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Gearhead Picks: Black Diamond Solution Harness

Why It’s Josh Repman’s Go-To for Sport Climbing

Looking for a climbing harness? In this episode of Gearhead Picks, Backcountry Gearhead and climber Josh Repman tells you about his favorite sport climbing harness: the Black Diamond Solution. Watch to learn what makes this harness great for sport climbing and find out why it’s a Gearhead Pick!

Welcome to Gearhead Picks! I’m Josh, a Backcountry Gearhead and climber. When you spend as much time climbing as I do, you want a harness that’s comfortable and designed for the type of climbing you’ll be doing, whether that’s trad climbing, sport climbing, or big-walling. As a sport climber, my go-to harness is the Black Diamond Solution.

It’s designed specifically for sport climbing, with a fair amount of padding but not as much as trad-specific harnesses, which are made extra cozy for hanging belays and longer multi-pitch climbs. The gear loops have plenty of space for racking up quickdraws, but might be a little tight for a full rack of cams. 

Thanks to wide leg loops and a waistbelt built with triple-weave webbing, this harness moves with you, but also offers great load distribution, which I really appreciate after a few big whips on my project or during a long belay. And on days when the temps are less than ideal, the soft, breathable, quick-drying mesh lining will keep you cool.

The Solution comes in five sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large, as well as in a women’s and men’s version. Every harness brand has its own unique sizing, so be sure to check out the size chart on the product page on our website.

I’m 5′ 11″ and 165lbs pounds and I wear a size medium. I love how this harness fits me. The elastic leg loops mean you don’t have to fuss with buckles every time you step into your harness. And the auto-locking waistbelt offers a precise fit that you don’t have to worry about coming undone.

Thanks for checking out Gearhead Picks! If you have any questions about how to measure for a harness or where to find the size chart, you can reach out to Josh directly at jrepman@backcountry.com or contact another Gearhead using the chat feature on our website.