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Derek Newman

Above Photo: Backcountry Athlete Steph Davis Shot By: Tommy Chandler Every climber has to deal with fear on some level. For people like Alex Honnold, getting scared doesn’t happen until they’re hundreds of feet in the air. Others are terrified of the first step up a ladder. No matter where you lie on this spectrum, you’re bound to get scared on a route at some point. So here are a few pointers to help you build the confidence you need to have a good time on the wall, whether it’s your first time on top rope or you’re heading up [...]

Sean Zimmerman-Wall

The Andes are renowned for their scenic vistas, epic terrain, and plentiful snowfall.  Composing the eastern boundary of the Ring of Fire, these mountains represent a dramatic mix of volcanoes and lofty peaks. This rugged land inspired the spirit and captured the heart of Alex Taran, an aspiring philanthropist, educator, and eight-year ski patroller at Snowbird Ski Resort. She has spent the Austral winters traveling around Chile in search of good snow and great friends. 2013 marks her sixth year visiting the area, and it represents the third operational year of the South American Beacon Project (SABP). The project aims [...]

Alex Bass

Just on the other side of the parking lot from where the world’s most influential snowboard company conducts its day-to-day operations lies Craig’s Facility, an R&D dreamland where experimental boards come together in hours and prototype parts can be created overnight. Much more than just a workshop, Craig’s gives Burton the tools and the resources to lead the way in the progression of snowboarding technology. Before we can go forward in snowboarding, however, we need to take a step back and see where we come from as snowboarders in order to be sure things are headed in the right direction. [...]

Backcountry Video

Behind all the action, the glorious heart-pounding shots, and the gritty locales, our video hides a story within a story. Shot by shot, This is Backcountry came together over the course of a year at the hands of multiple film crews and countless athletes. At times, it was smooth sailing, but more often than not it was a bumpy, unpredictable rumble into the unknown. Lift the curtain and take a peek into the moments that fell to the cutting room floor. This is where the story unfolds. Check out the rest of The Making of This is Backcountry: The Making of This [...]

Casey Glaubman

I apologize for the lack of pictures to accompany this post. However, as I think you’ll agree, it’s probably for the best. Recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to climb Denali with my co-worker and good friend, Bill. I had read about people climbing mountains. You read about these historic figures conquering massive peaks, and it all sounds rather glamorous. Yeah, it’s not like that at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure for some people it is (they’re liars though). In all the planning we did, all the prep-work and training, there was just one thing [...]

Diana Jenson

Nestled in the Uinta Mountains at approximately 10,000ft lies a small collection of boulders near the Stone Garden, a popular sport climbing crag. Quite a few climbers, including Rocco Bocchicchio, Victor Copeland, Johnny Landry, and Joe Meiners, have helped develop this boulder field. This summer, I made a trip out to the Uintas to check it out. I had seen a couple climbing videos for this area, but still wasn’t sure what to expect. Bouldering on quartzite? Sounds terrible, if you ask me… These quartzite boulders near the Stone Garden were very textured. The high elevation helped keep the temperature [...]

Backcountry Video

With the help of a new 13,000 square foot studio and a gear-savvy film crew, Backcountry is working to blur the line between the virtual and physical shopping experiences. Featuring innovative, 360-degree views, and informative graphics, the video team is committed to providing the visual information and confidence you need to pull the trigger on the best gear out there.

ashley tucker

Autumn weather can be among the most unpredictable of the year, making smart layering choices essential for trail, mountain, or daily road runs. Watch Backcountry buyer Ashley Tucker explain the basic layering techniques and fabric types you’ll want to consider when choosing fall running apparel.   Video Transcription The weather and the temperature this time of the year can be unpredictable. It can vary from your house to your favorite trail. Today, we’re going to talk about three tee layering that will help you regulate your temperature and also have you prepared for changes in weather. Your first layer is [...]

