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  • Garmont - Voodoo Thermo Boot - Men's 2009 -

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  • Garmont - Voodoo Thermo Boot - Men's 2009 -

Garmont Voodoo Thermo Boot - Men's 2009

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I think Im going to like it

    BC 2 days on the Voodos ( prior boot was the Ener-Gs), one at the resort, one in the BC. 15+ years of BC skiing/teles, 185lbs 5'10", one ankle was fused last April.

    Still early to tell, the resort was packed snow, had good control and skied well. BC had 12+" of powder, great control, skinned well.

    I am kinda of tuned into the fit issue for me due to the fused ankle.
    So a comparison of my good foot vs the fused foot:

    Good Foot- fit great ( used the bake method for fitting the liner) no additonal work needed, though I may be putting a shim around the ankle area later. The shell is very anatomical ( spelling??) and fits close, but first day out skiing no hot spots or problem areas. Very Happy

    Fused foot. Forward lean 25degrees is a little to steep for my ankle so I will be drilling another hole in the metal bar in the walk/ski mode. I skied with the ski/walk mode unlocked all day, no real problems though. The boot shell being tighter/anatomical fitting around the leg and the lover lap design, being quite stiff, left my ankle aching at the end of the tour where the leg curves down to the foot. So this is an issue I will need to work out for my own, but I mention this that if you have fat feet , or ankle issues , you may want to be aware of the fit in this area.
    On whole, the fit is tight but comfortabe, compared to BD push, more room in the toe box, compared to the Ene-Gs tighter around the foot, but not uncomfortable ( except the fused ankle issue for me)- Ener-Gs are more comfortable for me to ski in and easier to get into and out of.

    I will still be playing with the fit and the tightness settings of the buckels for the next few trips, may need the shell modified around my ankle, but wont pull that trigger until I've skied it a few more times.

    I think its a great boot, with lots of power for big skis and very tourable.

    Ive got several more days in them now, the good foot fit is great, and so far no additonal shims are needed around the ankle.

    I drilled a new hole in both forward lean bars ( I did this to accomodate the fused ankle), so it is less than the Mfg. 25 degree forward lean, but not sure what. It has a more upright feel, but skiing I couldnt tell and I was able to tele better and more comfortablely than not having the cuff locked - big improvement. The metal bar must be hardend metal, I used a drill press and broke to bits in the process.

    On the fused ankle foot I moved the buckles so It would not be so tight in the walk mode and still be snug when skiing, this seems to help with the fit issue, but more time is needed before I have the cuff streched or something.

    Overall liking the boot better


      These boots have a fine light, lively feel to them. They are at least as stiff as my previous boots, Scarpa T-!s and definitely lighter. It took a bit of work to get the right fit. For area skiing or yo-yo ing I needed to add an extra footbed (from my running shoes). However on a weekend of epic skiing at Mt. Washington and Mansfield this proved to be too much (both days my feet were in great pain by the afternoon) and I had to take out the extra liner. What I like best is the feel of the way the bellows flexes-very smooth. This makes it easier to quickly pressure the uphill edge. The buckles are OK-not totally crazy about them. It is very hard to close the top two on their tightest two settings. The actuation of the walk setting is good. The manual that came with the boots refers to two locked settings for ski mode-but there is only one. I called the company and they report that a new bar with the two settings (I missed the more forward/aggressive one) will be available this fall. Putting the boots on is difficult. I found that the easiest way to do it was to take the liner out, put that on and lace it up, and then insert foot/liner in the shell.

      Not nearly as roomy all-around as previous Garmonts ....

        I have wider feet so I fit well in Garmonts. When I tried to upgrade to this boot from the three buckle Syner-G, mainly looking for more support I found this boot to be significantly narrower than I expected. It may share the same sole and last, but it would have needed some serious stretching to have the same "toe-box" as the Syner-G OR the Ener-G.

        I ended up sending them back (with no hassle what so ever) and getting the Ener-G which shares the same construction as the Syner-G. Much much better fit. Maybe not the super beefy stiffness that the Voodoo has but more comparable to my expectations.

        I also found that Garmont has since changed the liners to more of an alpine style (with a seem down the middle). This liner does not mould-up the same way for a tele-boot. So, instead, save your bucks and just swap in your old liners (if you have them) and you're good to go.

        Hope this helpful.

        stiff, burly, and light(ish)

          Bought these to replace a pair of '05 ener-g's. Compared to the ener-g, these are considerbly stiffer in the cuff due to the overlap design, but have a softer and more progressive bellows flex. It took some getting used to the bellows being so soft at the initiation, but provides much better control, as the flex gets stiffer as the boot is pushed (my ener-g's start stiff then stay somewhat the same through the flex). These are also a full pound lighter than my ener-g's, and the buckles are a huge improvement for touring.

