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You are Backcountry: Best GoPro Shots’s online community encompasses a passionate group of wanderers, adventurers, Gearheads, and athletes. Get the rundown on the raddest happenings within the community in You Are Backcountry, your connection to the best product reviews, photos, and videos submitted and uploaded by our athletes, our employees … and you!

Here at Backcountry we are pretty darn excited about the launch of the GoPro Hero4 and to celebrate we curated a collection of our best community-submitted GoPro shots and videos!  Let ‘er rip! community high flyer Denis, from Russia, captured this shot while piloting a hang glider with the Hero 3 Silver Edition GoPro:

Denis athlete and world traveler, skier, paddler, and all around badass Grete Eliassen takes her GoPro just about everywhere!  Here she’s in mermaid mode, navigating some freshwater aquatic plants using the GoPro Dive Housing:


Here’s Grete in her more natural habitat – chest-deep in fresh powder; she caught this neat angle using the GoPro Gooseneck:

Grete 2

From the water to the air, Grete’s GoPro captures the non-stop action of this classy lady. Here we see a pack of rabid fans while Grete defies gravity with the help of the lightweight GoPro ‘The Frame’ housing to protect her camera:

Grete 3

Jason Sager
of the Mountain Bike Team provides us with a glimpse of the guts and glory required to survive the 7th stage of the 2014 B.C. Bike Race in British Columbia, Canada. All footage captured on the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition Camera with the Chest Mount Harness in and around Whistler.


BC Bike Race Stage 7 from Sager Sports on Vimeo.

In one of the more creative applications we’ve seen, Gearhead Alex Degnan used the GoPro Roll Bar Mount to shoot some skeet.

Alex Degnan

Our Retail Store Manager Rich F. fulfills a moment of pipe dreaming  at Park City Mountain Resort. When not in use Rich stashes his GoPro in the UK Pro GoPro-Specific POV 20 LT Case. Be sure to swing on by our retail store in Salt Lake City, Utah to give Rich a high five!

Rich F

Another athlete and explorer Chris Davenport takes a moment to capture the view with the GoPro Gooseneck extender while mountaineering in Svalbard, Norway.

Chris Dav

Watch Chris tackle the Super C Couloir in Portillo, Chile using his GoPro The Frame:’s resident athlete manager (read: wrangler) Jonny Atencio explores the local mountain bike trails around our Park City, Utah office. His calves of steel were captured with the GoPro Hero3+ edition.

Jonny A employee Vinny M. discovers there are indeed waves to be tackled in Utah. This image was captured with the  GoPro Standard Housing. Shortly after this screen grab was captured Vinny was out on the Weber River in Utah and lost his GoPro in the shallow but fast-moving water, so if you find one it could belong to Vinny. He highly recommends investing in the GoPro Floaty for all water-bound GoPro shenanigans. Don’t be a Vinny!

Vinny Mauro

We’re really looking forward to the images and photos that you, our community, will capture with the new GoPro Hero4. Be sure to upload your content to share with our avid community of adventures.

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