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About Folsom Skis

Established in 2004 by avid skier and designer Jordan Grano, Folsom Skis was conceived in a garage on Folsom Street in Boulder, Colorado. Convinced that skis could be made to last longer and perform better, Jordan set out to create a rider-inspired design that could stand up to hard-charging skiing year after year.

Folsom Skis is 100% rider-owned and the proof is evident in the engineering and design that goes into each ski. Unsatisfied with mass-produced standards of the industry, Folsom sources 95% of its materials from the US, and all its skis are hand crafted in Boulder, Colorado. From incredibly durable, Rockwell hardness 48 steel edges to aerospace-grade carbon fiber that increases strength without increasing weight, Folsom employs the highest-quality materials in their ski construction. Jordan and crew didn’t stop at the best build quality possible—you’ll also see some of the best-looking topsheets in the industry on these Coloradan creations.

Dedicated to the specifics, Folsom’s category covers every shape from the park-friendly cambered classics, to hybrid-rocker, five-dimensional shapes that live for the deeps. Whether you’re a hardcore backcountry tourer, or a 120-day-per-year resort charger, Folsom has a dialed design and shape that’s right up your alley. Add the two-year warranty, and their unrivaled satisfaction guarantee, and its not hard to see that Folsom makes skis for serious skiers.