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Low Earth Orbit #02: Hiking Cody Peak

Cody Peak, the first prominent summit on the skyline south of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, is a dominant feature in the Jackson backcountry and home to a number of ultra-classic ski descents.  The top of the tram, with Cody beckoning to the south, is one of those places that’s impossible to forget, where the memory of the view seems to get more spectacular as it ages.

Cody’s rocky north ridge is one of my favorite spots on the planet, and arguably one of the best approach hikes in the world of skiing. It’s an incredible backyard adventure in serious, consequential terrain—the exposure is always exciting, the weather and wind are usually fierce, and the views are absolutely staggering.  And yet, since it’s such a well-traveled route, prevailing attitudes towards the hike—and at times, the skiing—prove that familiarity can breed complacency.

It’s these places, though, the classic climbing crags and ski locations that have been photographed a million times, that’ve been some of my favorite spots to shoot over the past few years. So one morning a few weeks back, I went over to Cody with Backcountry athletes Kim Havell and Andrew Whiteford to mess around on the hike and see what sort of new perspectives we could capture.  Here’s what we came up with…


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