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Fi'zi:k Tempo Microtex Classic Bar Tape

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  • Black, 2mm
  • White, 2mm
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Tempo Microtex Classic Bar Tape

Fi'zi:k's Tempo Microtex Classic Bar Tape is the same tape we first experienced from Fi'zi:k, designed to be long-wearing while cutting the bulk. The firm first used Microtex for its saddle covers as the waterproof property of this durable, synthetic nylon microfiber was well suited to the job at hand. Fi'zi:k then wanted to literally put Microtex in your hands and thus, it created its bar tape. It's still the one to choose if you're looking for a perforated, leather-like texture and the thinnest option (2mm thick) for optimal control and handlebar feel.

In addition to being approximately 20% lighter and more durable than leather, Microtex isn't nearly as likely to tear as cork or foam, both while wrapping or riding. It possesses that rare combination of durability and grip while giving you rich looks you don't get from other tapes. Available in a multitude of colors, Tempo Microtex Classic Bar Tape will match your bike or whatever theme you're after.

  • Durable, Microtex synthetic material is long wearing
  • 2mm is just enough for padding without the bulk
  • Leather-like texture offers grip and looks great on any bike
  • Plenty of color options to choose from
  • Item #FIZ008R

Recommended Use
wrapping handlebars
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4

Classic Good Looks

I've used it several times

I use this on a restored to original spec (except for this item) custom road racing bike. This bike is definitely a one-off, no other like it in the thousands that the frame builder has made. He called this "the Show Bike" and this bar tape is the perfect color and style. Feels nice to the hands as well as a treat to the eyes. All that said, it's expensive and hard to install well, as mentioned in other reviews. I don't know if looks alone justify buying it again. If it installed more easily, I'd give it another star and ignore the price. As it is, I think four stars is a little generous.

>Rating: 1

Not like the old original Microtex

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

The edges of this are way too thick. The older microtex had a perfectly thin edge and stayed down and tight. Sorry I stocked up on 4 boxes of this new stuff.

>Rating: 5

Thin, tacky, durable tape.

I've put it through the wringer

Yes, this stuff is difficult to wrap cleanly, but if one takes their time and pulls it tight, it works just fine. No, it isn't thick, but it says in the description that it is Fizik's thinnest tape at 2mm, so that's to be expected. It is, however, just about my favorite tape ever (along with the Brooks microfiber), especially when it's humid or wet out. It's tacky and it holds up forever.

>Rating: 1

Shoulda replaced it the day I put it on.

I've put it through the wringer

I know all opinions are subjective, but I found this to be a truly horrible tape, and am surprised it's still being sold. For starters, as another commenter said, it's a hard tape. Very rigid with no stretch at all. That may be somewhat fine when starting on the drops, but once you get to the levers any sense of this tape playing nice goes out the window. Because it's so rigid it's all but impossible to make the tape lay flat when doing the figure 8 and it folds and bunches all over itself. In the two months or so I had this tape I had to rewrap it no fewer than ten times because it has no adherence to itself and would start exposing the bar itself. I finally replaced it with Bontrager gel tape which costs a few dollars less and my bar tape headache is now gone. 100% better. Save yourself the trouble and don't buy this junk.

LOL, I feel your pain. I felt EXACTLY the same way within 15 minutes of riding. I almost turned around, went home, and did exactly that. Tape so numbing it numbs the mind to think how numbing it numbs. Got carpel-tunnel? PS: It also picks up dirt from my gloves like a sponge, and is very hard to clean with all the holes.

>Rating: 2

Thin, Hard, & Numbing

I've used it several times

Tried this to match color of new Chris King Matte Mango hubs. Fighting hand numbness in 15 minutes. Relative to Cinelli Gel tape, this tape is thin and hard. Maybe a lightweight climber would find this helpful for grip, but otherwise I can't think of a single thing to like, or a good use for this tape.

Bondcush Soft is what was on my bike prior to trying this stuff. It wasn't installed by me, but it looked and felt awesome. Pretty quickly they showed wear. Started getting frayed around the edges...

>Rating: 3

Great quality, but could be better.

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I bought this bar tape because I wanted a legit 'leather-look' to my bar tape. And this tape does that. It's really strong so you can pull on it as tight as you want and it's not going to break. The finish on these looks really good (except for what I'll mention below). They are grippy and fairly comfortable, although not 'cushiony' at all. I installed the bar tape and have done one 63 mile ride. Here are my thoughts. I realize everyone has their own tastes, likes and dislikes, so this whole review is purely my opinion and personal experience. That being said, here's what I don't really like: 1. Large annoyance...The edges of the bar tape are not finished in the same color as the tape itself. For light colored tapes, this probably isn't a big deal. But for black (or dark) bar tape, this creates a very weird appearance. I can't tell if it looks cheap, unfinished, or if it just looks like I didn't know what the hell I was doing when I installed the tape. But it doesn't look good at all in my opinion. See image below. 2. Minor annoyance - The sticky strip on the back is not adequate for the 2-3 inch section they give you to go behind and under the shifters. It just doesn't hold the strip onto the bars and you're stuck trying to improvise by holding the strip there while you continue to wrap the tape until it's far enough along that it can hold the strip in place. This is hard when you only have 2 hands. 3. Very minor annoyance - while the bar tape is very strong and you can pull hard on it while wrapping the bars, it's also not very stretchy. This means that when you're going around the curved sections of your drop bars, the tape doesn't want to lay down completely on the bar. It really pissed me off at first, but upon laying down the next wrap over each of the puckered sections they seem to lay down under the pressure of the next wrap. Would I buy this tape again? At this point, probably not. I'd look for another similar bar tape that is better in the first of the three categories mentioned above. The second two aren't bad enough to make me not want to use this again.


Good review. I concur on all major points, although my orange didn't have color issues. I turned the label under, but it still shows where the tape goes behind the shifters. Annoying tape on so many levels. It does NOTHING well. Trying the Bondcush Soft next. I am hoping Chris King comes out with their own handlebar tape to match their hub colors.