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Katadyn Vario Ceramic Disc

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Keep your Katadyn Vario Water Filter going strong with a new Vario Ceramic Disc.

Keep the microfilter in your Katadyn Vario Water Filter going strong by giving it a new Vario Ceramic Disc. The Ceramic Disc lengthens the life of your microfilter so you can tackle trail after trail with fresh-tasting, bacteria-free water.
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>Rating: 5

Finally ready for a replacement

It took a few years but my ceramic disc is finally ready to be replaced. After filtering water in many dirty slot canyons, a few Uintah trips, and a couple of rivers always using the Longer Life setting, I thought it should be time to replace the disc. It was a cinch to replace!

>Rating: 5

Mmmm... Water....

Great filter, so nice to be able to replace all the filter pieces, individually, in this filter (ceramic, fiber media, carbon)... I prefer that this filter has a smaller ceramic area to clean over say my other Katadyn pocket with a large ceramic area...

>Rating: 5

What youd expect

Well if you already have the Katadyn and need a replacement ceramic filter, there you go. Ive never had problems with my getting 'gunked up', since the pre-filter on the end of the inlet tube usually helps keep most of it out, but the ceramic disc is great for murky water non-the-less.

>Rating: 4

impatient and thirsty

the vario works great, but i recently went on a climbing/backpacking trip in the ozarks, pumped water from a stream in the dark so I couldnt tell how cloudy the water was, it clogged up the ceramic prefilter and the scrubbing pad hardly did anything, it still worked but hardly, took forever to get water, always carry a bandanna or coffee filter incase you need to wrap the strainer

I hear you on the clogging of the ceramic filter... I normally just use the "faster flow" setting which bypasses the ceramic filter... you will replace the fiber filter sooner, but sure saves the pumping... Also when the ceramic filter becomes clogged, there is usually a layer of "crud" on the pass through side of the ceramic, I will scrape this off with a knife and back flush in the stream or in the dish washer at home... yeah you might reduce the life by scrapping a little of the ceramic off, but you will save the frustration later!


Does anyone know of a good way to clean...

Does anyone know of a good way to clean the ceramic filter in the Vario filter? The scotchbrite pad is not doing an adequate job, and I hate to have to keep replacing if it can be effectively cleaned. Thanks

Hey Randy, what are you trying to clean off that won't come off with the green scratch pad? you can try steel wool while back flushing under the sink...or remove the o-ring and top shelf wash in the dish washer...