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Kelty Noah's Tarp

$59.95 - $99.95

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  • Hydro/Fallen Rock, 9ft
  • Hydro/Fallen Rock, 12ft
  • Hydro/Fallen Rock, 16ft

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Noah's Tarp

Stretch the Kelty Noah's Tarp over your camp kitchen, beach kingdom, or fastpacking bivy site for lightweight shade and weather protection. This simple tarp sets up in a flash and provides a base station for all your recreational pursuits. Two sizes and multiple configuration options allow the Noah's Tarp to adapt depending on conditions.
  • Add shade to your camp with this versatile tarp
  • Polyester material protects you from the sun and rain
  • Fully sealed seams prevent water from leaking through
  • Multiple guy-out points provide versatile set-up options
  • Roll-top cube carry bag offers easy transport
  • Poles not included
  • Item #KEL0607

68D polyester
fully sealed
[9ft] 108 x 108in, [12ft] 144 x 144in, [16ft] 192 x 192in
Floor Space
[9ft] 144ft², [12ft] 256ft², [16ft] 400ft²
Packed Size
[9ft] 10 x 9 x 3in, [12ft] 12 x 10 x 3in, [16ft] 14 x 10 x 3.5in
Packed Weight
[9ft] 2lb 1oz, [12ft] 2lb 10oz, [16ft] 4lb 1 oz
Trail Weight
[9ft] 1lb 11oz, [12ft] 2lbs 3oz, [16ft] 3lbs 10oz
Recommended Use
backpacking, weekend camping
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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Awesome Tarp

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
True to size
Size Bought

Was pleasantly surprised to see integrated guy wires with pockets in the corners (at least on the 16’). Used twice and set up easy. Seems strong. Haven’t been through a wind storm yet.

>Rating: 5

Bomb Shelter

I've used it several times

This tarp is a nimble beast! I've owned a Noah 9' for several years and love it. I added the 12' to my gear locker for my first backcountry trip with a hammock setup. It's plenty big for storm/winter mode. In porch mode there's room for a dance party. Tie-out points are beefy and construction is solid enough to cruise through the worst weather. It's not the lightest tarp out there, but I can sleep like a rock with peace of mind and that's well worth the weight equivalent of carrying an extra can of soda.

>Rating: 5

Flexible and Fantastic

So many configuration options. Swapped out some MSR Ground Hog stakes and use it with my trekking poles. Easy and quick to set up. Small and lightweight. Great for an UL shelter or an extra cover for cooking, etc.

>Rating: 5

Nice ligthweight tarp

I purchased this tarp with the intention to only use it as an emergency shelter, and it does just that flawlessly. Ive actually had bad weather only once since I bought it, so only used it once.I originally wanted to get the 16x16 tarp but when i got a chance to see one, the 16x16 packed up to be too large for my liking and I purchased the 12x12 version instead.The 12x12 tarp packs up to be about 2.5" in diameter and about 12" long and ways almost nothing.This size tarp is perfect for my needs. I didnt want something that was too big, even though at first i wanted to cover a full picnic table. The 12x12 covers a picnic table no problems with a slight sacrifice in head room. Im now left wondering if i should have got the 9x9... I guess im turing into a true mininalist... haha

>Rating: 4

Versatile Piece of Gear

I have had this tarp for a year now. I have the Noah 9. I got it for lightweight backpacking and as a separate shelter for cooking and hanging out during rainy and snowy weather. The tarp comes with a sack to store the tarp in, but i purchased a smaller granite gear ditty bag and stuff it into a XS bag so it comes out slightly smaller than a Nalgene. Way more easier to pack than the longer stock bag that it comes with. I use the longer stock bag as a storage sack because its a lot looser. I havent used this product in the rain yet. But it perform very well in the sun providing lots of shade. From what others have said it should work very well in the rain. Look forward to trying it out in wet condition.


Selkirks, Pyramid Lake



Here is the tarp. It had plenty of room and held up tp some pretty brutal winds (25-40).

