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From its modest beginnings selling a few pieces of blue enamelware and a smattering of campfire accessories in 1985, GSI Outdoors has expanded its product line to increasingly innovative outdoor cookware, tableware, and accessories renowned for superior quality, technical performance, and innovative design. GSI offers gear for all styles of outdoor enthusiasts, from bare-bones backpackers who are satisfied with mixing boiling water and freeze-dried food in a cup to gourmands who can't face the day without a cup of espresso. Materials and technologies utilized by GSI range from classic (such as its signature enamelware) to ultra-light anodized aluminum and the latest BPA-free improvement on polycarbonate. Design innovations, including integrated systems and dual-purpose items (think stuff sacks that double as sinks), make GSI a popular choice for everyone from fast-and-light backpackers to high-altitude base-campers to families on tour of national park campgrounds.