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Tiny House Tour 2014: Episode 1 – Winter’s People

Have you ever jumped on a chairlift with a stranger who changed your day? Someone who wasn’t your age and didn’t like to ski where you do, but made you stoked and smiley because they just love moving over snow? We’ve met so many of these people during the 16,000 miles that we’ve traveled with the tiny house. From folks who could be our grandparents to kids who looked at us as “old,” the people of winter have time and time again reminded us why skiing is so powerful.

Alta, Jackson, Whitewater, Myoko, Steven’s Pass, Sun Valley, Valle Nevado, Bachelor, Revelstoke, Mad River Glen, Cham, Squaw—you can find these people everywhere.  They’re on old skis and new skis, in neon one-pieces and Pro Shell touring pants, Gore-Tex, denim, Pertex, whatever—they’re the ones out skiing. If you’ve been in the mountains, you’ve met these people and you’ve seen that skiing spans ages, cultures, genders, and continents. Skiing is a way of life. It’s part of your culture.

We wanted to turn the camera in their direction and show exactly what kind of passion the winter community has for skiing. From children learning to ski with their parents to skiers teaching their grandchildren how to wedge, we found the people of winter. This is a slice of their story, which is part of yours, too. Everyone should find themselves somewhere in these chapters. Are you a park skier, do you love the backcountry, or do you just love getting out for your community race events? Have you pushed your limits and felt them push back on you? Have you found part of your identity in skiing over snow? If so, this is a movie about you.


Tiny House Tour 2014: Trailer


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