>Rating: 5

Worth it's weight in gold!

I got this for the sole reason to bring to the beach for shade for my dogs. It was amazing. I have the 12 footer. Tons of shade, lots of room. I was able to fit 4 adults sitting in beach chairs and 2 dogs with plenty of room left over! It held up great to 20-30mph gusts of wind, I had to add a few extra sand stakes and guy lines to help out. Set up took about 15-20 (including sand stakes) minutes with 2 people. Without the stakes I am sure it would only take about 8-10 minutes. Overall I recomend this for a large, sturdy beach shade!!! The one down side is that my dogs's rope kept getting tangled up with the guy lines.

>Rating: 4

Nice Tarp

I have enjoyed this tarp very much. It is light and easy to set up. It does exactly what its supposed to do, protect you from the elements, and does it well. Kelty makes a pretty good product. If fast, easy shade and shelter from the weather is what you're looking for, buy the Kelty Noah's Tarp.

>Rating: 5

easy to use

its great light wieght easy setup great for dining fly and to go over hamocks! A++++

>Rating: 5

Incredibly Useful

I just took this on a trip to Colorado and set it up (tied the grommet ends to trees and staked down the other ends)to throw wood under and cook/eat under. Guess what, it rained every day/night and all 5 of us + 2 dogs sat under it while cooking and eating. It was great! For those who have cooked in the rain, it's no fun. It also worked great for keeping our wood dry for fires at night. I'll never backpack again without it!

>Rating: 5

It Just Makes Sense!

What can't you do with it to beat wind, rain, sun, even snow for about 2 pounds? I packed 30' of para cord, a few more stakes and tiedowns. Just find a high point (tree, tree limb, rock or angle your kayak, who needs a pole?) to attach to, instant shelter.

>Rating: 5

let your imagination do the rest

I love this tarp so much I bought two of the 12' tarps. with so many attachment points, you can set it up just about every configuration that you can think of. Extremely versatile. I have rarely used it with poles as usually I can find trees around that I can tie around. I have some light weight poles but lately, I have just been using my trekking poles when needed to save the weight. It is light weight considering the size/material and stuffs down pretty small with a compression sack.


which is better the noah's tarp 9 or the...

which is better the noah's tarp 9 or the mar e-wing

Scout, I have the Noah's Tarp 9 and have been very happy with it overall. I'd say that you could sleep two people underneath it in the rain comfortably, as long as you pitched it fairly low to the ground. I squeezed three under it in a trip to the selkirks, but chance of rain was very low. I havent used the EWing, but as it is an E-mergency Wing, I would guess that the Noah would be better for more long-term situations, while having more room as well. FYI I can pack the tarp in an extra small granite gear stuff sack easily so it pack way smaller than the sack that it comes with. I just use that sack for storage. Hope this helps Hope that helps


which is better for just using with a...

which is better for just using with a sleeping bag and a pack as a shelter the 9'X9' or the 12'X12'

Go with the 9x9. 12x12 is way overkill for one person.


Which size is best to fit over a picnic...

Which size is best to fit over a picnic table? Id like the table to be well covered but dont want a tarp bigger than I really need... I dont normally set up a tarp over my table, but I plan to use this as an emergency shelter... Im sure my luck with good weather is going to run out... haha

Hey Jake, I guess a picnic table is about 4x8' by the time you take into account the table and benches, so you can get away with the 12x12'. That size should also be good for the "emergency" part of shelter, if that's the real primary purpose you want it to usually serve. But with those really acute angles on the pole ends, for the table, it might be pushing it to get more than just so-so coverage out of that size, especially if you want to set up the canopy high enough up to comfortably walk around under, and with water dripping down the edges. The 16x16' is just a bit more than you need, but nobody is going to have to hang out with a soaked back.

I have the Noah 9 and while it would fit over a picnic table, it would probably keep only 4 people packed together pretty good reasonably dry. It depends on how many people you are trying to fit under and how big your table is. I agree with Phil that bigger is going to be better given the shape of this tarp. Hope this helps.

