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Ibis S35 29in I9 Carbon Boost Wheelset


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  • Black, 15x110/12x148, MicroSpline

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S35 29in I9 Carbon Boost Wheelset

Ibis is no stranger to carbon fiber, and we've seen the brand's prowess shine across both frames and wheels for years, but with the progressive nature of its engineers, it seems striving to improve is never forgotten. And it's easy to see that drive propelling forward with Ibis' all new S35 29in I9 Carbon Boost Wheelset that collaborates with the wheel legends at Stan's No Tubes to reduce beadwall heights in order to elevate strength, and pack in BST technology to match the shape of your tire's bead for a safer, more secure interface. They are built for all-mountain and enduro sleds alike, with a lofty 35mm inner diameter ideal for accommodating beefy tires that range from 2.35in to 2.8in, so you can drop the pressure, and load up on traction. All of this, paired with Toughened Hybrid Carbon layup and Industry Nine's new ultra-quick actuating Hydra hubs make these hoops eager to tackle fast miles of trail with unwavering power and stiffness.

To start the rims out, Ibis refined its carbon layup to elevate strength beyond wheels the brand has built in the past. To do this, a combination of resin materials were used in the carbon to get the right balance of feel and strength. Part of that secret formula packs in Toughened Resin that is used in the beadwall, allowing the beadwalls to flex a bit and handle impacts thanks to its stiffer properties that hold shape through the rubble. The toughened carbon fiber is paired with asymmetric technology that offsets the wheel's spoke holes in order to improve the bracing angle of the spokes, and with the huge 35-millimeter internals you'll notice that the offset is more drastic than you may have spotted before in narrower rims. This large offset enables each side of the wheel to be tensioned to nearly identical tolerances, resulting in a wheel that's not only stiffer, but also more durable when the rubber hits the dirt.

One of the many things we appreciate about Ibis Cycles is the brands ability to recognize where other brands excel in the industry, and rather than fighting to mimic products with their own tweaks, Ibis opts to team up with Stan's to build on each others' expertise to craft a better wheelset. With beadwalls on wheels seeing a lot of pressure, whether from the bead of a tire, or a rock on the outside, Ibis knew that its wheels needed to get a boost in strength, and that Stan's held years of trade secrets to help achieve that strength. And so the collaboration was born, bringing BST technology to reduce beadwall heights and optimize tire fit, and elevate strength so the rims are less likely to bend and break under pressure of the ride.

The Hydra hubs laced up to this wheelset build on Industry Nine's previous drive system, which is pretty easy to spot if you take a peek at the internals. You'll spot a similar pawl layout that we've seen before in the Torch, and the same pristine CNC machining coming straight from Asheville, North Carolina. Like the old Torch hub, the Hydra features a 6 pawl design, but the drive ring amps things up to a 115-tooth drive ring, as opposed to the 60-tooth used in the Torch, crating a whopping 690 points of engagement, blowing the 120 points of engagement of the Torch out of the water. These 690 points of contact translate directly to the snappiest hubs we've ever seen, with only 0.52-degrees of engagement, propelling you forward just about the instant you put any power down. Furthermore, the engineers opted to keep things simple for those of us who tinker on our bikes at home, making the hub fully serviceable without any proprietary tools.

  • Ibis partners with Stans to give its wheels a boost in strength
  • Shorter BST beadwalls are stronger, and optimize tire fit
  • Asymmetric drilling elevates stiffness and improves bracing angle
  • Toughened Hybrid carbon uses ultra-tough resins to resist impact
  • Lofty 35-millimter internals accommodates 2.35 - 2.8 inch tires
  • I9 Hydra hub offers 690 POE and 0.52-degrees of engagement
  • Direct-thread straight-pull Sapim CX spokes lace up for stiff power
  • Item #IBSB04R

Rim Material
Toughened Hybrid Carbon
Wheel Size
Tire Type
tubeless-ready clincher
Rim Width
[inner] 35mm, [outer] 41mm
Brake Compatibility
centerlock disc
Industry Nine Hydra
Front Axle
15 x 110mm Boost
Rear Axle
12 x 148mm Boost
Sapim CX-Ray
Spoke Count
Recommended Use
enduro, trail
Manufacturer Warranty
[rims] 7 years, [hubs] limited lifetime

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