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Gear Review: La Sportiva Futura Climbing Shoe

James Lucas gives an in depth review of the La Sportiva Futura climbing shoe.

SOL: How to Beat the Core Shot

Most climbers are aware of the dangers of a core shot rope. But what do you do if your rope gets a core shot while you're climbing? Detour guide...

Crag Etiquette

A faux pas at the crag can mean the difference between getting helpful beta from locals and having them throw rocks at your head. Luckily, climbing...

When Fun Isn’t: A Guide to Type II Fun

Type 2 Fun -- God-awful while you're doing it, but totally worth it once you're done.

A Climber’s Guide to Carabiners

Wire gate, bent gate, locking, non-locking, D-shaped, pear-shaped -- there's a lot to know about seeming simple carabiners, the unsung heroes of...

Forward Motion: Grete Eliassen, Steph Davis, & Jess McMillan on Professional Athleticism

Backcountry.com athlete Kim Havell speaks with fellow team athletes Grete Eliassen, Steph Davis, & Jess McMillan on professional athleticism.

Long Weekend: Climbing in Sonora, California’s Gold Country

Sonora's Gold Country has a wealth of excellent crack climbing, hard sport climbing, and bouldering. Here's what you need to know to go.