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Gear for Tiny Living

Although much of the significance of living tiny is getting rid of stuff you don’t need, there are a few gear items that will make life easier, cleaner, and simpler. Here’s to giving away what you don’t need and replacing it with what you do.


Whether you’re in your van or a tiny house you’ll need light for reading, cutting skins, drying gear, making dinner, and generally being efficient during the night hours. Get to know Goal Zero. They make great products like the Light-A-Life LED Lantern. With nine feet of cord and 150 lumens, it’ll be the light of your life. Goal Zero’s solar panels and power packs will also keep your laptops, phones, and cameras charged, so you can capture all the adventure of your life on the road.

Forks, Sporks, and a Good Knife

Buy the reusable and space-saving variety, i.e., camping utensils. It’s friendly to have a few extra sets of forks, spoons, and knives for visitors, and make sure to have one decent knife. Cooking is impossible without a good, sharp chopping knife.

Outdoor Research Arete Gloves

Sturdy Gloves

When you’re living on the road in a small space you’ll be shoveling out parking spots, putting on chains, fixing flat tires, gathering firewood, and getting dirty in cold, wet places. Reliable, warm, and tough gloves are an essential to deal with the demands of road life.

Lounge Pants

Comfy pants are your best friend when you’re living in a small space, especially in the winter. Chances are you’ll be taking off ski clothes or dirty mountain biking shorts anywhere you travel, so you want to have a good set of lounge clothes to change into on the regular.

Pendleton Nike N7 BlanketOne Good Blanket

One nice, high-quality blanket can transform your entire space. Our friends bought us a warm Pendleton last Christmas, and the House hasn’t been the same since. Now, we’re hip, warm, and can accommodate friends who don’t make a habit of traveling with sleeping bag and pad.

Hula hoop

Self-explanatory.  Bring it to expend energy on down days, get creative, or get a good laugh out of people who can’t make it happen. Hula hoops are for hippies, and you live in your van … wait,, you don’t carry those?


For the nights you want to sleep alone, go from small to smaller in the tiniest of tiny houses with a bivy. Maybe it will come in handy and inspire some overnight trips deep into the mountains.

Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy

Flip-Flops (or winter equivalent)

If it’s summer, bring flip-flops. If it’s winter you’ll need a boot that goes on as easily as your flippy-floppies. Trying to lace up shoes in the middle of the night when you have to use the bathroom in the snowbank is a pain; you also want to be able to kick off your boots quickly to minimize the amount of snow you’re tracking into your tiny space. Find a snow boot that is as effortless as your warm-weather footwear.

Chaco Flip Sandal

Bogs Classic Mid Boot


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