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Love the Seasons

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Passion and Tradition. For 85 years Lundhags has remained true to these guiding principles. Its passion is being outdoors. Nature's greatest charms invite Lundhags and her seasons challenge the brand. Lundhags' tradition is to make clothing for all of nature's conditions. Lundhags wants its products to make you feel almost invincible, and to share in your adventures for many years to come.


Functionality has always been a cornerstone in Lundhags' product development. Every seam and every detail is crafted to serve a purpose and anything that doesn't has been left out. Lundhags PolyCotton, a blend of polyester and cotton, combines good air circulation and ventilation, with optimized breathability, flexibility and durability. LPC is old school, but still high tech, just without the hocus-pocus.


Contributing to a sustainable environment is important to Lundhags, which is why improving longevity is integral to its design process. Lundhags' goal is timelessness; to design, develop and produce products that will last years, not seasons. Lundhags is continuously working to reduce its environmental footprint. This includes phasing out harmful chemicals from its clothing. All Lundhags apparel treatments are proudly fluorocarbon-free.


"To be one with nature and live accoridng to the seasons is simple. All you have to do is just go outside, listen to nature's whispers and the voice from within you." – Urban Axelesson Mountain Guide

Lundhags has seen the seasons change for 85 years. It knows that the Nordic climate puts high demands on its products. Lundhags' handmade boots have trudged through mud and snow. Its pants have endured wear from rocks and frozen earth. Its passion for winter, spring, summer, fall and everything in between has gone into the craftsmanship of its pants. Lundhags knows what it takes to experience nature. Join Lundhags and Love the Seasons.