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GSI Outdoors Gourmet Nesting Mug and Bowl


Gourmet Nesting Mug and Bowl

Pull the GSI Outdoors Gourmet Nesting Mug and Bowl out of your pack when it's time for breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. An insulated sleeve and Sip-It top keep your beverage hot, while the Nesting Mug and Bowl's compact shape is easy to handle, even when your fingers are chilly. Simply slip the mug into the bowl when you're ready to pack up camp.
  • Item #GSI0016

cascadian polypropylene
mug, bowl
3.6 x 4.1 x 4in
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
camping, backpacking, road trips

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 4

Great Replacement Mug

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Through my own stupidity I misplaced one of these mugs from my GSI kit and was kicking myself until I realized I could pick up a replacement a la carte. This is a small, elegant little piece of kit that is easy to use and durable. Coffee, soup, oatmeal, cereal - it all works in here.

>Rating: 4

Awesome pair

I've used it several times

I am super stoked on this mug/bowl combo. It keeps your coffee relatively warm, packs both into a small space, and is comfortable and not slippery in your hand. However, there is probably not a car cupholder on earth that these are compatible that's a bummer. Also, pro tip: take the bowl off your mug before filling it if you're going to take it off at all during use, it's a tight fit and it will spill if you pull the bowl off with liquid in the cup. The triangle lid takes a little getting used to, but works pretty well once you do.

>Rating: 4

It works, but....

I've put it through the wringer

I got this mess set for my son to use on Boy Scout Camping trips. It does its job, but seems a bit too tall and narrow for some meals. And the neoprene sleeve gets moldy and stinky if it is not dried completely(impossible to do). So we threw it out and wrapped some duct tape around it for heat protection. Problem solved.

>Rating: 2

Great idea, best for mug

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This was a great idea, I love that it's so compact. I have used this a few times, but decided it would get really grimey after the first or second use. If you eat out of the bowl and re-stack your mug into it, the insulator around the mug will pick up what ever residue you left in your bowl. Kinda gross, especially for longer trips. I love how compact it is, but I personally choose to use something that I can put my spork in and close without having to clean up perfectly (especially if I'm on a week long backpacking trip).This bowl/mug combo is best for lighter uses, like taking to places where you have access to water and something to clean it well.

>Rating: 5

Great for preparation of meals!

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Before you go camping prepare what you can in these containers and nest them in your pots and pans.

>Rating: 2

cheap plastic, poor customer service

Great idea, poor execution. Lids are made from inappropriate type of / poor quality plastic. Either the corners will chip off or the lids will warp within the first few uses. Or both. If you try calling GSI to get replacements, don't expect polite, professional customer service. Instead you can expect a rude interrogation about how, when, why, where, the temperature, time of day, your blood type, etc... when the lids broke. I think I'll stick with MSR from now on.

>Rating: 4

Handy Dandy

The only gripe I have about this set is the lid on the mug seems brittle. Both of these together fit inside my cookset and I have plenty of room for my utensils, salt 'n pepper, and my pocket rocket stove. The mug keeps liquids hot or cold very well. The bowl is a triangle shape which is odd at first but works well. Overall a great product from GSI.

>Rating: 4


THey fit nice in your hand and keep the liquid flowing nicely and evenly. The one vice I have with it is while inside my bugaboo cook set I guess I dropped the whole cookset and now I have a dent in my pot and one of my cups broke on the bottom

>Rating: 5

Yes, the tops are brittle, but I don't care!

Great cups, a snazzy system, but I too noticed that the lids are a bit brittle. Dropped a cup and the top chipped. It is still perfectly usable, but I wonder if they will become more brittle as they age? Having said that, I don't really care that the tops might chip. I have a ton of these and use them all the time. They are easy to clean, everyone gets their own color (a nice bonus), and four of them fit neatly into my Primus 2.1L ETAPower pot... Perfect! Recommended.

>Rating: 2

Not as durable as it looks

These are clever little nesting cups/bowls for camping. The insulation is handy for drinking hot coffee in the morning and eliminates the need for a bulky handle. The big problem we had was that some of the plastic chipped off of the top on its inaugural camping trip, leaving a sharp edge and making the lid not fit properly. I expect camping products, especially from GSI, to be much more durable.


Breakfast with the Ponies

Eating breakfast with wild ponies on Mt. Rogers in the south.

>Rating: 5

Review Title

love the insulated sleeve and lid, keeps coffee/tea/soup warm and the bugs out! the bowel also worked out really great for catching bait.

