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Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter



Why We Like The Pocket Water Microfilter

For over fifty years, the rugged, metal Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter has proved its ability to provide military personnel, emergency crews, and outdoors enthusiasts the gift of clean water. While backpacking through a large patch of wilderness, we rely on the Pocket's silver-impregnated ceramic filter to remove all the germs and microbes from the streams and rivers along the journey.

  • A portable filter for converting streams into drinking water
  • Filters all sediment, particles, and microorganisms
  • Swiss-made housing withstands the abuse of expeditions and travel
  • Silver-impregnated ceramic filter can clean up to 50,000 liters
  • Prefilter removes sediment, included hose can fill from any source
  • Included bottle clip secures the output hose to most bottles
  • Carry bag keeps the whole system clean and organized in your pack
  • Measuring gauge tells you when to change ceramic filter
  • Item #EXT0071

Purifying Element
(carbon cartridge bottle adapter SOLD SEPARATELY) activated carbon
giardia, sediments, algae, cryptosporidia, particles, protazoa
ceramic (silver-impregnated)
Pore Size
Cartridge Life
[height] 2.4 x 10 in
Claimed Weight
1lb 4oz
Manufacturer Warranty
20 years

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Worth the price

I've used it several times

Recently purchased the Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter. This filter is excellent quality and works as advertised. It is definitely more expensive than I preferred but well worth the price! I am glad I invested in a filter that will last.

>Rating: 5

Nice filtering unit

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
True to size
Size Bought
Pocket water filter
6` 2"
220 lbs

This is a really nice and well built filter. I am impressed with the quality and for the amount of filtration it does, it is hard to beat for the price. Warranty is very good and if you purchase a second filter unit it should last a good 10 years or more! I think with a second filter it would be filtering 62,000 liters! Or 17,000 gallon. Each filter filtering 32,000 liters or right at 8,500 gallons of water is quite impressive. Great product quality and price. The unit really speaks for itself!

>Rating: 5

Perfectly reliable

I've put it through the wringer

My father got me a pocket filter when I graduated high school. That was 1989, and my PF continues to perform flawlessly. It's easy to service. It can clean the dirtiest of water - although you'll need to clean it or at least rinse it after every use with really muddy water. With clear water you won't need to clean it for days/gallons of water. In short this is a nearly perfect filter. Heavy? Yes. Heavier than most. But it never fails. It's been almost thirty years of frequent use and the filter is still in good shape. I'm willing to carry a few extra ounces to know I will always have safe water.

>Rating: 5


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I've taken it on two trips and this thing is amazing. Two of us filled a portable 5 gallon container in 15 minutes which was about 25 minutes quicker than my old MSR. It is heavy but it is a tank. 15,000 gallons? Awesome just pack it well and be careful when draining it not to drop the ceramic filter, I almost did.

>Rating: 5

Great filter

I've used it several times

I am pretty sure this is the best filter on the market at the moment, and the lowest price I have seen on the web. I have heard people complain about the weight, but I have no problem fitting it or dealing with the extra pound.


Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter Video

Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter

>Rating: 5

Excellent Water Filter!

I've put it through the wringer

I bought my first Katadyn Water Pocket Microfilter a lot of years ago. Lost it in a move and have tried others since, but I did not like the durability of these other products. Since then I've purchased a second Katadyn Microfilter. The following are some simple solutions to common problems with portable water filters. Find out the sediment loads of the water sources (lakes, streams or rivers) online that you'll be using. For example the Snake and San Juan rivers, and mountain rivers in general have a lot of sediment, which tends to clog water filters. Also know the distances between water sources and the time it will take you to walk from one to the next. Keep some water in reserve until you know the water will be there. In the Sierra and canyonlands water sources can disappear or be murky in summer. To avoid the problem of clogging use a paper coffee filter over the prefilter and secure it in place with a rubber band. Don't just use a t-shirt. Keep the pre-filter just below the water surface when pumping, not in the mud at the bottom. Before night, fill a water reservoir (like a see-thru Platy foldable bag) and let the water rest until morning. A great deal of the silt and other particulate will sink to the bottom and you'll be able to filter the water much more easily. (Platy bags are nice because you can see how far down to lower the pre-filter on the intake hose.) Overall, the Katadyn Water Pocket Microfilter is more durable and more easily field serviceable than nearly any other. It will provide you with years of clean potable water! It is an excellent purchase, albeit a little heavy. As a matter of precaution I also bring Katadyn MP1 tabs to use as a backup or to add to my filtered water when the water source is not flowing or flowing as fast as I would like, and it looks iffy. The MP1 tablets eliminate the potential problem of viruses. Steep crags and blue skies forever! Cheers!


Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Demonstration

>Rating: 5

High Quality!!!

After doing some research, I decided to go with the Katadyn Pocket filter to carry on bike tours. This is an amazing high quality filter. Easy to use, easy instructions, it is worth spending the money and will last a very...very..long time. The filter is good up to 13,000 gallons. I didn't want to take any chances with my family or I getting ill from not selecting the right water filter and I am definitely glad I selected this filter. You won't be disappointed. Also was super easy to work with and they stand behind the products they sell. Thanks!!!!

>Rating: 5

Will last a generation or more

Plastic is not in this filters vocab neither is shoddy craftsmanship. Katadyne has filtration on lock down with this filter, 13,000 gallons of filter life that should get you 20 years or more if you use it wisely. Last thing you need is some cheap piece of junk breaking on you in the middle of nowhere buy piece of mind buy clean water. Its in a class of its own. I got a little MacGuver in me so I put an MSR pre filter and a charcoal filter on mine might as well be Aquafina.

I've estimated mine will last me 130 years at 100 gallons a year:)

>Rating: 5

The Tank.

This thing is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is bomb proof and lasts forever. I have never had a bad experience with water that I have filtered from this. The ceramic filter cleans VERY easily (literally just twist the top off, slide it out, and wipe it off). Add to the construction a lifetime warranty and you've got yourself a filter you just can't pass up. I won't ever buy another one because I wont have to. Great product.


Is this water filter the new black version...

Is this water filter the new black version or the older blue version? The new version has some upgrades.

This is Fall/Winter 2013 inventory so it is the newest version of this filter that Katadyn currently makes.


In the description the carbon cartridge...

In the description the carbon cartridge bottle adapter is sold separately. Does that mean I have to buy the filtering element after I buy the filter, so this thing really costs around 500 to get it working?

well real quick the carbon filter is seperate its mainly for taste you get the regular filtering element one free with the unit when you buy its saying on top of tht you can buy a carbon cartridge bottle adapter for taste ...... and further more when you buy and pay the 369.95 its complete and ready to use and trust me your buying a piece of amazing equipment tht you wont regret the filter last almost forever you add up the price you will spend in replacement filters on any other unit im sure itll come over the price of this unit this filter is the best and i dont see anyone making a filter tht comes close to this anytime soon even if it 500 id still buy this unit at least a month a year im out in backcountry had the same filter for 5 years now complete outta the box havent done anything or paid anymore then the price tht was listed and its still going strong so i highly highly recommend this

The carbon filter is simply a piece of plastic that holds the loose carbon particles and will fit inside of a nalgene style bottle. It costs something like 20-30 bucks. All it does is it simply takes out any further taste or chemicals left over in the water after its been filtered. You won't need to replace the actual filter element (that comes with it) for probably like 10-20-30 years depending on how much you use it.