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La Sportiva Maverink Climbing Shoe



Maverink Climbing Shoe

The difference between modern and traditional climbing is extravagant. What used to be all about finding ways up the summit turned into finding the hardest way up the summit. It's no doubt that modern first ascents were once deemed impossible by previous generations, and the youngest climbers continue to shock and amaze by gripping imaginary holds and pulling through. The La Sportiva Men's Maverink Climbing Shoe assists adolescents and teenagers by helping them train in the gym, push grades, and climb with the utmost power. Its aggressive, asymmetric profile performs best on overhangs, and No Edge technology gives more surface contact to grip the most micro footholds ever conceived. La Sportiva equipped the Maverink with P3 technology to ensure a proper downturn  throughout the life of this shoe, and the unlined leather upper stretches as the feet of adolescents continue to grow so as not to cause any problems in the future.

  • High-performance shoes for modern climbers and adolescents
  • Aggressive, asymmetric profile accommodates overhung routes
  • Vibram XS Grip 2 with No Edge for incredible sensitivity
  • P3 technology ensures long-lasting downturn
  • Unlined leather upper allows plenty of stretch for climbers with growing feet
  • Item #LSP00D3

Upper Material
microfiber, leather
Vibram XS Grip 2
aggressive downturn
Asymmetrical Curvature
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4

I would get them again

I've used it several times

these shoes are comfy gym shoes. spending 3-4 hours a day 3 days a week in them and they are as comfy at the end as when I start. Digging the no edge tech.

>Rating: 4

Solid Shoe

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Got this pair of shoes for my sister for her birthday and she had this to say: "I got these because I have child-sized feet and wanted slip ons that were a little more aggressive. The No Edge took some getting used to, but I've decided that I'm into it. Basically, think about shoes with sharp edges (like the Solutions) and how they feel super secure when you have the edge on a tiny foot chip. These shoes won't give you that secure feeling, but they will be secure, and they'll be secure everywhere on the toe, and not just the edge that you have to get with other shoes. So you have a greater margin of error, even though it won't feel like that. It definitely takes some getting used to, but is ultimately a plus (or at least as good as edge shoes, but different). "


Performance Without Growing Pains

Check out La Sportiva's look into the Maverink with Neil Gresham. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly via the information listed above.

>Rating: 3

Fun, comfy, cheap; but niche

I've put it through the wringer

I really like the La Sportiva no-edge shoes, but without a women's-specific no-edge shoe (until now!), I had a terrible time finding a good fit. The Maverink fits me quite well since it's basically just a rubber sock, and they were relatively cheap, so I'm overall pretty pleased. However i don't think this is a shoe with mass appeal. The Maverink is a squishy, soft, sock-like no-edge slipper. You have tremendous sensitivity and you can kind of glom your toe onto the weirdest looking footholds and then feel that it's successfully glommed. It also kind of trains you to climb more precisely with the point of your toes rather than the front side of your foot. Plus, it's comfortable and not detrimental to wear for long periods of time, like when you are say ARC training. That's really what this shoe is meant for---training. This shoe does not really help you send: it's floppy, fails to drive power to your toes on the steeps, and doesn't provide any support during technical (sm)edging. (Your foot muscles will have to do this all by themselves.) Regarding heel hooks---it's a slipper, 'nuff said. I bet they do rock on friction slab but I haven't tried it. Having owned Futuras before these, I also have to say that the no-edge rubber holds up forever in the gym (and these shoes are pretty inexpensive), but it's easy to rip a chunk out of the toe on a sharp nubbin or crystal outdoors and instantly destroy your shoes. Overall, this is a fun shoe, but I don't think that most casual climbers will have a use for this shoe. I think it most benefits climbers who want a comfortable training shoe to avoid foot pain caused by prolonged wear, but who also want a shoe that helps develop their technique and strength by making things "harder". I believe it was designed for climbing team kids and they now make adult sizes so the big kids can have fun too. For sizing, I went with roughly my street size and the same size that I found fits in all other La Sportiva shoes; maybe consider also trying .5 size below your street size. Your toes should be all the way to the end of the toebox and maybe just a bit curled in these shoes (you need to eliminate dead space in the toe for the No Edge to work right). I have been wearing them in the gym every session for about 3 months and after break-in they have remained a consistent size/fit.

>Rating: 2

Only good on friction slab

Got these looking for a low cost training shoe. Photos make them appear to be somewhat of a performance downturn last, in real life they are flat. As the shoe was designed for growing feet they have basically zero knuckle to the big toe. That is combined with very little support (no midsole) really reduces power. Compared to a pair of pythons you might as well be in vibram five fingers. If you're on a problem with a foot hold way out to the side or you need to stab and pull with toes on something steep the lack of knuckle to the big toe is a real downside. It's just harder to pull yourself in than in pytons, dragos, or teams. Heel hooks and toe hooks are not great either. For lighter climbers looking to do gym mileage in the easy grades I suppose I could still see these, but if you're climbing over V5 or so look elsewhere. I did find another use for these where they flat out kick ass though, pure friction slab. The flat toe and soft sole conform to every divot. When it's 40-60 degrees xs grip might as well be super glue on granite. I fully attribute these to my first 10+ friction onsight.

>Rating: 5

Still breaking them in

I've used it several times

Similar to other reviews I would recommend that you size down. This shoe fits way different than your traditional climbing shoe due to the "No Edge" tech. This allows your toe to go right up to the end of the shoe (without causing discomfort). That being said I have never found a shoe with so much comfort. I am really enjoying the shoes so far and I am hoping that they don't stretch out too much. I think I could have gotten away with a smaller size. I bought these as an indoor shoe as I couldn't justify beating up a pair of Geniuses on plastic holds. As a kids shoe, these things would be amazing! For an adult with a smaller foot, these are a great intermediate shoe sold at a nice price. As an added bonus these shoes come with 2 markers made to be used on leather or rubber. This allows you to customize the look of the shoe if you're not into the current color way.

How did the size and fit compare to the Genius?

>Rating: 4

First Impressions

I've used it several times
Runs large

Size down. Way down. I wear 38.5 in women's miura vs and solutions. For these, I went down a full size to 37.5. They remind me a little of a well broken in pair of miura vs's. These were my first pair of no edge shoes, and I'm loving it. They're wonderfully soft and sensitive. The high asymmetry and the P3 put all the power on your big toe--right where you want it. I expect a lot of stretch--they'll probably go from being a great bouldering shoes to something I might take trad climbing--maybe. For the price, I'm pretty impressed!


Hi! Lucas Doherty here. I am interested in purchasing the La Sportiva Maverink climbing shoe. I am currently wearing a pair of Scarpa Instinct S’s In a size 41EU. The shoe itself was amazing from the getgo, but after eight months of constant use is now falling apart. I have read and watched some amazing reviews on the Maverick and would like to know in comparison to the shoe I’m “rocking” right now, what size would you say I should order. Should I stick with at 41EU or should I go with a different size? Thanks! Your loyal customer, Lucas Doherty.


Hey Lucas! That's a tough one. Generally La Sportiva shoes fit pretty true to size, these specific shoes are unlined leather, so they would stretch around one full size after use. I would probably recommend starting with .5-1 size down from your street size, and give that a shot! They should feel tight at first, but not painful. If that doesn't work, give us a call or chat in and we'll help you exchange them, or order multiple sizes!