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Look Cycle Delta Road Cleat


Delta Road Cleat

If you're starting to have problems of any sort with your Look pedals -- accidental disengagement, squeaking, etc -- new cleats are almost always what the doctor will order. How do you wear out cleats? Walking in them is one way, clipping in and out thousands of times through years of stopping at red lights is another.

Built from a Polyamide Nylon with co-molded Teflon toe and heel inserts, they'll last longer than the previous generation of Look cleats, they'll engage and disengage with substantially less friction, and they'll be a whole lot quieter as you pedal.

One very vital note about Look's Bi-Material cleats: They come in two styles. If you have the Keo pedal system, you must purchase the Keo-specific cleats. If you have any other style of Look pedal -- any model, any year -- you need to choose the Delta cleat. Keo cleats are NOT compatible with any Look pedal system except the Keo. The Delta cleat is compatible with all Look pedals systems except the Keo.

The Keo cleats are available in two options: One is the "Red" cleat that allows for nine-degrees of rotational float. The other is the "Black" cleat that allows for zero-degrees of rotational float. You'll get two cleats along with all of the hardware to secure them to your shoes.

  • Road-style cleats for your Look Keo pedal platform
  • Choose between float and no-float options depending on your pedaling style
  • Durable material holds up to abuse but offers no rubber traction for walking
  • Item #LCY0039

(red) 9°, (black) 0°
Look Keo pedals
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>Rating: 5

Cleats work fine.

I've put it through the wringer
5` 10"
134 lbs

I have used Look pedals since 1968. The pedals have been improved, and now work much better. The pedals that use the original Delta cleats have been replaced by Keo pedals. The Delta cleats are getting a little hard to find. They still work fine.

>Rating: 5

They fit

These cleats work with the Look pedal interface which is exactly how I was hoping it would work out.

>Rating: 4


I've put it through the wringer

These are easy to use and I haven't had any issues. I got the 9 degree to make sure I had no knee issues. I have been on about 20 rides and so far, no issues.

Update: I have used these on 120 rides and still no issues or knee pain.

>Rating: 3

First pair of cleats

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

They do their job! Was told to get the 9 degree to avoid having knee pain with the 0 degree. So far, no knee pain. Easy to attach to my shoes.


I just purchased a pair of Keo Look bicycle...

I just purchased a pair of Keo Look bicycle cleats but it turns out they are not compatible with my pedals branded "WellRun". I believe the cleats I was using that recently broke were Look Delta. Can you please confirm that Look Delta are compatile with my WellRun" pedals. Thanks Bill


Will these cleats work on any LOOK pedals?...

Will these cleats work on any LOOK pedals? I have old LOOK pedals but I don't know what brand they are any more. Thanks

The Keo cleats work with Keo pedals only, same with the Delta. If your pedals are more than a few years old, and when viewed from the side they look bulky and fat it's probably a Delta pedal. If the pedal is flat and thin (low stack) it's probably Keo. Almost all Keo's are also imprinted with the work Keo somewhere. I really wish there was a better way to tell.


Where can I get a replacement screw and...

Where can I get a replacement screw and washer for these cleats? Would my LBS carry it? (Word to the wise: always, always, always make sure your cleat screws are tight)

man that sucks, maybe contact your LBS first, then try Look USA,

Well... I would just get a new set of cleats, if yours are over a year old you probably want new cleats anyways. I always keep the cleat screws after replacing my cleats because I have lost one or two before, and I keep a spare in the bag. Ask a few of your friends they probably have an old one.


Will the same shoes work with Keo as well...

Will the same shoes work with Keo as well as Delta Look pedals?

If your shoes work with Delta, then they will also work with Keo & vice versa. However the Delta and Keo Cleats are not interchangeable in the pedals. Delta are larger than Keo and are not compatible, but this does not apply to the mounting to the shoes.


What's the difference between Keo and...

What's the difference between Keo and Delta? I have Campy Chorus pedals and not sure which one to use. The original pedals had the fixed cleat - any comments on the one with play? I was considering going to a SPD style for the recessed cleat profile but not sure if I want to spend money on new shoes. I have Sidi's which are particularly ungraceful to walk in.

I really like the Keo because the cleat is much lower profile and almost as nice to walk in as a SPD. Your foot sit really close to the pedal axle. My favorite cleat in the KEO no-slip that provides just enough rubber on the bottom for secure walk on the tile on your way to grab your tall latte.