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GSI Outdoors Stacking Cutlery Set


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Eating with your hands is so cro-magnon.

Lend your backcountry table a touch of color with the lightweight, virtually unbreakable GSI Gourmet Stacking Cutlery Set. GSI made this set to match its nFORM line of tough camp-kitchenware. The fork, knife, and spoon snap together for convenient carrying, and come in bright hues for variety and easy identification.
  • Item #GSI0135

BPA-free co-polyester
Set Contents
1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 knife
Set Weight
0.7 oz
Recommended Use
camping, picnics, barbecues
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>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

GSI makes some great stuff. Super light and crazy durable. We've had a few of these for a while now and we'll definitely grab some more. Perfect for camping trips.

>Rating: 4

Better than a spork

I've used it several times

I got these to keep in my lunch bag for work, but they are great for camping too. They seem durable , are easy to clean, and easy to eat with. Having a separate fork and knife is really nice when you're trying to cut something (as opposed to them being two ends of the same tool). Minus one star because they theoretically stick together, but I've found that sometimes even when they seem stacked properly they'll pop out of it and separate.

>Rating: 4

Cheap and effective

I've used it several times

Bought a couple pairs of these for my camping gear. Great value for the price, they are super light and compact, the stacking feature works well. Great addition to my mess kit.

>Rating: 5

Nice and compact

i bought a couple of these to add to our backpacking collecting. i love how easy and compact they are. of course they dont take up any room and you dont have to go digging for one utensil since they are all together. Simple and easy for those quick weekend trips.

>Rating: 5

Great simple little kit!

I've used it several times

I bought one of these to throw in the camping bin, great to have a simple little cutlery set in the gear bin for when all else fails. With how inexpensive and small it is, it's a no-brainer.

>Rating: 4


I've used it several times

These pack light and small and serve their purpose. Nothing bad, but nothing great about them. If you're looking for a basic set of camp utensils, these will do the job (certainly not titanium, but neither is the price). So far they've held up well and continue to stack together

>Rating: 4

Don't bring the whole kitchen!

I've put it through the wringer

I feel mess kits can be an endless endeavor for those that are trying to have everything for their eating needs. This works just perfectly for me because I like to have a fork spoon and knife all in one place. These are not ideal for stirring while cooking but they are great for eating. Many are fine with less but this is some affordable, tough, light, plastic that will make you feel like your eating at home in the backcountry. Don't compromise on the small luxuries in life or bring the whole kitchen, go GSI!

>Rating: 4

Superior plastic cutlery

Purchased with a plate/tray and cup on SAC for $5.33. Mess kit not offered on BC. Snapping the three together is nice but it doesn't feel like they would hold together if they were floating around in your pack. Luckily you can string a dog tag chain through the holes at the end or wrap a rubber band around them to keep them together. I keep mine inside of my cooking pot and they stay together just fine. Of course they're not as durable as any metal utensils, but I'd worry more about the knife or fork poking through my pack than something in my pack breaking the utensils. They're superior to any plastic utensils I've found at my local supermarket. I didn't test the knife's sharpness except to press it to my skin. It feels sharp and sturdy enough to handle a loaf of Italian bread (the hard kind that you could break open over your knee). The fork's tongs aren't as impressive to me. They moved a bit when I stabbed them into some of the crustier (ie, burnt) areas of my campfire-cooked pies and sammiches. If I continue to eat such things with my fork the tongs will eventually break. GSI provides deeper and sharper tongs than my titanium spork but they are not as strong. Most importantly: they are comfortable! You can eat with these all day without cutting the corners of your mouth! Overall, a great set. They make buying titanium utensils an option.

>Rating: 3

Good for picnics

If you lose cutlery or don't use it for cooking these are pretty handy but I'd spend the extra money on a titanium spork and know it can take everything I put it through.

>Rating: 2


They do what they need to. A little short and flexible for my tastes. They just don't provide a nice stable feel in your hand. They stack ok and they don't seem like they will break. Like someone else said below, I wouldn't put them around the stove. I prefer the Guyot Microbites for only a dollar more. Much stiffer and knife/spatula works remarkably well. Don't think I would repurchase the GSI set.

>Rating: 4

Do The Job

This stacking cutlery set from GSI Outdoor does the job. The knife does a pretty good job cutting for being plastic and the tines on the fork are pretty sharp. The set is certainly lightweight. I agree with the other reviewers in that they don't stay snapped together very well, but that's not really important to me. They're short, probably about 6.5", but they do the job. So far they seem durable, other than to heat perhaps. I've thrown them in the dishwasher without any problems.

>Rating: 2

can't stand the heat

melted the fork using it to stir food on stove. don't stay together very well either. must say they are lightweight but save yourself the 4-6 bucks and pick up a disposable set from Quick check on the way t \o the trailhead.

>Rating: 4

not too bad

these are great for the price. they don't stay together all that well (hence the four stars) but are lightweight, easy to clean, and perform their job of transporting the food in my bowl to my mouth very well.