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Jetboil 1.5 Liter FluxRing Cooking Pot

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1.5 Liter FluxRing Cooking Pot

You don't have to look like a greedy jerk while you're cooking a savory meal, and your camp buddies are trying to survive off of granola bars and mystery gel. The Jetboil 1.5 Liter Cooking Pot gives you enough space to cook for multiple campers, so you can share a tasty treat. The FluxRing integrates with your Jetboil stove to keep everything stable, plus you can use the lid as a plate so you don't have to lug your fine china with you into the backcountry.
  • Cooking pot constructed for backpacking in small groups
  • Wide-open aluminum assures easy simmering after solid cooking
  • Neoprene sleeve insulates to help keep food fresh and warm
  • Plastic base cover works as a serving plate or bowl
  • Compatible with JetBoil's Zip, Flash, Flash Java, MightyMo, MicroMo, MiniMo, and SUMO
  • Item #JET0015

aluminum, neoprene
1.5 L
pot, lid, storage sack
7 x 4.5 in
Claimed Weight
12 oz
Recommended Use
camping, backpacking
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Awesome Pot

I "borrowed" this pot from my brother and he may never see it again. The initial intention was to simply expand my camping/hiking menu to include actual food rather than constantly relying on freeze dried. The pot is lightweight and even though it is a bit bulky it can fit everything that I need to cook, eat, and clean (pot stabilizer, spork, JetBoil utensil set, soap, scrubbing pad) up within. I have only used it once or twice for myself because I don't get out on solo treks as often as I like. I have used it for my family of 5 a few times. What has been amazing is that this one small pot can cook meals for my whole scout troop, including 15 scouts and 4 leaders. I've used it on campouts when the propane for the CampChef ran out and was able to make spaghetti and meat sauce for everyone just fine. I have also used it for the troop on camp outs when it was the only planned stove for everyone and it did outstanding. The lid and bottom do well as a bowl and plate and everything cleans easily with water and a spatula or I occasionally use a green scrubber. I once let a scout use it to cook and he burnt beans to the bottom but the char easily scraped out with minimal effort. I have never had a problem with anything burning, food, neoprene cover, lid, or utensils even though inexperienced cooks have. With the intensity of the flux ring system and its ability to retain and amplify heat into the pot I only turn the burner to full power when I'm boiling water. If I'm making gravy, quinoa pizza, no-bake cookies, or something else the flame is turned very low.

>Rating: 4

make sure to buy the pot adapter!!

Pro: light, durable Con: you MUST put the pot adapter or the whole thing could caught fire... trust me...

>Rating: 4

Does the job so far

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

When I tried to use an older cooking pot with my jetboil, it pretty much burned a hole in the center and burned everything in the pot. I decided to give this a try as it would give me more capacity to boil water and heat up some food. So far, I have only used it to boil morning water for my backpacking meals. It didn't boil anywhere near as fast as the normal jetboil cup with the smaller flux ring surface, but it did the job! The biggest perk was no red dot in the middle as it heated up. This made me much more confident in my cooking. I made sure to take all the covers off of it so nothing melted thus far. I will check back if I attempt to cook some actual food in it. Other observations: the weight is comparable/maybe lighter than other pots I have used. The neoprene sleeve allows it to be handled without scorching your hands(still hot though). The handles are also minimal in size, but strong so far.

>Rating: 3

Pairs well with Whisperlite

I've put it through the wringer

The thing I like about this pot is that it pairs exceptionally well with the MSR WhisperLite International. The flex rings fit perfectly around that stove's base and grip on, making a solid cooking platform that won't slide or blow off. The thing I dislike about this pot is the lid. It is a struggle to latch it on, and the plastic melts onto the pot if you cover it while using it as a frying pan. The Neoprene sleeve also melts onto the pot if you do this. In other words, you can't fry anything in this pot unless you take off the neoprene and don't use use the plastic cover.


Cook a bunch of eggs or something

Who backpacks eggs into the desert?

>Rating: 5

Perfect companion for my Jetboil System

I've put it through the wringer

This pot fits perfectly with the Jetboil Sumo cooking system that I have. Allows me to use a larger pot to cook but retain the efficiency of the jetboil.


Jetboil 1.5 Liter Cooking Pot


Don't forget the pot has a base 'lid'...

