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Katadyn TRK Drip Filter + Ceradyn Element


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The perfect addition to any home or cabin where water is questionable.

The Katadyn TRK Drip Filter will treat more water than any filter we know of (before cartridges need to be replaced). The TRK drip water filter is a gravity feed filter which requires no pumping, hookup, or electricity. Fill the upper compartment with up to 2.5 gallons of untreated water, and it literally drips through the 0.2 micron ceramic filter elements into the bottom compartment. Simply set it on a counter in the corner and keep it filled. The Katadyn Drip water filter is the way to go for cabins, base camps, recreation sites, boats or RV's. The Katadyn TRK Drip filter comes with three ceramic filter elements (it uses all 3) which will treat up to an incredible 40,000 gallons of water.
  • BPA free plastic and cleanable filters
  • 3 ceramic filters
  • treat up to 40,000 gallons of water
  • Item #EXT0003

Cartridge Life
40000 gal
4 L/hour
Field Cleanable
11 18 in
Claimed Weight
7.4 lb
Recommended Use
cabins, basecamps, boats, RVs
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Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Katadyn table top filter in Mexico jungle

After growing up in southern Mexico with awful tasting boiled water the Katadyn table top filter is a bit of heaven. For our family of 7 and company we are never short on great tasting water. The water we use as a source comes from an open stream and has everything under the sun that will kill you. Many of our neighbors have died of dysentary, amoeba, typhoid and you name it. We use the filter for over ten years, way beyond the recommended 40,000 gallons. I'm now purchasing a third unit for friends. Eduardo

>Rating: 2

Not thrilled

I bought this for use in a ski hut and have been fairly disappointed. My main complaint is that it takes roughly four hours + to filter through about 2 gallons of snowmelt water. For ski cabin use, this means you have to first melt the water (two hours?) and then run it through the filter, so you are looking at 6 hours before you get clean water, with no real way to speed it up, like a pump. The second issue is that it doesn't travel very well. The filters are quite dense and heavy compared to the nipple where they attach to the container. In the process of carrying it, one of the filters cracked off right at the base, and this was when it was being carried in a backpack. Transporting it in an off road vehicle or anything bouncy/rough means that you probably should disassemble the filters (pain in the ass) each time, or somehow pad them. To use the bottom spigot, it means the entire filter system has to be up off the ground. I have mine on the floor, so I would have liked to see a plug for this, just as they added in a plug in case one of your filters broke (lucky for me...). Yes, I may be using it for the wrong application, but I probably would have been better off with a manual pumping unit.

>Rating: 5

Additional Information

the outer is just plastic. filters are ceramic. Ceramic filters have a micro porous structure with impregnated silver which delays the growth of bacteria. The pore-size of Katadyn ceramic filters is 0.2 micron (0.0002 mm). Bacteria range in size from 0.2 to 5 micron and, like protozoa (1 to 15 micron), are efficiently filtered out.

>Rating: 5


Have been using this system for years in our boundary waters cabin in Minnesota. Probs gone thu 9 filters in 10 years. Always bring the filters home if there is a chance of freezing. Carry them in a small padded suitcase. Toss them on the snowmobile or in the canoe.Cant imagine life without this setup. Soooo easy.

>Rating: 4

What will it filter?

A similar cartridge that only filters to .5 microns instead of the .2 this one does lists the following: >99% Arsenic 5 and 99% Arsenic 3 (special order) >99% Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) >95% Chlorine and Chloramines >99% Taste >99% Odor >98% Aluminum >96% Iron >98% Lead >90% Pesticides >85% Herbicides >85% Insecticides >90% Rodenticides >85% Phenols >85% MTBE >85% Perchlorate >80% Trihalomethanes >95% Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons >99.999% of particles larger than 0.5 micron (Staffordshire University Labs) (includes Anthrax) >99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 micron (Staffordshire University Labs) >98% of particles larger than 0.2 micron (Staffordshire University Labs) >100% Giardia Lamblia >100% Cyclospora >100% removal of live Cryptosporidium (WRc Standard) >100% removal of Cryptosporidium (NSF Standard 53 – A.C. fine dust – 4 log challenge) >100% removal of E. Coli, Vibrio Cholerae (Johns Hopkins University) >99.999% removal of Salmonella Typhil, Shigella Dysenteria, Kiebsiella Terrigena (Hyder Labs)

>Rating: 5

Water's beyond price when there's none to be had

An invaluable item to put away for emergency preparedness. This unit will handle virtually any water you put into it, aside from chemically contaminated. Gravity drip (no power or pumping), silver/ceramic 0.2 micron filters catch all harmful bacteria, cryptosproidium and giardia, passing essential minerals. If municipal water is unavailable, your well is without power and/or damaged, you could bucket from a stream, lake or puddle and have water fit to drink. Even in flooding events, there may be no drinkable water available. The ability to field maintain the filters on this unit is key, your PUR or Brita etc. disposable filters will clog & fail rapidly with even moderately turgid water.

