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FOX RACING SHOX: How to Adjust your Rebound

Suspension setup is critical to keeping you in control, and Rebound, in particular, is both important and often misunderstood. In this video, FOX RACING SHOX’s Outside Technician. Louis Angeley, shows you how to achieve your ideal rebound settings.


  • Start by setting your Sag. Your rebound settings will vary with spring rate.
  • Compress the fork, and then allow the fork to rebound without interference.
  • Add rebound one click at a time until the front wheel stays on the ground.

Video Transcription

We started our sag setup with a rebound open. And now, we’re going to make a proper rebound adjustment. Now that we’ve changed our air pressure, we’re going to give the fork a big push in a certain way and see how it reacts. We’re going to push down with our palms flat on the handlebars and give it a big compression. We’re looking to see if the tires are leaving the ground. Our goal is to slow the rebound enough to keep the front tire on the ground, providing us more traction and a better ride.

From where we’re at, we will add clicks until we’re able to slow the wheel down enough to keep the front tire planted. On your rear shock, it’s just as important to make sure you have a proper setup. You need to make sure you’re using full travel just like you are on your fork. You can also help diagnose different things with bikes using underneath you to make proper adjustments.

Now that we’ve found a proper air pressure, we’re going to go in and make a rebound adjustment. Starting with full slow, bikes are turning way too slow. It’s going to pack down as well. Go in all the way to the negative, and open everything up. We now have a really fast rebound, where it wants to pull the back tire off the ground. We’re going to add rebound, where it’s a plus, until we slow it down enough to keep the back wheel planted on the ground.

To learn more, you can visit us at Foxracingshox.com, or call in and talk to the Gearheads at Backcountry.com.


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