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Grivel G22 Crampon


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Made for fluid, fast, modern climbing.

Grivel took its revolutionary G20 crampon, celebrated for its unprecedented lightness and quick-climbing, technical design, and added a second front point for versatility when contacting the ice. The result is the semi-rigid Grivel G22 Crampon. The G22 comes with either a Cramp-O-Matic binding for use with plastic-soled boots that have substantial welts or the more adaptable New-Matic binding for use with virtually any boot, including those with shallow front welts or overboots.
  • Mono-Rail technology evenly distributes the pressure among all 12 points
  • Asymmetric shape creates an ergonomic fit and intuitive performance
  • Antibott plate alleviates irritating and dangerous front and rear balling beneath the crampon
  • Cramp-O-Matic binding’s front stainless steel safety strap prevents crampon from falling off if forced off your boot
  • New-Matic binding's harness should be replaced after prolonged and intense use
  • Item #GRV0100

Cro-Moly steel
Attachment Type
Cramp-o-matic (step-in), New-matic (hybrid)
Anti-balling plates
yes, Antibott
Claimed Weight
[pair] 2 lb 0.6 oz
Recommended Use
steep to vertical ice, mixed routes, competition
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

awesome crampons/customer service

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Got these bad boys for my bday and I can't complaint. Best crampons ever! Have used them a couple of times for some backcountry climbing in the north cascades area in Washington and felt more than safe while wearing them. Also I ordered these through customer service due to some problems while checking out and not only did they price match but they were kind enough to send me a birthday card with some stickers. Thank you so much Zak R. and backcountry.


Folds Up

>Rating: 4

Does the Job

I've used it several times

The G22 is a decently lightweight, stable option that does job up to vertical ice. The front points penetrated easily and definitely inspired confidence. They will fit just about any boot - I've used them with the Mont Blanc Pros, Phantom Techs, and the G2 SMs. They also fold in half, making them nice for packing.

>Rating: 5


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Paired with Zamberlan Pamir. great fit and light . Compact when folded.

>Rating: 5

No complaints

Big front points, handled many types of snow and ice w/o any issues. I read another review that said they feel like roller skates in certain conditions (French technique on somewhat steeper ice if I remember correctly) due to the missing points in the back of the front piece, I didn't notice this or feel insecure in this or any other condition personally. I climbed on blue ice, neve, heavy powder, and corn in varying degrees of steepness, up to vertical.


Baker North Ridge ice cliff

New-matic version on Sportiva Spitfire ski boots.


G22 w/ Koflach Arctis Expe


grivel G22 front bail wire adjustment

Fit's Koflach Arctis Expe with bail in front hole on inside and middle on outside


Thanks - Tried that config with the Spitfires and no luck, similar results to my pics below. Emailed sportiva and they said the bar-style cramps don't fit with these boots well. Can I safely climb vert. ice in the new-matic version of the G22s? Either I do that or get a custom bar, boots need to stay as I'm very difficult to fit.

I've done ice bouldering and up to WI 3 (short stretches) using my Grivel Air Tech new classics and never felt like anything was loose. I bet new-matics will work just fine with your boots.

Thanks I've heard other as well of WI 4-5 in this style as long as the boot is stiff. I'm climbing Mt. Baker's north ridge ice cliff in May and would like to live through it. I think I'll give the New-matic a try and maybe get the extra cramp-o-matic fronts for when I'm wearing my nepal evos or baruntses on technical climbs (the cramp-o-matic fits those like a glove).

Wore that style, I mean.

Looks like Steve House wore them on the Rupal Face. Enough said.


G22 w/ Koflach Arctis Expe


G22 w/ Koflach Arctis Expe


another angle

it actually feels firmer here, I could not pull it off by force like I could before. Still it doesn't have a lot of contact with the welt, so not sure I want to bet my life on it. NOTE: this is with the bail in the middle hole on the outside, and the rear hole on the inside.


Crampon moved further back


Moved even further back...

...and the bar doesn't sit on the toe welt, it sits in front. The bar is not high enough and is too round vs. more oval. There is no in between: this vs. the previous pic.


I'll post more as I find them, maybe DB bails will work. Maybe you can, at least, get a rough idea what bail fits the toe welt best.


Don't seem to fit the Sportiva Spitfire

This is best you can probably hope for with the cramp-o-matic version. I'm disappointed, I really like them otherwise and they fit my other boots. This does feel firm and tight and pulling on it doesn't budge, but it doesn't really fit on the toe welt in a way that makes me super comfortable. Pulling down hard will pop it off.


Might try shortening the length of the crampons by a few holes if you can. The front base plate looks like it is hanging way off the front of the boot, I would bet a shorter length would bring the crampon toe piece lower down to engage more fully onto the toe welt.

Definitely move the bail up one set of holes. After that, try tinkering a little. To get my Koflach Arctis Expe to work with the G-22, I had to put the bail on the front hole on the inside and middle on the outside. I bet with a little creative bending, you can get a good fit, but then may have problems with the boots it does fit properly on. I've also read of people trying different front bails. I found it on a forum somewhere, and it was G-22 specific. If I can find it, I'll post up what bails work with what boots.

@Chris - see above.


G22 Cramp-o-matic on Baruntse size 48

Had to adjust bar to very last hole and re-bolt middle section to the very last hole. Fits perfectly.

>Rating: 5

Great, but needs tweaking for some boots

The toe bail is asymetrical, a good fit for my Sportiva Makalu, but that boot is unsuitable for the vertical ice this crampon is designed for. Perhaps they fit as well on Nepal EVO. For my Koflach Arctis Expe, not so much. That is, until I relocated the bail wire to the center hole on the inside and rearward hole on the outside. In that position the bail gets a solid, secure and even bite across more than 3/4 of the front welt. A minor annoyance, snow gathers between the center bar and boot. Not a safety issue or a deal breaker, just a little annoying.

>Rating: 4


The Grivel G22 has a functional and inovative design that I have not seen with other brands. This semi-rigid crampon offered solid kicks into ice and the anti-bot plates did their job as well. I used these on a mixed route called Dreamweaver in RMNP and was pleased with their performance and durability.

What boots did you use them with?


Has anyone tried these with the La Sportiva...

Has anyone tried these with the La Sportiva Trango Extreme Evo boots? Those boots fit my Petzl M-10 step-in crampons perfectly, but it seems like there are some people having trouble getting a good fit with that front toe bail.


Will the Cramp-O-Matic version work with...

Will the Cramp-O-Matic version work with the Nepal Evos? IE is the front welt on the evo "substantial" enough?

NM, just saw a youtube grivel video where they pair them up.

The front bails are a perfect match for La Sportivas, almost as if they were specifically designed for it.