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Tiny House Tour 2014: Trailer

Hundreds of ski boots have walked the bamboo floors of the Tiny House. Many different skiers have rested their heads for the night near the small, warm fire. And many ski-fueling meals have been cooked in our small kitchen. After two seasons of living the tiny life, we’ve thought of plenty of ways to keep consolidating, simplifying, and beautifying our small space. A priority for season three was a list of renovations. Small changes in 112 square feet can have major implications.


Yes, the Tiny House now has a shower—an outdoor shower, but still a shower.  Warm water to rinse off under, after weeks of long, grueling ski days. With plans to be in very remote territory this winter, the thought of some kind of bathing option sounded lovely. So, we bought a six-gallon pot, where we’ll heat water on our wood stove. Zack built a cistern that sits in our storage loft, which supplies the outdoor shower with luke-warm water at best. But, we’ll have a shower. Who could argue with that?

Probably more important than a shower to most skiers is the newest addition to the front porch. Now, instead of needing to go inside and find an après beverage in the teensy refrigerator, skiers and tiny house lovers can just pour themselves a beer from the front porch. Two keg taps have been installed (and used faithfully), so you can grab a Deschutes Porter or IPA as soon as you get back from skiing. Our ability to survive long periods of time far away from outside resources certainly improves with a healthy supply of brews.


And if you thought the shower and beer taps didn’t make tiny living a lifestyle, you might want to consider that we also installed two Goal Zero solar panels for a set of lights and speakers inside the house. Living in a tiny house makes it easier to be aware of how much power and water you’re using. The Goal Zero products will really help extend the number of days we can go without using the generator or plugging in to another source of power.

Here’s to Season 3 of the Outdoor Research Tiny House Tour. We’re looking forward to being clean, hydrated, and charged, ready to ski the deepest turns that winter provides.

Hope to see you out on the road!



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Lauren Gray

Lauren Gray

I totally want a tiny house! The taps are a great addition :)