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Valhalla: A Teaser of Sweetgrass Productions’ Latest Film

Valhalla. Ruled by Odin, the foremost god in the Norse Pantheon, and mythologized as a place where slain Viking warriors go to feast and prepare for the events of Ragnarok. It’s a name rooted deep in history and uttered in reverence. It’s also the name of Sweetgrass’ latest ski film, which breaks the steep, deep, face-shot mold in favor of storytelling, aesthetic, and the auteurism of Nick Waggoner.

Valhalla premiers in Denver on September 13, 2013, and it’ll be available on iTunes on the 23rd. Waggoner and his crew are editing nonstop, set up in a hilltop chalet. Lucky for you, though, they sent along this teaser.



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