>Rating: 5

Katadyn drip filter TRK

We have been using this filter with only 2 elements for 4 of us on our yearly fly-in to Canada for at least 15 years. I am finally going to change the filters since they have slowed down some but even this year there was still ample water. The water tastes good but this water might taste good even with the parasites.

>Rating: 5

Excellent filter

I have used portable filters in the past for camping. I bought the drip filter for my home as we are on a spring system that is old. The filter gives us confidence we won't get stray bacteria or parasites in our drinking water. The drip filter is very easy to set up and very easy to use. The only moving part is the spigot. My only question is the life of the filters. The specs say each filter is good for 30,000 gallons of water, but another note says the filters are only good for 3 years. That would equal 27 gallons per day. Why would the filters have a life of only 3 years?


I read various posts concerning this filter...

I read various posts concerning this filter in regarding to swimming pool water, it will kill bacteria if chlorine doesn't beforehand .... new question - Is it harmful to drink chlorine water? Be nice to me in reply - OK? Kevin McOmber - Arizona surviver.

Hey Kevin. The safe levels to drink chlorinated water is anything under 4 parts per million while any well maintained pool can be upwards of 5 parts per million. When exposed to UV light the chlorine levels will deteriorate quickly and will also last longer when covered. So keep that in mind when the world ends and we resort to living like animals again.


To whom it may concern: Defiantly us!...

To whom it may concern: Defiantly us! Heh, heh ! Can this filter be used to filter treated swimming pool for emergencies?

Don't drink pool water. But if you absolutely must, attached is a bulletin that may be of use to you:


I just got this and in the process of...

I just got this and in the process of running the first gallon of water through it (as recommended by the owner's manual) and am dismayed at how slowly it filters water. It is currently taking about four hours to filter less than a gallon. Does it get faster? I'm running regular tap water through it, not sludge. ??? At this rate it is unusable.

Ceramic drip filters are always slow, but get everything. They tend to be best for base areas, in my experience.

So, would the other filters be faster? I'm using it to filter snowmelt water, which isn't too bad to begin with. I'm currently getting about a gallon every two hours, with the first gallon going much faster than the second.


I live in Scottsdale, AZ and am not to far...

I live in Scottsdale, AZ and am not to far from the CAP canal. If the poop hits the fan (as I expect it to) will this adequately filter canal water? This currently is cleaned and filtered by the local municipal governments, but should the power fail for an extended period of time,should I consider stocking up on any other items such as chlorine type disenfectants? Just trying to look ahead (especially after Japan this weekend. Thanks

This should do it. Also pick up some filters like the ones painters use over 5gal buckets to filter out particulates and crud so your filter cartridges don't clog. Just get some straight household bleach as backup, and remember, you can never have enough ammo or clips.


Does anyone know if this Filter will filter...

Does anyone know if this Filter will filter Soapy Water? Thanks!!


What about e coli? Will it filter them...

What about e coli? Will it filter them nasty bugs?

"E Coli bacteria range in size from 0.2-2 microns in width or diameter." The Ceradyn element filters down to 0.2 microns. You'd be right on the line with this filter & considering you're dealing with e coli, I'd also chemically treat the water before or after filtering.

Write your answer here...There is no unit of measurement called a "micron." The unit is "micrometer", one one-millionth of a meter.


will be spending 4-6 months at a time in...

will be spending 4-6 months at a time in Baja, Mexico, The drinking water comes from Wells which is not potable, all drinking water is purified/filtered. Will your product work on water with unsafe nitrate levels????

Nope, won't filter chemicals like that.


Can it filter pool water?

Can it filter pool water?

It'll filter the bacteria out of any water, but the chlorine in pool water kills them already. The chlorine will not be filtered by this.


Can it filter pool water?

Can it filter pool water?

It'll filter the bacteria out of any water, but the chlorine in pool water kills them already. The chlorine will not be filtered by this.


How about pond wate?.

How about pond wate?.

ewww, filter and chemical treatment.------------As specifically mentioned in the description, this will make clean, germ-free, drinkable water from whatever you put in it, even pond water, but the nastier the water is, the faster it'll clog the filters.


How long does it take to filter the 2.5...

How long does it take to filter the 2.5 gallons of water?

Approximately one hour & forty-five minutes.