Garson Fields

A pokey spoke is the litmus test. Like playing in traffic, or eating at a restaurant run by a skinny chef, it’s a bad idea to let anyone who’s unfamiliar with this most ubiquitous of shop tools fix your bike. No exceptions. Ever. The “mechanic” in question might try to overwhelm you with technical vocabulary, or distract you with stories of decades past, but if they’ve never ground an old spoke to a fine point, they’re an imposter, and they’re not to be trusted. At a glance, it looks like a poor man’s dental pick. Lying on a shop bench, [...]

Ian McIntosh

Several years ago, I was on a trip with the TGR crew in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska when we noticed a whole untapped mountain range, called the Neacolas, to the south.  As a crew, we knew the only way we’d ever get a chance to explore the range would be to set up camp. So, after a few years of great success exploring new spots all over the state of Alaska, we finally decided to make the fantasy of heli camping in the Neacolas a reality.  We didn’t know what to expect, but we had faith that the Neacolas [...]

Andy Anderson

Above Photo By: Tommy Chandler While no one will argue that climbing in a T-shirt and shorts isn’t awesome, the fact of the matter remains that the best rock climbing conditions aren’t found on the year’s hottest, sunniest days. They’re often found late in the fall, when the friction is high, leaves are falling, and the temperatures are doing the same, or even in winter in more southern latitudes. But chilly weather doesn’t have to equal a numbed-out sufferfest. Below are a few tips to help you keep climbing comfortably when the mercury drops. Layers, Layers, Layers This one might [...]

Ryan Schoeck

The cattle guard stands there like a sleazy doorman at a nightclub. It serves as a barrier, dictating the passage between the smooth paved surface and the unkempt on the opposite side. Several feet deep and just wide enough for a vehicle to pass through, the grid is aligned with iron slats separated from one another with just the right amount of space — a gap that’s tempting for livestock to cross, but one that’s sure to lock the unsuspecting hoof between the guard’s merciless jaws. Even on a bicycle, this road disturbance causes me to stop momentarily and roll [...]

Backcountry Video

Behind all the action, the glorious heart-pounding shots, and the gritty locales, our video hides a story within a story. Shot by shot, This is Backcountry came together over the course of a year at the hands of multiple film crews and countless athletes. At times, it was smooth sailing, but more often than not it was a bumpy, unpredictable rumble into the unknown. Lift the curtain and take a peek into the moments that fell to the cutting room floor. This is where the story unfolds.

TJ Parsons

The number of snowboards available these days can seem overwhelming if you’re not quite sure what you want. To select a deck that properly fits your riding style and personal preferences, it helps to learn a bit about different types of boards and how their shapes and construction affect the way they ride. Board Types The first thing to consider is the kind of riding you’ll be doing most often. Snowboards usually fit into one of a few categories that give you a general idea of the board’s intended use; just remember that the lines between these categories are blurry [...]

Dena MT Eaton

Above Photo By: Tommy Chandler If you’re a seasoned cyclist, especially of the West Coast variety, the time of the year where burnout settles in is approaching. And if you’ve raced hard every weekend, you’ve probably raced even harder in the weekly ‘training’ crit. In other words, late-night reality TV is becoming addictive. Truthfully, though, if you’re a cat 1/2, or even have such ambitions, your coach dictates that you take a few weeks off to regenerate before tackling endless base miles. That conversation is often prefaced with the phrase “Just have fun.” You then shudder at the fallacious assumption that [...]

Alex Bass

How does a snowboard get made? That’s not usually a question that goes through people’s minds when they watch Shaun White boost 25-foot Method grabs and huck Double McTwists in the halfpipe. Instead, most people have much simpler, one-word queries popping up, such as “What?,” “How?,” and “Dude, seriously?” But the technology under Shaun’s feet is no joke, and as talented and hard-working as he is, at least some of the credit to helping him achieve his impressive win tally has to go to the tireless efforts of Burton to provide him with the best snowboards in the world. It [...]

