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GSI Outdoors Collapsible Fairshare Mug


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Collapsible Fairshare Mug

The GSI Collapsible Fairshare Mug makes sure you get exactly what you deserve. Whether it’s in your messenger bag for the day or your back pack for a week in the woods, the collapsible design is at home anywhere.
  • Collapsible design shrinks to 1.7 inch disk for easy packing
  • Silicone material is easy to clean and doesn’t retain flavors
  • Lid screws into mug for sure seal, making it great for rehydrating meals
  • Folding handle locks down for drinking and out for scooping and measuring
  • Has a 22 ounce capacity so you get your fair share of the grub
  • Item #GSI0161

plastic, silicone
mug, lid
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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 2

Will not collapse

I ordered 2 of these for a recent section hike of the Superior Hiking Trail. They were to be our only food/beverage container options. I loved the idea of the handle, realizing this would add weight, but offer some user comfort. Sadly, these did not even make the trip. The major issue is that they do not properly collapse. Despite much effort, they just do not go back into their fully collapsed form, no matter how hard we tried. And we tried. Add to that, they are simply too heavy for a backpacking trip and since they don't fully collapse, take up too much pack space. I can't tell you how disappointed I am in this product, especially from a respected manufacturer of outdoor products. There are much better options on out there that actually fully and easily collapse and weigh significantly less. (The cheap collapsable silicone bowl I used for my dog comes to mind. $6 on amazon.) These might work for car camping, but only if the lack of collapsibility doesn't drive you crazy. Alas, they can't even be that for me. The positive reviews are baffling to me. My suggestion...keep looking.

>Rating: 5

great, all-purpose cup

I've put it through the wringer

The features on this cup set it apart from similar products. Its size makes it easy to travel with, excellent for beverages and soup, and even for use as a bowl. Returned similar products, kept this one.

>Rating: 5

Much More than a Bowl

I've put it through the wringer

I bring this along almost every time I go camping for use with food preparation and consumption, and discovered one time that this can be used for much more than this. We had just set up our campsite and a storm came in; with the pouring rain turning into a steady soft hail. Our tents were beginning to get surrounded by the quick melting hail and the rain flys were beginning to sag from the weight; and it was obvious we needed to do something. I scrambled through my stuff looking for something to bail the hail out with, and this Fairshare mug is sitting there like an Excalibur in the sword. I open this bowl-mug and start shoveling the hail and water away from our tents and off the tops; with disaster being averted as the storm passed through. This is much more than a simple collapsible bowl, and will continue to be an essential in my camping gear.


My friends' jugs, by popular demand!

One of each color, naturally.

>Rating: 4

I want to talk about my friend's jugs.

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Mugs. I said mugs -shifty eyes- My buddy just picked up a pair of these MUGS and she's happy with them. I looked them over and they're pretty cool. The lids aren't threaded, just a twist-lock design. They're too heavy for backpacking. But, what a kickass compact item to have in your gearbox on a four wheeler ride or the glovebox of your pickup - if someone pops up with anything from cocktails to cheese popcorn, you're ready to bum your fair share. Find some huckleberries? Pick your fair share! Chance upon some hidden treasure? While your compatriots suffer from saggy, doubloon-laden pants, you can whip out you GSI Mug and nab a retirement fund. Sure, you'll all suffer a pirate curse but your pants will fit properly because you had the right gear on-hand!

Is a picture of your friend's jugs forthcoming? (Quick shoe gaze)

I clicked in here to request a picture. I guess we are all the same!

Thanks for the pic. It was worth the wait!

Would you say you've seen your FAIRSHARE of jugs? I can't stop, it's a disease. GSI should develop a bra, clearly there's interest.

>Rating: 3

Great item but a little big

I've used it several times

This might be better marketed as a collapsible bowl than a mug. It is quite large. But still awesome! Buy it!

>Rating: 5

Super Handy

Great for soup or drinking from. You can store liquid in it, but it is not fully sealed so if your moving around a lot you'll want a nalgene. I was making john daly's using this and my Katadyn water filter from a ducky on the Green river, pretty cool!

>Rating: 2

Shoots itself in the foot for my purpose

I returned this product before using it

Key words: "MUG", "LID". One would think you could carry a beverage around... Snope! The model I received had a small silicone stopper in roughly the same location as the tiny pinhole in the lid barely visible in the product photo. On the plastic lid GSI inscribes: "PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE" (by the hole) and "NOT FOR STORING LIQUID". This hole hobbles an otherwise tight locking seal at the lid to mug interface. I bought it to, I dunno, carry a protein shake to the gym in and then pack away. Sadly there doesn't appear to be a product on the marketplace to handle this sealable, collapsible cup problem despite this product's tease / promise.

I'm trying to find the same kind of thing. Have you had any luck in the last 3 years? My application is rehydrating meals with cold water while backpacking. I have silicone bowls (Guyot Squishy bowls, 24+ oz dog version) which I love because I can turn them inside out to lick clean. I want that but with a lid. Lots of people use peanut butter jars for this, but those are way harder to clean, IMO. Especially in the desert. Anyway thanks for your review! You saved me $15+ :)

>Rating: 4

More like a portable bowl than a mug

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I bought this looking for a mug for coffee in the morning and refreshments in the evening. its a little on the large size but it would be great for something like a serving of ramen or dinner in a bowl. Very light weight, different positions for handle is nice, collapsable makes for easy storage inside or outside bag. Bottom line, if your looking for a deep bowl with a handle, buy this "mug"

I have the MSR mug (with lid). It only holds about 12oz. of coffee but it feels like it was designed to fit in ones hand and it has a slip resistant texture.

>Rating: 5

Great mug

I got this with 2 of the collapsible sea to summit cups, and found that the 2 cups will fit into this giant mug, and is only 2.5" thick all together. The locking lid is bomber, I love the handles 3 locking positions, and can't imagine when I'll ever need to replace this. I'll still keep my "sierra cup" on stand by for a bit, but I think that these are the future!

>Rating: 5

Great product!

Used for numerous backpacking trips...tough to get it to collapse just right at first, but gets easier. Would definitely recommend!


What's the dry weight of this? Thanks!

Hey Clare, This mug weighs 7 ounces. Ben

Thanks Ben!


Will this mug handle boiling water with...

Will this mug handle boiling water with no problem for years of use?

Hey there, i would be hesitant to pour "boiling' water into this mug. The materials, plastic (of an unknown composition ie. #2,#3 etc) and silicon may degrade with frequent exposure to boiling water. Also, the cup will be very hot after you pour in boiling water and may be difficult to hold with only the handle as you try to pour carefully into it while sitting exposed on an expedition. be careful with the temps, let your water cool a bit before pouring or get a steel mug with an insulator, like a coozie or something

I recently used this mug on a 3 day camping trip. I poured boiling water into it several times for coffee and hot chocolate. The mug handled coffee just fine. However that was just for one weekend. Only time will tell how it holds up over the coming years.