OK. One night (or should I say "morning") after having worked 14 straight 18 hour days, i got home at 3ish AM and decided that NOW would be a good time to race my JetBoil Sol Ti against my Optimus Vega, in my kitchen, to .5L boiled and measure fuel consumption in grams. (Yes. I know you're not supposed to use isobutane stoves indoors...) This, however, like many decisions made at 3am on a gargantuan historical sleep deficit, turned out to be...not the the best I've made. I forgot the JetBoil Fluxring pot (what i chose to pair with my Optimus Vega) has a base and, well... Fire melts stuff. Especially Dacron/high-density polyethylene terephthalate. I had a quiet little chuckle when I went back to JetBoil's site for a replacement and noticed they have a page dedicated to the "GCS 1.5L POT BOTTOM COVER | C20010" Guess I'm not the only one... That said. This pot is awesome. BOTH lids (top and bottom) fit very tightly and have yet to come off of their own accord inside my pack. The fluxring contraption MIGHT decrease boil times, but it definitely does seat nicely into the arms of the Optimus Vega and increases stability. It's just the right size for that unintended purpose. (that stove, a 230g JetBoil isobutane canister, the windscreen, a reflector base, and an MSR piezo ignitor fit snuggly inside this pot, which rules beyond quantification...) The little handles are nice and they retract down and lay flat against the pot, and STAY there due to some leveraging friction in the mechanism that attaches them to the pot. All that adds up to a nice, solid package that doesn't get all cattywompus in your pack or while you're handling it. Also, a good way to get melted plastic out of the burner jet of a stove is to...BURN it out. But, I do not recommend trying this and waive all responsibility if you do... For photos of the pot on my Vega, check out my vega review.


So you used this with the SOL Ti?

Nope. With the Optimus Vega. I suppose you could use it just fine with the SolTi if you used the little retracting arms contraption that comes with the Sol for the purpose of use that stove with a pan/pot. Never tried that.


Cooking Pot How To

>Rating: 3

Great for instant noodle and more

I've put it through the wringer

I have to admit that it boils water so fast that you don't have time to cut the onions or other stuff for your instant noodles. I have been using it for years for camping and backpacking. My only complain is that if you leave the lid at the top while cooking, it will get out of shade after many use and very difficult to close the cooking pot. The cooking pot itself can be use to carry 2 extra JetBoil canisters.


Cooking dinner in Yosemite

>Rating: 5

Favorite pot!

This is a great system for multiple hikers. You can boil 1.5 liters within a couple minutes, which can be used for freeze dried food, coffee, tea, and so much more. This system is light, easy to clean, and very compact. I was a little worried about the stability, but so far I have not had a problem. If you are cooking food from scratch, then you need to use oil and keep watch. This pot heats up fast. Overall, I have really been impressed with my system and can't think of a single negative comment.

>Rating: 5

Great Pot!!

I've used it several times

1. Boil water fast 2. Easy to clean 3. Light. 4. Keep the food warm (Because of insulation sleeve) Isn't it enough ? =)

>Rating: 5

Good System

I've used it several times

This is a great system for boiling water. Especially for that quick cup of coffee in the morning to get you going. Does a good job at reheating food as well. Not great at cooking food start to finish though, the temperature is just too hot. Very stable for how big the pot is. Good for 1-2 people/meals at a time.

>Rating: 5

Just what trail ordered

Cooking for three was never made simpler

>Rating: 4

Good addition!

I used to fly solo, but with my girlfriend now wanting to come with me, the ability to cook more is nice!


Jet Boil in the High Sierras

my new 1.5L pot in action. picked up the pot for my PCS kit and it worked great. Still boils water in a snap and cooks for 3 like a charm

>Rating: 4

Review Title

I only use it for boiling water, and for that purpose its the best one Ive tried so far. I have several days out in the mountains every winter in just a tent and beeing one of the lightest and fastest boiling pots I always make sure its in my backpack when I go out. It probably works just fine for regular cooking also, like the other reviews mention. Great pot.


Popcorn anyone?

Little late night snack in the snow shelter


that's actually carmel corn and the pot cleaned up easy. I was worried

Very nice what are you cooking it on?

>Rating: 5

Great Addition to the Cup and PCS

I have cooked everything in this. fish, burritos, popcorn, frozen pizza, many a freeze dried meal, and countless other meals all with success. Very light and the surface is easy to clean and pretty non-stick even for eggs. I use it with the Jetboil PCS and the support/stability kit. I use it as both a pot for liquid and prefer it over the fry pan for most frying because of the taller sides.


Could I use this with MSR DragonFly gas...

Could I use this with MSR DragonFly gas stove? I am afraid the outer cover miy melt.

Hey Ted, It's going to be better with a Jetboil specific stove performance-wise. The Dragonfly has a higher BTU rating, but it will work. You're right about the possibility of the cozy melting, but I've also heard stories of there being some problems with the brazing on the flux ring when used on higher output stoves. A little heavier, but a solution to think about is the MSR heat exchanger. It will work with a lot of different pots from a lot of different manufacturers. Primus also makes some pots with a built-in heat exchanger that work well universally with a wide variety of stoves. Hope this helped you out.

