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Tips for Quick Clips

When you’re pumping out twenty feet above your last piece of gear, the last thing you want to do is fumble the clip. The video crew spent a day sport climbing with Backcountry writer Pace Measom to demonstrate two clipping techniques every climber should master before heading to the crag.


Video Transcription

Hey, Pace here with Backcountry.com. We are up here in American Fork Canyon doing a little bit of sport climbing. You know when you are trying a hard sport route clipping quickly and efficiently is critical for success. So today we just want to show you a couple of basic clipping styles you are going to want to master.

The first technique we want to show you today is called the roll clip which is best employed when the carabiner gate is facing towards you. The roll clip, pinch the rope between your thumb and index finger and rest your middle finger on the bottom of the carabiner to prevent the draw from swinging around while you clip. To finish, simply roll the rope in to the gate and continue upwards.

The other technique we want to show you is called a pinch clip which is what you are going to want to do when the gate is facing away from you. The pinch clip will allow the rope to rest on the inside edge of your hand, about midway between your thumb and forefinger, then place your thumb on the outside edge of the carabiner opposite of the gate. To finish, squeeze the carabiner between your thumb and forefinger, allowing the rope to drop in to the gate.

Now mastering techniques like these is really going to improve your performance when you are out climbing and help you send harder. If you have any other questions about sport climbing or the gear you are going to need, feel free to call or chat in with our knowledgeable Gearheads at Backcountry.com.

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