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10 More Reasons the Pilgrims Came to America

Everyone knows that the pilgrims left England in order to escape laws enforcing worship under the Church of England. But the truth is, that’s only one of the reasons they hoisted their tights, buckled their hats, and set sail across the Atlantic. Yes, they left as an act of dissent—but also as an act of descent. Here are the other important reasons the pilgrims came to America.

Above Photo Credit: LearningLark, Creative Commons

1: It snows way more here.


Photo Credit: Zach DishnerCreative Commons

2: The whitewater is way better.


Photo Credit: Chauncey DavisCreative Commons

3: No roads, just tons of singletrack.


Photo Credit: Phin Stubbs III, Creative Commons

4: In 1620, camping was mandatory.


Photo Credit: Arup MalakarCreative Commons

5: There weren’t enough 10%+ grades in England.


Photo Credit: Ian Matteson 

6: Plymouth Rock has sick bouldering.


 Photo Credit: Allesandro ValliCreative Commons

7: Hiking and trail running were the only ways to get around.


Photo Credit: Daryl Deprey

8: England was getting fished out.


Photo Credit: Learn TenkaraCreative Commons

9: Crazy potential for XC ski trails.

xc skiing

Photo Credit: Giovanni Pracucci, Creative Commons

10: Broligious freedom (snowboarder persecution).


Photo Credit: Ian Matteson

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I was searching for serious stuff, but this made me laugh! Thanks to a real outdoorsman! I am not a winter person, but appreciate all of God's outdoor creation!

Thanks again!