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HED Ardennes Plus LT Road Wheelset - Clincher


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  • Black, 18/24 Spoke, Shimano/SRAM
  • Black, 18/24 Spoke, Campagnolo

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Ardennes Plus LT Road Wheelset

The Ardennes Classics. Depending on your point of view, they’re either the tail end of the best part of race season, or the very beginning of the interesting stuff. They favor the climbers, but also a strong all-rounder, but most of all they favor the rider who can go hard all day long. The HED Ardennes Plus LT Wheelset follows in the path of its namesake: it’s lightweight, yet extremely strong, and is designed to conserve energy for long days in the wind.

The Plus designation on this particular wheelset is due to the rims’ width; at 25mm, they’re definitely at the wider end of normal for road rims, and are best used with 23-25mm or wider tires. This width offers a couple benefits: one, the width spreads the tire more, which, all other things being equal, increases the contact patch and therefore the available traction. Two, air flows more smoothly over a rim/tire combo that’s closely matched in width. There’s less to run into or overcome, which makes the wheels faster, even at a relatively shallow depth.

On top of these benefits, the Plus LT is tubeless-compatible. There aren’t a ton of road tubeless tires out there yet, but there are a few, and it’s certainly going to be part of the future, so we’re glad to see HED looking always forward, like usual.

  • Wide, aerodynamically-efficient rim
  • Tubeless-compatible
  • 18/24 spoke count
  • 25mm rim width and depth
  • Item #HED0073

Rim Material
Wheel Size
700 c
Tire Type
Rim Depth
24.5 mm
Rim Width
25 mm
Brake Compatibility
HED FR Sonic
black bladed
Spoke Count
18 / 24
Wheel Bag Included
Claimed Weight
[front wheel] 677 g, [rear wheel] 887 g, [complete set] 1564 g
Recommended Use
road cycling
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 2

Good Training Wheel

I've used it several times

Update: I'm in the middle of changing tires on these wheels for the third time and had to stop come inside and update my review. Changing tires on these wheels suck! I wouldn't buy them again and wouldn't recommend them to anybody else. I've been riding the wheels 4 times per week for a couple months now. and they perform well. They are still round and true so no issues there. I bought them because I had a pair of the original Ardennes and loved them, and I thought these would be a good all around wheel, especially for longer training rides where the extra comfort would be an asset. the extra width does add comfort, and the bike seems to corner and descend better with them. I definitely feel more stable on high speed 40+ mph descents. So why not a higher rating? Well two things stick out with me. First mounting and changing tires takes a huge effort I have broke two tire levers in the process. and Second and more important to me is they feel sluggish when spinning up or accelerating. When you want to stand and jump on it they don't exactly respond so I don't feel they will be a good critic wheel, and they aren't a good climbing wheel, and they aren't an aero wheel so I won't be using them during any races. I do look forward to logging training miles on them.

Craig..I originally thought the same about Hed wheels too with tire changing. I went to YouTube and watched the video with the Hed mechanic about changing tires on their tubeless ready wheels like the Ardennes or Jet wheels. I realized the big mistake I was making...the key to these is making sure the tire from both sides stays inside the tubeless groove down the center at all times when popping the tire on. I couldn't believe it!! I went back..and the tire was on in less than 2 mins. And, now I've been able to do easy just by using that method. I'm just trying to give you a heads up that the tire change is actually pretty easy using Heds method...and hopefully that will let you enjoy the wheels more! Good luck man!

On the flip side I actually like the fact these tires are tight on these rims for that extra bit of insurance that the tire stays on the rim when flatting ....

>Rating: 5

Love these Wheels

I've used it several times

These are stiff, light, fast, super comfortable wheels. There is much written about their width and its effect on tire performance and bike handling--in my experience it's all true. I weigh 145 and run these at 70 psi with 25 mm GP 4000s. At that setup I'm a bit faster than I was at 95 psi on narrower rims, and the ride is definitely gentler. If anything, 70 psi may be a bit too much. The wider tire profile coupled with the wheels' stiffness also boosts cornering grip, a lot. Throw the bike into a curve and you just get solid response and a smooth transition in and out. I haven't found an uncomfortable depth for a turn on these wheels. I only have about 400 miles on them now, but they've stayed true through several mishaps with crappy pavement, steel plates, bridge seams, etc. The hubs seem to still be breaking in and rolling faster and smoother, but maybe that's just my imagination. I had no issues with packaging or setting them up. HED's Youtube videos on the wheels are useful, particularly as to appropriate pressure. I haven't tried tubeless tires on them yet. I did have to replace the brake cables (with slightly longer cables) to let the brakes accommodate the wider rims. I also notice a little thump, thump at a certain braking pressure, which I think is diminishing as the braking surface gets broken in. Tommy at CC was a great help in selecting these.

>Rating: 4

Solid Wheels for the Price

I've put it through the wringer

Wheels have been spiraling out of control. It is now entirely possible, and likely probable, to spend more money on a nice set of wheels than the frame they will be mounted. This may have some validity as wheels are the best upgrade you can do, but the prices are getting ridiculous. Enter the HED Ardennes Plus. No they are not carbon. No they are not feather light. They are, however, a solid set of wheels you will be more than happy to train on, and perhaps race. The wide, hence the plus, profile of the wheel makes a 23mm tire ride like a 25mm, while a 25mm feels, as one of my riding buddies said, "like a cyclocross tire." I have been riding them exclusively since late last season and all this season. They are a durable wheel, that really are not that heavy. This is especially true if you consider the increase width of the tire. This increase width is supposed to give a more plush, compliant ride. I personally have not noticed any extreme differences riding on 25mm tires, but I am not super sensitive to things like this. I have noticed that cornering feels more solid. It also seems that the wider profile gives some aerodynamic benefits. I only say this because I seem to be able to coast downhill with my friend that rides an aero frame with Enve 30mm clinchers who weighs more than me. But this could also be me just deluding myself as well. Overall, they are a really good wheel, especially if you can find it on sale, as I did for around $600. They are relatively light for the price point and being a tubeless compatible wheel (which I have not tried yet). If you are not ready to commit to the price of carbon wheels, you could do a lot worse.

