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You are Backcountry: Best of Climb’s online community encompasses a passionate group of wanderers, adventurers, Gearheads, and athletes. Get the rundown on the raddest happenings within the community in You Are Backcountry, your connection to the best product reviews, photos, and videos submitted and uploaded by our athletes, our employees … and you!

In this installment of You Are Backcountry we’ve compiled the best community-submitted images of climbing. Climb on!


Few things are as exhiliarating as bagging a noteworthy summit. Krista H. and some equally bold women manage to up the ante on the Grand Central Couloir of the Nokhu Crags, in Colorado. “What I love most about climbing is being outside of my comfort zone. Cliché be damned, that’s where life happens!” Krista shared this beautiful image for the Arc’teryx R280 Women’s Rock Climbing Harness. Speaking of upping the ante, check out the kitty in our next submission …


Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock (pun intended), you’ve probably heard of the acrobatical adventures of Backcountry employee Craig Armstrong’s famous rock-climbing feline, Millie. To appreciate the accomplishments of Millie, read Craig’s Explore article, My Climbing Partner Eats Chicken Liver. After you’ve admired Mille’s feats, check out Craig’s flawless Instagram feed @pechanga. This image depicts Millie all twisted up in her favorite 9.8mm Sterling Evolution Velocity Rope.


Community member Erin F. found her Arc’teryx Atom LT Hooded Jacket was the perfect companion for sessioning at the Buttermilks in Bishop, California on a rather chilly trip. This route called The Prow is rated a V2. Erin reports conditions were tough and the wind was fierce enough to send crash pads flying while knocking climbers off the rocks. Kudos to Erin, who onsighted a V4 that the dudes in her crew were struggling to tackle. Lady shredders rule!


Backcountry shopper and student JD faced an important decision during finals week: to climb, or to stay inside and study? Naturally, as you do when faced with looming finals, he and his crew grabbed crash pads and headed out to Colorado’s Flagstaff Mountain. JD says, “Climbing is one of the most important parts of my life. I’ve been able to travel, get stronger, get scared, push my limits, meet new people, and most importantly, have fun.” Here JD is in the zone tackling the North Overhang Direct (sds V6) on the Road Sign boulder with his Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe leading the way.


The Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Shoe  is featured again in another image uploaded by professional rock climber Cesar as he explores the columnar basalt rock formations of a wall named Gunko in the town of Boquete in western Panama.

Anything exciting happen on your trip to Boquete, Cesar?

Cesar: Climbing is a sport you don’t see very much, if ever, in Panama. A few years ago, while I was climbing these basalt columns a woman passing by the wall immediately called the local police and fire brigade because she believed I was trying to commit suicide. Many people gathered at the base while police and the fire brigade were trying to calm me down and convince me to not jump to my death.

When I rappelled down, I explained to everyone that I was practicing a sport called ¨rock climbing¨ After some laughs I was invited to participate in a television show and the newspapers wrote articles about the new sport of climbing and the first Panamanian rock climber! After the mixup, I named the route I was climbing ¨El Camino de los Locos¨ or ¨The path of the Crazies¨

Watch how Cesar started and influenced the sport of climbing in Panama


You can’t climb without the Goat, so it’s lucky Hunter Lea took a pink billy along for a weekend of crack climbing in Indian Creek. The Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet was an essential piece of gear as they faced lofty heights on the spires of the Bridger Jacks Towers Area. A highlight was climbing the Easter Island route at night!

Community member Jin showcases some classic routes buried deep in the desert of Wadi Rum near the Saudi Arabian border in Jordan in this nifty time lapse. Jin declares this to be a veritable trad climbing paradise and uploaded this video for his Blue Water Pulse 9.9mm Climbing Rope.


Great climbers think alike as Gearhead Matt Park and his friends discovered on a trip to American Fork Canyon in Utah to climb Necromancer. All were sporting the Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe and Matt reports “They are hands-down the best shoes out there. I suggest them to everyone unless you have a narrower foot – in which case, request me on our chat service and I can make a recommendation!”

Adventurer Patrick Goodman and a pal tackled Nayser Brakk in the Charakusa back in 2011 in Pakistan. Patrick uploaded this amusing video of their trials and travails. After Nayser, the duo went on to establish the Jenga Spur route (V+ 5.11+R A0, 1050m) on Fida Brakk (5350m), which is also in the Charakusa before distributing school supplies to needy students in the Hushe Valley. Great work, gents! To learn more about the Jenga Spur route, check out this Youtube vid. Patrick uploaded this submission for the Sterling Fusion Nano DryCore Climbing Rope.


Climber and visual effects designer Brandon Riza proudly displays his Five Ten Newton Lace Up Climbing Shoe in the Penine Alps of Switzerland right next to the Matterhorn above the town of Zermatt. “We bailed off the route just in time to face a hail storm three minutes after a rappel onto a snow field.  Then we downclimbed wet rocks in our climbing shoes, gear a-clanking. Perfect day, in my humble opinion.”  Be sure to check out the neat photos and amusing reviews on Brandon’s profile.

BD White Gold

Photo of Black Diamond’s Uncut White Gold Pure Chalk by Community member Alex.

Black Diamond’s Uncut White Gold Pure Chalk has a lot of fans; athlete and adventurer Cedar Wright composed this flawless ode to WHITE GOLD in what may possibly be the best review ever submitted.

Pure Uncut Funk

“Magnesium carbonate you are the bomb
You absorb my sweat when I can’t keep my calm
I tried all the brands but you are the best
Not too fine and slippy…you’re the perfect mesh
When I get pulled over, the cops get suspicious
They eyeball me hard and say “what the hell is this?”
I say that my friend is pure white gold
This usually doesn’t help they say “hands up and do as your told”
That’s when I explain to their consternation
That this white stuff is for soaking up perspiration
I show them my chalk bag and give them a taste
That’s when they know their time is a waste
But no matter what trouble you might bring
Chalk oh chalk, you will always be my queen
From tickmarks to slopers to crimpers to jugs
Chalk I want to give you Kisses and Hugs.”

Greg Hill Climb

Another athlete and mountain beast Greg Hill demonstrates his prowess with the Black Diamond Camalot C4 Package on the 3,500ft  vertical limestone ridge on the north of Downie Peak in the Selkirks, Canada.  Greg reports “Rated somewhere around 5.9, this gem is a full-on alpine adventure; having only been climbed once before from the very bottom we had very little beta to go from. The first ascentionists said it felt like 5.9 and the crux was somewhere near the bottom. That was all we had to go on. This photo was taken 8 hours into a 12-hour climb. The climb was incredible and challenged me to my limit, a 16.5 hour day car-to-car, it absolutely crushed us. But I’d looked at this ridge for more than ten years and always wondered if I would ever climb it.” Below is a view of the entire route taken from Greg’s blog post about this exploit.


All submissions for this article were taken from content uploaded by our online community. For a chance to have your best submission highlighted, e-mail me, Lexi D (your Community Manager). Include a link to the best review, photo or video you’ve uploaded on Backcountry. Keep crushing!


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