Phil Thank you for your comments. I will consider to buy MSR exchanger. I need a white gas stove when I hike over 10,000f. Ted


can you use this over the fire?

can you use this over the fire?

Not recommended as its heat exchanger is really built to take advantage of the Jet boil burner rather than the uneven nature of a fire. Additionally if you were to leave the neoprene insulator on that would likely catch fire and melt as would the rubber grips on the handle unless you took great care to keep those out of the flames. Short answer; not recommended.

Arthur is absolutely right. For cooking over an open fire most of the time, a similar sized pot that I would recommend is: It's inexpensive, you don't have to worry about trashing it, and it works.

Since the purpose of the flux ring is to help conduct the heat more efficiently around the perimeter of the pot, it should actually work BETTER over a fire than other pots without the flux ring. The down side would be the carbon buildup on the intricate folds of the flux ring that might eventually reduce its efficiency. If you don't mind cleaning the ring, go for it.


Can I use this Jet Boil pot on my Rocket...

Can I use this Jet Boil pot on my Rocket Pocket stove?

Yes, you can, but it won't have the nice fit and smooth functionality it would if you used it with a jetboil stove. You'll probably be better off just getting a regular, lightweight, titanium pot - makes a great, inexpensive one. MSR also makes a heat exchanger that you can add onto a pot retroactively to get many of the benefits that you can with a jetboil.

Diana, everything I have read says that the Jetboil cookware is best used with their stove, to best maintain the compatibility between the flame size and output and the heat exchanger on the cookware. How much of that is designed to sell more of their stoves, I do not know. It seems as if it would be safe to do if properly monitored.

The Pocket Rocket has a little more heat output than the JetBoil GCS and a lot more than the PCS, but it's just an aluminum pot. Just keep an eye on the cozy. You'll lose some of the efficiency, and use a little more fuel than you would with an all JetBoil system, but you will get the benefit of the heat exchanger that other pots without it don't have. A comparable pot would be something like the Primus etapower 1.7L, in case you're examining your options.


Will my titanium spork scratch the aluminum...

Will my titanium spork scratch the aluminum on this?

So the jetboil is anodized Aluminum and does not have a coating. Very hard to scratch.. same material that is used on Mountain bikes. If it does scratch your not going to get teflon chunkies in you meal.

The answer is yes. It may not scratch as easily as regular Teflon, but a titanium utensil will still scratch it if you scrape too hard. When it is scratched it will no longer have it's non-stick effect where it is scratched. Once you have even a small spot where the non-stick isn't working, cooking and dishes become much more difficult than they need to be. You can get away with using a metal utensil if you are careful while stirring and scraping up those last bites, but I would personally go with a plastic folding spork like the one sold by MSR. They're light, durable, inexpensive, and it is nice to not have to worry about messing up your pot.


The plastic lid on my pot does not fit...

The plastic lid on my pot does not fit well. Packing up the pot and lid in the morning when I break camp has become a real struggle in terms of getting the lid back on. And the fit is tight enough that when I boil water, I end up having to place the lid on my pot upside down. Is this normal? Is anyone else having this problem?

Sometimes plastic does strange things when heated and cooled, and your problem is pretty common with the GCS pot. It should be reversible- Boil some water, turn off the stove and dump the water out, try to get the lid snapped on, let it cool in place. That should reform it to the proper size. If not, call or email Jetboil and explain the situation. They'll either replace it as a warranty issue, or sell you a new one. Contact- or 603-518-1600.


Has anyone else had problems with the...

Has anyone else had problems with the plastic lid warping? its not just me? It seems to shrink after cooling off from the heat. Then you get to play the "Who can get the lid on" game? I propose that Jetboil use a different material. its not just me? It seems to shrink after cooling off from the heat. Then you get to play the "Who can get the lid on" game? I propose that Jetboil use a different material.


Does this come with the stability kit?

Does this come with the stability kit?

No, only the pot and it's lids/ koozie. Stability kit is available at:


I am wondering if anyone has used this pot...

I am wondering if anyone has used this pot over a regular fire and if it worked as well as a standard pot for that use. I have a PCS system, but I am looking for variability. I don't want to buy this if it can't be used over a fire. Is the flux ring on the bottom durable enough to use over regular flame?

Yes it can , but you will definately need to take the neoprene cozy off of the pot ( it will melt if flames get to it) the flux ring is durable enough for sure.

yuppers, makes great popcorn!


Will this work with an alcohol stove, like...

Will this work with an alcohol stove, like the White Box stove?