For the difference in price, I think ill buy the 16'... thanks for your help guys.

The size you need will depend on the configuration you use to set it up. If set up as in the picture, the diagonal length of a 16'x16' tarp between corners will be 22.6 feet.


Apart from including two poles, why is the...

Apart from including two poles, why is the MSR Vistawing tarp so much pricier than the 16' x 16' Kelty Noah's Tarp? I am looking for a tarp to put above my tent (a Black Diamond Mesa) to keep the tent in the shade because the Mesa gets so hot in the summer desert sun, even with the vents open. Does this sound like a reasonable idea?

WJS, I believe the primary answer is going to be name-branding. Apart from that the MSR is actually smaller at approximately 12x12', but the shape is different giving you more coverage at the ends near the poles. The MSR does include poles (but they suggest that you use ski poles or paddles because you would already have those with you) and is 7 ounces lighter. And the final difference is the kelty is made with polyester versus MSR in nylon. Now you just have to weigh these small differences out and decide if it's worth twice the price to you for some shade. I hope this helps!


How many guys are included? sounds like...

How many guys are included? sounds like you need several for a beach application.

It comes with 4 guy lines with Nite Ize F9 clips on each. I added 4 more lines, but havent had a use for them yet. I added 2 more stakes as well so that I could put 2 guys lines per pole (makes the tarp more sturdy when putting it up like the picture shows above), as well have having leftover stakes for staking in the other two sides. Hope this helps.


Write your question here...What stakes are...

Write your question here...What stakes are best for use in sand?

Most people use either sandbags or a "dead man". A "dead man" is a bit antiquated term, but very useful. You tie a rope to something a little bulkier, like a small log, then dig a hole. Place the log in the hole and back fill it. If you have a bulky enough thing under enough sand, its not going anywhere. This also makes a good makeshift shore anchor for a light boat. Sand bags would be just an empty bag you bring with you, with some grommets that you could fill with sand and let it sit there, heavily. You could probably use it as a dead guy too.


Is it water proof? Would it work as a rain...

Is it water proof? Would it work as a rain fly for a hammock?

It's waterproof and seam sealed. It would definitely work for a fly over a hammock.


Are the poles included in the Kelty Noah's...

Are the poles included in the Kelty Noah's Tarp

No, it comes just with guylines (but Kelty does sell poles separately).

I just use my trekking poles or tie it to some trees if there are some around.


Would this work on the beach?

Would this work on the beach?

I think it would be great at the beach as long as you had some poles or another structure to attach it to. There's plenty of guy outs to stabilize the tarp if it's windy.


What is the material like? Is it lightweight?Is...

What is the material like? Is it lightweight?Is it like a typical modern tent fly material?

Yes, it's like a tent fly.


The kelty noah tarp doesn't come with pole...

The kelty noah tarp doesn't come with pole or stakes. what do you suggest I purchase for poles and stakes?

You could string it up between two trees.Sorry - I deleted what Phaedrus said.He said you could use trekking poles - save weight by making them multi-task.

It depends a bit on how high you want to pitch it and where you're bringing it. Trekking poles work great if you're bringing it to the backcountry and don't mind sitting under it (trekking poles don't get it super high off the ground). If you're car camping and want it higher - like over a picnic table, it'd be best to tie it off to trees or get the longer Kelty poles meant specifically for this. In terms of stakes - I almost always recommend MSR GroundHogs. They're light, pack well and are RIDICULOUSLY tough. I've hammered them into tough Colorado rocky soil with other, larger rocks and have never had one bend. Ever.


the poles aren't included it says. how...

the poles aren't included it says. how do you set it up and where do you get the right poles?thanks

I got a kelty brand pole from here a couple years ago, but it doesn't look like they sell that anymore. You can get them at most outdoor stores, or you can pitch it with trekking poles or on trees. These tarps are really handy.

Yes, Trekking Poles work great - although they will limit the height. Purchasing Kelty's poles - or tying guy points directly into trees - will provide additional height.