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Skiing the Tripoint Alps: Chamonix and Beyond

Davide De Masi, a ten-year resident of Chamonix, runs through some of the high points of the Tripoint area surrounding this hot spot in the Alps.

The Run of Fire and Ice

Backcountry Ambassador William Woodward documented Tom Whittle's record-breaking crossing of Iceland on foot. It wasn't easy or at all pretty, but...

An Intro to Outdoor Jackets

Learn about different types of outdoor jackets, everything from ski jackets to softshells to fleece to work jackets, and how to choose the right...

All About Fleece Jackets

Learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and properties of fleece, fleece vs. merino, and common fleece jacket features.

Why Women Need Wool

Wool clothing. Not scratchy, too-hot wool, but smooth, comfy merino or lambswool sweaters, long underwear, socks, hats, etc.--there's nothing...

Pack Your Running Shoes to Exotic Destinations

Malaysia and Israel are two countries runners don’t necessarily conjure up when it comes to places to practice their sport but, fortunately, both...

How to Care for Your Down Jacket

Wondering how to clean and repair your down jacket? Here are some tips on maintaining your puffy.

Alone & Away: Reasons to Travel Solo

Traveling alone can present obstacles, difficulties, and dangers, but it can also provide opportunities and perspective that simply can't be...

Long Weekend: Trails & Waters of Marquette, Michigan

On the shores of Lake Superior, Marquette, Michigan is full of trails to tackle, fish to catch, beers to try, and coastline to explore. This guide...

Coffee on the Road

When you're on the road traveling you may need to take special measures to ensure that you're supplied with decent coffee and not making do with a...

How to Choose a Daypack

Learn how to choose a daypack for school, commuting, hiking, biking, climbing, or skiing.

Long Weekend: Climbing in City of Rocks, ID

Learn how to get to City of Rocks, Idaho, where to stay, and what to bring for a long weekend of climbing on excellent granite in a remote location.