>Rating: 1

Check your package

I returned this product before using it

Check your package, and I mean the box the wheels came in. Backcountry sent me half a wheel set and no rim strips or skewers. The wheel was also loose in the box with absolutely no padding. For this kind of money I'd imagine they would take better care. Called to solve the problem and then told these were backordered. They agreed to refund and send back free of charge at least. Found another retailer who was cheaper anyway so win win. Not sure if I'll deal with backcountry again after this major cock up.

This is more a critique of Competitive Cyclist than the wheels. Not helpful.

You're posting this whinefest about your discount dealer on CC's website? Ridiculous.

>Rating: 4

Punches harder than where they're priced

I've used it several times

This wheelset is quirky, but well worth the buy --especially while on sale. It looks, rides, and feels very much like Hed Belgium C2 rims, as I have cooked thru two sets of those rims. Comparatively the wider Plus version makes hard cornering even more surefooted for a Clydesdale on 25mm. The brake track on these rims have a smooth transition to the rest of the rim, actually sitting with a reverse draft angle. HED Belgiums have vertical, machined brake tracks. I have since regulated these to as new cyclocross wheels. In regards to mounting tires, when using the tubeless ready rim tape from HED or Stan's, they fill up the volume of the inside of the rim quite a bit, making tire installation fairly difficult. I have actually preferred to run Rox USA Ultralight rim tape twice around, which adds a lot of slop while the tires are not inflated, making the use of tire levers unneeded. The hubs are slow new, but spool up just as fast as any other rim once broken in. I'm running these wheels with SRAM Shorty Ultimate canti brakes and started to have mud clearance issues due to the wide rim width. I have had to switch to low profile SwissStop BXP EVO brake pads to compensate and gain back mud clearance.

>Rating: 5

Great wheels

I've put it through the wringer

Using these wheels with a 700X25 tire will produce an exceptionally comfortable ride with no sacrifice in speed. I have contacted tech people at Hed about the Vredestein tires allowing up to 145 psi. The people at Hed are very receptive and helpful which is a definite plus when selecting a wheelset.

>Rating: 5

everybody loves them

I've put it through the wringer

I bought a set of these for my girlfriend to ride this last year and she rave's about them. She feels more stable than other wheels she has ridden and likes that they get up to speed so easily. I rode them several times and have to agree and they are now the top of my list for everyday training wheelsets. They are extremely efficient so climbing is a breeze as well. To get a better wheel I honestly thing you'll have to spend double the price.


I wonder if these Ardennes Plus wheels will fit my Tarmac SL2 ? There is 30mm between the chainstays at the narrowest and I weigh between 155-165lbs depending on season.

They should fit fine. I would run a 23mm tire though.


Do these come with an 11 speed hub?

I am running 11-speed with my set, so yes.


Does the Hed Ardennes LT+ wheelset include Hed's dual purpose rim tape(tubeless/traditional),and a freehub spacer for 10-speed compatibility?

The set I ordered from competitive came with two rolls of the dual purpose rim tape (one for each wheel). you go around the wheel twice with this tape and there is plenty provided in each roll. It also came with a 2.8mm spacer for Shimano cassettes and a 1.8 for SRAM ( both spacers being for 10 speeds versus 11 speed use).

I just received my set, did not get rim tape, need to check as far as spacers...

My Hed Ardennes LT+ wheelset arrived with no tubeless rim tape! The two rolls of dual purpose rim tape were missing! But the wheels did come with the 1.8mm and the 2.8mm freehub spacers.

Mine didn't arrive with rim tape either. If I want to run tubeless, is the Stans yellow tape 21mm the best option?

Mine did not come with tape. I contacted CC, and they express shipped a roll to me.


How is the rear hub on these wheels... quiet or loud?

Average I would say. I wouldn't call it quiet but I have also heard way louder hubs.


Hello, I have ordered the Hed Ardennes + LT wheelset and was wondering about tire pressure on the wide 25mm rims. I plan to run 23mm or 25mm clincher tires with these wheels. I weigh 150lbs. Thanks!

I believe HED indicates a MAX psi of 100 on the plus rims. Take a look at their YouTube channel. They have 4-5 videos about the plus rims and 100 pis is indicated as a max PSI for the plus.

I have these wheels and have a pair of Schwalbe One 25mm's at 90-100 and i weigh 152-ish. They are pretty smooth at that tire pressure.


OK, help me out here. If I switch to a 25mm wheel from a 23mm wheel, do I have to get new tires to match? I notice that the tires recommended above for this wheelset include both 23- and 25mm versions. I'm confused.

No. If you have 23 mm tires you can still use them but if you want to really get all the benefits of a more comfort ride then 25 will help.


The dropdown menu lists only options for 18/14 spoke count, while the description says 24 count in the rear. Is that a typo?

Hi, the Ardennes Plus LT has 18 spokes in the front, 24 spokes in the rear. We will get the typo in the dropdown menu corrected. Get in touch to place an order, or if you have any questions about road wheels!