          Now, I have to say the overlap cuff makes these a PITA to take off when the plastic is cold. I have never had trouble getting out of a pair of boots until these...I guess that is the price of a stiffer shell. Overall a good boot!

          Voodoos have the same curse as the Ener-G's

            My current boots are '09 Ener-G's, which replaced '05 Ener-G's. The '05's were great for a couple of years: I love the progressive flex. However, the third yr, when I pressured the front of the boot, the instep would bow outward, and I would lose contact with the boot. So, I purchased the '09's, which supposedly had a better plastic. The 09's gave out after about 20 days: the shell just bows outward when I pressure the tongue.

            So, I was pretty excited to try the Voodoo's, because I figured the new overlap cuff design might solve that problem. Like I said, there's a lot to like about the Ener-G's. Last night I tried on the Voodoos, and the same flex problem occurred as soon as I put them on. Actually, I had my Ener-G's on one foot and the Voodoo on the other. The bootfitter agreed: both the Ener-G and the Voodoo have the same problem, where pressuring the front of the boot causes the shell to bow outward across the instep.

            The only positive comment is that the new buckles are an improvement over the Ener-g.

            So, no Voodoos for me...

            Review Title

              I have been telskiing for about six seasons now and I just goth these boots. They replaced my old red ener G's and I dropped em down a size with the vodoo's for a more performance fit. These boots are incredible for a number of reasons. first is how light and tour/boot pack friendly they are, no complaints hiking or skinning and they have a great walk mode.
              The better news is that they ski better than they hike, especially if you have an aggressive style and like to snap or smear turns quickly. With an aggressive active binding like the hammer head you'll really notice the lateral control you simply won't get with other boots. The 4 different kinds of plastic give it great looks and stiff alpine style construction with only 3 buckles( I WAS SKEPTICAL ABOUT 3 BUCKLES) but I added a booster strap and they work great on any big mtn terrain.
              These boots don't have stiff bellows like customs of t races its a smooth flex that works great. originally I thought they wouldn't be aggressive for my fat skis and hammer heads, but the lateral stiffness makes up for the lack of bellow resistance. great boot garmont nailed this one

              voodoo test drive

                I've only been on free heels for a season, so take this with a grain of salt...

                I currently have a set of garmont syner-g boots, and was looking for something a bit taller/stiffer. I'd been eyeing the ener-g or BD push when I had the opportunity to demo a set of the voodoo's for a few runs. I was on a set of Atomic Kailas (88 waist) with voile switchbacks in fairly firm conditions.

                First impression. Very different last/shape than the syner-g. I have an admittedly wide flat foot, and scarpa boots generally don't work for me. Knowing that the liners hadn't been baked on the voodoo, I'm still pretty sure that the arch area and the outside perimeter/ball of my foot would never quite fit right in these boots. My dogs were cramping pretty quickly.

                How did they ride?
                As expected, they had a significantly stiffer/taller feel than the syner-g's, and had more forward lean. The lean would likely be good for more aggressive folks. Unfortunately, I'm not too aggressive yet (single blacks and blues), it’s early season, and I hadn't warmed up, so my quads burnt up pretty quick.

                The bellows flexed very smooth... significantly softer than the bellows on my syner-g's, which took some getting used to. Once gotten used to, this might help you keep the ball of your foot down rather than tip-toeing, but might be too soft for some?

                I had a thin cycling sock on, which allowed me to feel the bellows coming down on top of my foot a little, but not painfully so. A thicker sock would probably eliminate the top of foot feel.

                Unfortunately, my feet were screaming in these so I only got 3 or 4 runs, which was only long enough for these quick impressions.

                With a bit of liner/shell work, these would probably be a good set for me and I might be able to get used to the softer bellows. However, given that the last of the syner-g/ener-g are pretty similar and only needed minor work, I'll probably go back to those to make life easier.

                Been waiting for this one

                  Good fit. I'd go up a half size from past Garmont boots. I wore a 27.5 in the Ener-G and wear a 28 in this one. Stiffer than the Ener-G. Ultra smooth forward flex and the ski mode locks the cuff (forward and back) for added power. Because the cuff can be locked both ways it allows a skier to put pressure into the tongue of the boot just like and alpine boot making for really powerful para-mark turns. It is compatible with 3-pin bindings. Super light, feels good touring. The new overlap shell design is a definite step forward in tele boot design.

                  will you guys be getting any more 27's ?

                  will you guys be getting any more 27's ?

                  What is the correct temperature and time...

                  What is the correct temperature and time in a convection oven for home thermoforming the Garmont Voodoo with Rapid Thermo?