Andrew Scarcella

Wanting to run more than ten miles over rocks and mountains cannot be called a sane wish. Not that I’m trying to call you crazy. But you are crazy. It’s okay. So am I. Anyone even considering dipping their toes into a sport called ultra-running had better be crazy—running 12, 15, 25 miles at high altitudes over steep, rocky trails under the burning summer sun is exactly as difficult as it sounds. And then some. This is the point where most people will try to tell you all about how long-distance trail running is a mental game. How if you [...]

Peter Makowski

Above Photo By: Ian Matteson There are a lot of camber options out there, and if you’re a little fuzzy as to how they all work and which one will be best for you, then narrowing down your snowboard options can feel similar to wrangling fifty wild horses with a strand of dental floss. Here is an intro to camber profiles that will hopefully make your decision process easier and more effective. Traditional Camber Camber is the long standing champion of camber profiles. Holding strong as the industry standard until recent years, traditional camber is the most popular and well-tested [...]

Backcountry Video

When the dog days of summer give way to the first fall breeze, it’s like a breath of fresh air to the entire team at Backcountry. Not only are we excited because powder days are just around the corner, fall weather means it’s time to break out the most sought after sweaters, jackets, and boots. The video crew tagged along with some Backcountry ladies to give you a glimpse of this year’s autumn apparel.

Drew Tabke

“Seattle? But where are you going to ski?” This question was posed to me countless times by my Utah shred acquaintances while I was in the process of leaving the Wasatch for ever-greener hills. After years of thought on this subject, I’ve determined that the mere threat of imminent rain is enough to keep even the most adventurous individuals from recognizing that Washington’s Cascade Mountains are an untapped ski mecca—parts of their vast expanse frequently sport the deepest snowpack in the world. To the people who light up my Facebook feed with hysterically hyperbolic end-of-days dialogue anytime there are more [...]

TJ Parsons

Above Photo By: Ian Matteson That shiny new snowboard setup is just a pile of parts until you dial in its stance width, setback, and binding angles to match your physiology and riding style. Finding your ideal stance will pay dividends by keeping you comfortable and in-control every time you strap in. Width Stance width is largely a matter of personal preference. Having your bindings set closer together makes it easier to initiate and hold turns and gives you a tighter center of mass for faster spins, while a wider stance helps you stay low for better balance and improves [...]

Backcountry Video

Nearly every piece of technical outerwear today is treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish before leaving the factory. The DWR treatment is the first line of defense against wet weather conditions and prevents the face fabric from becoming saturated. When you see water beading up and rolling off your Gore-Tex jacket or down puffy, that’s actually the DWR technology at work. DWR is a polymer applied to the face fabric that creates microscopic pegs, or hairs, that protrude from the fabric. (You didn’t know that you were bristling like a hedgehog in your new ski jacket, did you?) [...]

Re Wikstrom

Above Photo: Backcountry Employee Re Wikstrom Shot By: Tommy Chandler I made a great discovery during this Porcupine ride. Historically, at this point in the season, I would have a month of riding under my belt, but it’s turning into “one of those years” where life’s obligations have taken over the normal hedonistic pursuit of fresh air, leaving tire tracks in the dirt, and sleeping under the stars. Or maybe I’m just getting old. I barely had four rides in before heading down to Moab, and my confidence was shaky at best. What is my deal?! I’ve ridden this trail [...]

Danielle Mariott

Above Photo By: Ian Matteson Different body types, output levels, and weather conditions require different amounts of insulation. Building a bomber layering system is one part trial and error and one part know-how. Here are some things to keep in mind as you fine tune your own repertoire of winter layers. The Base for Layering There’s a misconception that thickness equals warmth. This is intrinsically incorrect. Especially for a first layer. Here are some guidelines for a good first layer: 1: Keep it breathable. We’ve come a long way in breathable fibers. Many synthetic fibers, like Patagonia’s Capilene, are quite breathable, but keeping the first [...]

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