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Grivel G1 Ice Axe


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  • Green, 58cm
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G1 Ice Axe

The Grivel G1 Ice Axe features a traditional design to give you everything you need in a mountaineering axe without compromising strength or performance. In addition to being tough as nails, this Grivel axe also has an ergonomically designed head to make your hand comfortable when you're traversing miles of glacial terrain.
  • Hot-forged, carbon steel head provides durability for season after season of climbing
  • Ergonomic fit means it has a natural feel in your hands as you traverse glaciers or snowfields
  • Aluminum shaft doesn't bog you down with extra weight
  • Item #GRV0087

[pick] carbon steel, [shaft] aluminum
58cm, 66cm, 74cm
Claimed Weight
16 oz
Recommended Use
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>Rating: 5

Does the job, festive color!

I've put it through the wringer

Like many other reviewers have said, this is a solid lil' ice axe. Does the job, comfortable enough to hold. Great tool for self-arrests and glissade parties.

>Rating: 5

My new essential

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

My first ice axe. I did a lot of research before my purchase. Had an opportunity to really use it on a snowshoe hike yesterday and I will never go into winter weather without it again! Well made, I highly recommend for the price point.

>Rating: 5

True Weights for all 3 sizes

I had the opportunity to weigh all 3 axes, so here is the info I wish I had when shopping for my first Ice Axe! 58cm = 14.5oz 66cm = 15.5oz 74cm = 16.5oz

>Rating: 4

It works

I've put it through the wringer

It's an axe! Not much to say. Like a hammer, it does what it's supposed to do and there's not much in the way of messing that up. With that said, they build it very well, it's 100% sturdy, it's appropriately lite for its price point, and I trust the brand completely. I've owened a Raven Ice Axe before as well and I think the head of the axe was lighter, as the weight felt more distributed. The weight on here is a bit more focused towards the top, which in all reality is a good thing. So nothing to complain about there. I also like the feel of the shaft on this better than the Raven. The Raven is very slick and the G1 is just a tad less. Overall, I think I'd choose the G1 over the Raven


Tech specs on G1 from Griv's site


Grivel G1 in hope valley

I made an short and quick ascent up to the top ridge of hope valley earlier this year. Wouldn't have been possible without my Grivel G1


Great shot!

>Rating: 4

4 5 Plain and Simple Ice Axe

I've put it through the wringer

Being a BD fan for years, when given the Grivel G1 ice axe for a Mt. Rainier summit attempt I took advantage of this and gave it a good work out throughout the PNW for a couple of years. Light weight and simple. Construction is great without the use of rivets like the lower priced knock offs. I did find that holding the G1 isn't as comfortable as the BD Raven, but it was light and easy to use.

>Rating: 3

A basic axe that will get the job done

I've used it several times

There's not much to say about this axe beyond the fact that it will get you across the mountains safely if you use it right. Grivel doesn't make junk, and you can take this anywhere. The trouble is with the uncomfortable head, which makes you less likely to carry it in those times when you aren't quite sure if you need it or not. If you want a better axe, go with the barely more expensive Raven or the even better Raven Pro.

The grivel axes and black diamond axes are meand to be held differently when traversing. Grivel, being a european company has a tendency to make the axe to be held in the self belay (pick forward, palm on the adze) mode, while black diamond gives a wider/longer pick shaft so its more comfortable to be held in the self arrest (adze forward, palm on the pick) mode. its a matter of preference, but i suppose its safer to regularly grip the axe in self arrest mode so if you need to arrest youre already there, which does in fact make the grivel less comfortable.

>Rating: 5

Fancy that

Great! its light and durable beyond belief. have used on several adventures, for multiple uses.

>Rating: 5

Tough and light

I agree with Dane Burns, and would add that Grivel gives you superior materials (High-carbon hot-forged steel not cast stainless) and construction (note the head and shaft tip are not just glued but riveted as well) at the same or even lower price than similar BD. Compare for yourself. IMO, people buy axes way too long and are usually advised to do so, I think they should be climbing length (short) if used for climbing. I use poles when not on steep terrain. Renting an axe is a good way to see what works best for you before you buy.

>Rating: 5

Just the Facts!

A basic axe that will get you up most any mountain in the worls, Rainier, Mt Blanc or Everest...seriously this one axe will do it all on any of the three by the easier routes..

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What Size Should I get?

So for a versatile size, measure the distance between the tip of your middle finger while at your side and the malleolus of your ankle. This will provide the most versatile size for you. If you intend to be on steeper terrain mostly, then you can use a shorter axe, if you are going to be on more moderate flatter terrain then a longer axe will suit you better. You can call or email me directly. 801-736-6398, or


What size is best for general mountaineering?...

What size is best for general mountaineering? longer? shorter? and why? Thanks for the advice in advance!

The way I measure my mountaineering axe is by holding my hand down at my side then measure the distance between your palm and your ankle, that's probably the best all around axe size for you. You would get a shorter one if your primarily using it in steeper/ technical terrain as its lighter and less shaft to get in the way. The downside is that if your on moderate more flat terrain it will not reach the ground when you are just walking around. If you are going to only be on moderate flat terrain then get a longer one as it would act as a better crutch but could be cumbersome to swing around and use on steeper slope angles.