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Gearheads on Denali

Above Photo Shot By: Backcountry Employee Casey Glaubman

When you need an opinion on tubeless wheels, advice on climbing-shoe sizing, or someone to tell you why you’re the only one skiing in jeans,’s Gearheads are the people to talk to. They’re instructors, guides, athletes, and otherwise passionate outdoor experts, and they’ll not only answer your most pressing questions about gear, they’ll help with any issues regarding your order.

Our Gearheads Bill Porreca and Casey Glaubman recently hosted a live Google Hangout to talk about their mountaineering trip to ski and summit Mount Denali in Alaska earlier this spring.  They swapped stories about their expedition, shared photos and training tips and answered questions submitted by the viewers that tuned into the live broadcast.  Check out the video below to see what you missed and e-mail topic requests or feedback to  We look forward to sharing our next Google Hangout with you!




Introductions & Overview 0:30
Trip Summary 1:50
Picture Slideshow 2:45
Skiing the Orient Express 5:00
Denali Summit Shot 6:19
Discussion of Trip Objective 7:00
Training & Preparation 7:27
Glacier Travel in Washington 9:24
Arriving in Alaska 11:18
Skiing on Denali & Caching Food 12:50
Challenges & Pooping at Altitude 15:27
Expedition Highlights 17:18
Answering Viewer Questions 18:36
Conclusion 26:10

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