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La Sportiva Cobra Eco Climbing Shoe



Cobra Eco Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva's Cobra Eco Climbing Shoe offers the same aggressive performance as the long-lasted Cobra Climbing Shoe, except this model comes in an eco-friendlier fashion. In fact, 85% of all materials are recycled to lower the impact on the environment. The biodegradable leather upper undergoes a metal-free, eco-tanning process to offer the same stretch and feel as the original Cobra, and Frixion Eco sole comes from recycling the same rubber used in La Sportiva's standard production for shoes like the original Cobra. The result is the same aggressive performance as the Cobra when you're climbing overhung routes and problems.
  • An eco-friendly version of the aggressive Cobra Climbing Shoe
  • Asymmetric downturn optimizes aggression for hard boulders
  • Upper made of a biodegradable leather with metal-free tanning
  • Frixion Eco sole made of recycled rubber from heels and toes
  • Item #LSP00GV

Upper Material
Idro-Perwanger biodegradable leather
[toe] LaspoFlex (0.8mm)
Frixion Eco (3mm)
slip, RL 45
Asymmetrical Curvature
Claimed Weight
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 3

The Awesome Cobra shape but rubber-ugh

I've put it through the wringer
True to size

This shoe is the longstanding classic shape of the Cobra. The Cobra has been my favorite shoe for many years for the gym and sandstone. It's flexibility and sensitivity is unparalleled. The fit of the Eco is the same, but Eco Frixion rubber is not the same as XS Grip. It is notably less sticky largely because it is considerably stiffer than XS Grip which is a huge detractor to the overall performance of this soft, supple and sensitive shoe. Eco Frixion may even be harder than XS Edge which Sportiva uses on its stiff edging shoes. In any case, for me, I won't be buying the Eco anymore. I will seek out the original cobra with XS Grip. Putting hard rubber on this soft and sensitive shoe was a bad design decision. I am so bummed I bought these Eco's.

>Rating: 5

A comfy and precise shoe

I've put it through the wringer
True to size
Size Bought

I bought the Cobra as an all around shoe and primarily climb granite. I've been using them for long trad, bouldering, sport and the gym. I really wanted a slipper so I didn't have to tie my shoes so often. The shoe is not down turned and comes out of the box with a flat last. It is a very soft shoe. Sizing the shoe was tough because they are not available in my area. I got them in 41 and went up a half size from my TC Pros (40.5) and down a half size from the TX4 approach shoes (41.5). They fit great, the heel is snug and I can wear them for extended times.

>Rating: 5

Absolutely love them!

I've put it through the wringer

These are my second pair of climbing shoes ( my first being La Sportiva Finales) and they are wonderful. When I first got them they were definitely an aggressive fit and I had to take them off at the end of each climb however they quickly broke in and have since become extremely comfortable. On all but the most aggressive heel hooks I don’t have any issues with my heel lifting out or even slipping at all. They are a fairly soft shoe which took a session or two to get accustom to but I now love the ability to downturn them as much or as little as I want. The only thing I can say about these shoes is that they preform amazingly and are very comfortable. La Sportiva Finales EU40 (not too tight first pair of shoes) Cobras EU 39 (comfortable snug fit, could go down half size if I wanted less comfort)

>Rating: 5

my new favorite

I've put it through the wringer

I got these shoes because i wanted something with good performance yet not totally chewing up my feet( i loved katana velcro but it's impossible to find them now). I feel these are as good if not better. i went down half a size from my solutions since these do stretch quite a bit. So far- really happy with them.

>Rating: 4

Overall great comfy shoe for easy climbs

I've put it through the wringer

The fit is pretty nice - I have small and narrow feet- typically I'm around 4.75 - 5 in Women's. I got a 35.5 and it fits pretty well although it's slightly too big. It's really soft which is great when you're in the shoes for a long while but not great for precision footwork. I use it currently when trad climbing and doing crack as it's comfy enough. The heel sides are pretty high though and it slightly cuts into my feet. Overall they're pretty solid slip on shoes that fit my wide small feet pretty well.

>Rating: 5

Still my favorite all around shoe

I've put it through the wringer

When La Sportiva canceled the original Cobra in the US market, I was pretty hurt, I mean, LS probably did this to me personally. Though there are a million opinions about this, for my money, the cobra was the best all around climbing shoe on the market, favoring slightly to bouldering and overhung climbing, so I'm still not sure why they canceled it. Either way, this review is in two parts 1) What do I think of the Cobra, and 2) what do I think of the ECO Cobra. To get (2) out of the way, as far as I can tell, there haven't been any compromises in making this shoe "85% recycled," other than the color scheme which I don't exactly care for, which was my major hesitation. So with that out of the way, to address (1), what do I feel about the cobra? Strengths: The cobra is a low profile, comfortable slipper with a thin, sensitive sole. The shoe is soft enough to conform to whatever imperceptible feature your buddy promises is on there. The relatively minimal shoe gives you incredible feel for the rock. It makes for a great climbing experience and at a relatively lower price (although a little less so with the ECO) these shoes can perform right up there with the top of the line. Weakness: Though I guess the shoe technically has a P3 rand, they very much take the shape of your foot. In other words, it will not give you a ton of support on long vertical or overhung routes or when grabbing holds with your feet, meaning it might take some time to develop the muscles in your feet, especially if you normally climb with extremely down turned shoes. At the same time, this lets the shoes be comfortable and versatile. The slight downturn will also make this rather painful for crack climbing. Fit: The shoe runs a little narrow, but sizing is generally in line with the rest of the La Sportiva line.

Thanks for this review, Ethan! Much needed, on this awesome but lesser-known shoe.