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FOX RACING SHOX: Technology Overview

FOX RACING SHOX has become a leader in mountain bike suspension due to the cutting-edge technologies that it employs in all of its components. In this video, Outside Technician, Louis Angeley, walks you through the most noteworthy tech employed in FOX’s forks and shocks.

This Video Covers:

  • CTD Damper Adjustment
  • FIT (FOX Isolated Technology) Sealed Dampers
  • Air Springs (Short Travel, Long Travel, and TALAS)
  • Kashima Coating

Video Transcription

Hi. I’m Lewis Angeley, an outside tech for Fox. Today I’m going to talk to you about some of the different technologies we use in our forks. First we’re going to highlight our fit damper. Our fit damper will be found on the right side of every Fox fork and it’s a completely enclosed cartridge system. It’s been bled free of any air and just circulates clean oil through its system. This bladder acts as a reservoir on each compression. This damper features CTD Trail Adjust: Climb, Trail, Descend.

In your Trail position you get three different modes of low speed compression you can choose. You’ll find a rebound adjuster at the bottom. On the opposite side of the damper, the left side of the fork is going to have your air spring in it. We’ve optimized an air spring for different ranges of travel. Depending on what you have you may have a short travel air spring that’s best for 130 mm of travel and below. You could have a longer travel air spring that’s been optimized for everything 130 mm and above.

We also offer a TALAS air spring. TALAS means Travel Adjust Linear Air Spring. This TALUS system is a cartridge. It has the same similar long travel air spring technology living inside this cartridge. It has a range of adjustability up top. You flip the switch and you have 30 to 40 mm of travel adjustment on command.

One of our most popular technologies is our Kashima coating. Our Kashima coating here in gold offers you better performance on the trail. This high performance coating give you less friction on the system giving you better ride quality with better small bump compliance. This coating is on the inside and the outside of the fork so it’s giving you better performance on your dust wipers and the air sealing surface on the inside of your air spring.

To learn more you can visit us at Foxracingshocks.com or call in and talk to the Gearheads at Backcountry.com.


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