>Rating: 5

Cool cups

Used them while backpacking. Very nice as cups for drinking hot beverages. Very compact and easy to keep clean.

>Rating: 4

Mug - Not A Bowl

I bought both the 14 oz. and 20 oz. versions knowing that the 14 oz. size would not work well as a bowl. Having both sizes allows two people to have both a 14 oz. mug and a 20 oz. bowl. Whoever does all the cooking gets the lid so their drink/food stays hot.

>Rating: 1

Not impressed ...

backcountry should consider pulling this from the line-up; got this today with my larger order -- regular customer here -- LOVE 99% of the stuff I get -- but this one was a disappointment. the lid was so loose it would not be safe to drink hot liquid from -- quality overall disappointing. I decided not to return it cuz of the time and energy of returning a $9 dollar item -- but expected more and likely will use as a pencil holder!

>Rating: 5

space saving

These are really light weight and it is great being able to nest your cup and bowl. It was a little weird getting used to a triangular bowl - but it works. The cups are really convenient and keep you tea/coffee hot!


Can anyone tell me if these will fit inside...

Can anyone tell me if these will fit inside the MSR quick 2 pots?

They will fit into the 1.5L, but the cup/mug has to be laid on its side for the lid to go on the pot. There's also the MSR Quick 2 System (2 pots, 2 cups, 2 plates), not to mention the 1.3L Quick Solo system that just comes with basically the same type of cup set up.

Thank you Phill for the quick response. This site is GREAT! I'm familiar with the total quick 2 system but with the pot set on sale it would mean spending an extra $45.00 for just the mugs and bowls. Plus the GSI mugs weigh a bit less. If I can follow up with one more question do you know If I can lay two of these GSI mugs these on their sides in the 1.5L MSR pot? If I can then my stove and other kitchen stuff should fit inside the mugs.

Hi again Rick. Glad to help. No, the GSI mugs are 4.1" tall, and the inside dimensions of the Quick 1.5L are 5 13/16" wide x 3 5/8"tall. The MSR mugs are shorter and 2 of them can go in upright. Honestly, I bought the system (got a deal), and I've never used the mugs or plates. I would imagine that my Snow Peak Litemax or Soto stoves would fit inside the mugs, but I've never even tried. Instead, I eat out of the freeze dried bag and drink out of my water bottle or my Snow Peak double walled 600. I love that mug and I just accept the extra space it takes up in my pack. Hope this helps you out.

Thanks Phill, that was exactly the info I was looking for. I'm pulling the trigger now. I'll report back with a review once I've got a couple of trips in. Also........dang you, dang you, dang you. That double walled Snowpeak mug looks SWEET! I guess my lust list will never end. :)


What size are these? I don't see a volume...

What size are these? I don't see a volume size on them? Thanks!

I believe the cup and bowl are 14 fl. oz each.


I'd like to put 1-2 of these mugs inside...

I'd like to put 1-2 of these mugs inside the Texsport Black Ice Scouter (large) nesting pan. What are the dimensions of the mugs with lid on (esp the height)? Thanks!!

4.4" H x 4" L x 3.3" W

I noticed the specs on the right side after posting the question. However, Kretzky's measurements are different. I am guessing his measurements are more accurate. Thanks!


Do you think it would fit inside the GSI...

Do you think it would fit inside the GSI Tea Kettle? and better yet still have room for gas?

Matthew, From what Ive heard and experienced, the only bowl from GSI that fits into the GSI tea kettle is the one that comes with the GSI Kettlist step. The regular nesting bowls are too wide and I am pretty confident that these cups will be too tall. It sucks that you cant buy the separate nesting bowl to fit inside the kettle. the only way to get one that would fit would be to purchase the kettlist system, which is pointless since you already have the kettle. Hope that helps. In terms of gas canisters, you could fit one smaller 3.88oz canister (standard size at REI) inside easy and a MSR pocket rocket without its red case, but I dont have one so I cannot confirm 100% but eyeing it with just a canister in it, I would say that there is plenty of room. cheers


i have the GSI Outdoor Pinnacle Dualist...

i have the GSI Outdoor Pinnacle Dualist Cookset and was wondering if 2 of these will fit inside that set?


Is this BPA-free?

Is this BPA-free?

Yes! The plastic is a polypropylene, which isn't formulated using BPA. Polycarbonates are the primary users of BPA.