, as someone posted below, if you just purchase the front wheel, you probably won't get the sealant/valve removal tool. If you purchase the rear wheel, you will get the sealant/valve removal tool.

To answer my own question, it doesn't seem to matter if you purchased each wheel individually. All the parts/sealant come in the rear wheel box.

Updated question to include that the sealant/valve removal tool only comes with the rear wheel.

Thanks for the info!


I've read several articles on cycling websites that this wheel set comes with sealant and the valve removal tool. Is that correct?

Yes. I just received the wheelset and it came with tires, sealant, and valvle tool.


The description says includes tires pre-mounted and sealant, is there already sealant inside the rim or do I need to add it?

I ordered just a front wheel and it didnt come with sealant.

The tires are are ready mounted and sealed to the rims.