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Salomon Freeski TV: 24 Hours

In the most recent episode of Salomon Freeski TV, “24 Hours,” we criss-cross through the lives of athletes Bobby Brown, Mark Abma, and Seb Eaves over a 24-hour period. It’s a day-in-the-life of freeskiing like you’ve never seen it. Switchback Entertainment’s Jeff Thomas delivered the post below, reflecting on the dynamics of one production being in three different places at once.

Jeff Thomas, Switchback Entertainment
Freeskiing is a diverse sport with many disciplines, and as the sport continues to evolve, skiers find themselves focusing on their own passions within the world of freeskiing. In the 24 Hours episode, we wanted to showcase the lives of three Salomon athletes in three different locations and give the viewer a look into what all goes on in an ultimate day of freeskiing. We had three small crews of people working on each part of the show. Mark Abma, Chris Rubens, Bryn Hughes, and I in a remote cabin in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia; Zac Moxley joined from Brotherhood Films and Seb Eaves in Montreal, Quebec; and Mike Douglas and Ben Mullin worked with Bobby Brown in Aspen at the X-Games.

It was an interesting episode for me because of our location, as I had no cell service to help coordinate if need be or keep tabs on how things were going with each group. When we came out of the bush on January 27th and into cell service, it was exciting to hear how everything had gone and what all had happened.

I think the hardest part of the show was editing and keeping the story always moving forward. With three crews going, we had a ton of extra footage. A lot of footage was left on the cutting room floor, but we had to choose certain shots to keep the story moving forward while still including enough action to balance the story aspect of the show.

In the end, I think we accomplished what we had set out to do. It was interesting to watch three different skiers with three different lives over the course of 24 hours and see how everyone has their own passion for skiing. Hopefully the viewers can appreciate each aspect and the hard work each person puts into their skiing life.

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