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Light & Motion DC to AC Car Adapter

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DC to AC Car Adapter

You’re on your way to a 24-hour bike race, but you forgot to charge your bike light batteries. Quick, plug this Light & Motion DC to AC Car Adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, then plug in your battery charger. Your batteries will be juiced by the time you arrive at camp—unless you’re almost to your destination, in which case, you should drive really slowly.

  • Item #LTM0021

Light battery charger, Motion battery charger
Recommended Use
recharging batteries while driving

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All in one copier, scanner, printer

We are a roof contracting business. After major hail & wind storms we deal with customers and their insurance companies. Unfortunately, my contractor is not computer savvy, so I placed an all in one in the back seat of the vehicle to be able to make copies of insurance claims and any paper work generated for the claim. It pulls enough amps that we have the vehicle running, plug it in, make our copies and unplug it. It has worked great and even the customers thought it was a great idea. Leslie All Rooftop Services Lakewood, CO


We are going on a road trip and was wondering...

We are going on a road trip and was wondering if we took our coffee maker would this converter work?


can you plug anything into it, as a upright...

can you plug anything into it, as a upright vacuum cleaner?

Ummm, yeah, I suppose you could do that. The only limitation may be whether or not this item can convert enough power for what you plug into it.


Write your question here...wll this power...

Write your question here...wll this power my ac power suply that i use ofr my dell insperion 2500 laptop

I've found that they can put out enough juice to charge a laptop, but only if you're not using it. Pretty minor shortcoming, really.

It depends on the size. It can work for most laptops, but it's not designed to handle some of the bigger ones that pull too much juice.

can i use my laptop (sony viao ) on my roadtrip in the car from CT to florida ?


can i plug a small area heater to this...

can i plug a small area heater to this plug? would it take all the juice out of my truck battery? i need to heat the back box of my truck and is separate from the heating in front and the product i deliver gets frozen quickly so i need to have a small house heater in the back, would this work for me while i'm driving with it.

This unit probably won't output enough wattage to support a space heater of any size. Look at any big-box retailer for a power inverter in the auto or electronics section. Make sure it outputs enough wattage (look for constant output, not the peak) for your particular heater and you'll be in business.If your truck is running, you shouldn't have any problems running a small space heater. If it's off, your battery will pay the price rather quickly.