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Made in the Mountains: How the Goat was Born

Take a flight over Salt Lake City and there’s a chance you’ll spot a Godzilla-sized mountain goat on the roof of a building just west of downtown. That building is the distribution center, and the goat is the logo. You’ll see this very same logo on our vehicles, our business cards, and our office, as well as on gear and stickers. Goat stickers have been sighted all over the world, and they continue to travel as our customers, athletes, and employees seek out new, exciting adventures.




Originally, was known as “The Backcountry Store,” and the logo read exactly that: The Backcountry Store. Although the moniker and logo fit at the time, we were evolving. Local design shop Axis 41 presented a mock sheet with various iterations of the Backcountry name against mountains, streams, and goats. The contours, stature, and confidence of the version we all know and love stood out among the rest, so, after small debate, it was decided, and in 2004, the name was shortened to and the goat was born.

A decade since its inception, the goat has seen only a handful of minor changes to its form. The horns were shortened, the chest profile perfected, and the .com dropped from below the goat’s silhouette. As it stands, it’s essentially the same logo as the one first agreed upon by Backcountry’s founders.



The goat means something slightly different to everyone, but, simply put, this mark is our way of extending our curious, fun-loving attitude to the outdoor community—it’s us high-fiving our friends for being awesome. Maybe our athletes put it best (they may be known for their physical prowess, but we’ll be damned if they don’t have a way with words):




Pip Hunt: “You can relate to the simplicity and power of the goat. It’s an animal that’s more accessible, one that you’re more likely to see in the mountains. The goat is for everyone.”





Cody Townsend: “The goat, much like men, can seem out of place in the mountains, but somehow, even with their gangly characteristics and mysterious nature, they thrive in the biggest, baddest, and gnarliest mountains in the world. Unlike deer, bears, and birds, goats go high into the mountains and stay there—through thick and thin, blizzard and storm, season after season.  They truly represent the toughest of mountain creatures.”


shaunraskin-athletethumbsShaun Raskin: “The mountain goat has the unique ability to survive and thrive in the alpine environment. Strong, graceful, and seemingly playful, these hoofed beasts congregate on shear rock faces, mountain tops, and the most rugged mountainous locations. Their presence is a welcome sight to any mountain traveler, a symbol that you’ve made it to the rough and wild lands, that you’re progressing on your path. You, like the goats, excel in the wild spaces of our world, choosing to live among the harsh climates, open to Mother Nature’s whim. The goat and you are one, sharing in a commitment to mountain living, to traveling and exploring the natural folds of our Earth together and rejoicing in all of its wonder.”

mclean-athletethumbsAndrew McLean: “The Goat has been hitching a ride on my gear and trips for the last five years and I’m always psyched to have him along. He’s on my skis, poles, expedition notebooks, cases, fuel bottles, and, of course, water bottles.  He’s a studly little dude and doesn’t seem to mind when one of his horns or legs gets ripped off—he just keeps going strong. He’s a perfect ambassador for the outdoors as he’s tough, reliable, sure-footed, and swift, just like the company he represents and the environment he thrives in. The goat has become synonymous with having fun in the outdoors, and when I see one on a car, I know a kindred spirit is inside.”



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